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Weight loss and muscle gain advice can often be hit and miss in terms of quality and effectiveness.

That's why the ASCVS team provides detailed guides and advice to help you get healthy and gain muscle!

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In a world littered with fad diets and equipment. It becomes harder for amateur bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to get into shape properly.

When you have the knowledge to help others it’s hard not to. Instead of on the spot corrections at the gym, Brice wanted to do more.

That’s why he certified as a personal trainer via the ISSA to become a more informed certified personal trainer. In additional to college education on nutrition, he really packed a nutritional punch.

The benefit of following a certified professional for fitness tips is high. When you look on instagram and see all of these models advertising supplements, it can confuse the novice athlete.

Countless times, ASCVS is contacted by visitors interested in reaching impossible feats. Some people even consider using illegal supplements to reach their fitness goals.’s team of college educated certified fitness professionals believe in a plant based, whole foods diet FIRST.

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It’s undeniable that our global society is slowly increasing in prosperity and decreasing in health. Why not have both?

Our head writer @M​ansaBrice is a personal trainer and Dog Dad. He follows the latest and greatest health research to help produce educated reviews and tips.

We hope you enjoy our site because we put love into our content!

Is Whey Protein Safe For Diabetes? Yes, but theirs caveats.


The bodybuilding and health care markets are inundated with products. Some of these are great, but a lot can be more harmful than beneficial, so how do you decide which products to use?

ASCVS provides impartial and expert reviews of only the best rated products out there, so you can be sure that whatever you pick it will have been vetted and tested.