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We were started by a personal trainer and Army veteran. Someone who was truly passionate about helping others. Over the years in the industry, Brice realized he could help more people by building an authority site on fitness and health.

Starting from college, he invested his time and focus into a personal training certification. After studying and passing the Personal Training certification from ISSA and studying fitness nutrition throughout college. He used his credentials and knowledge to freely train people at his local gym. Unfortunately, you can only help so many people by individually focusing on one person at a time.

Starting an authority site on nutrition and fitness seemed like the obvious step forward to providing actionable fitness tips to the masses. Throughout the years; a team was built of other fitness enthusiasts and professionals who aim to transform other peoples lives.

We are now a team of 5 health coaches & personal trainers that provide valuable information on a multitude of topics. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the fitness industry, trust us, we know all about fitness.

If you have any type of questions you can contact us by using our contact page.

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