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5 Essential Adonis Belt Exercises – 6 Weeks To V Cut

This world is full of unrealistic bodybuilding expectations; men are no exception to the rule. If you've ever been on a dating app, you can understand just how competitive dating has become.

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Most clients reach out to me to try to gain an edge in the dating world. I usually suggest three muscle groups to increase their swipes:

  • V-Cut Abs
  • Wide Shoulders
  • Cut Triceps

To help you all get on the trimmed train, we've broken down the essential exercises you need to finalize that six-pack. Of course, if you do these exercises, you will not achieve your true potential. You should follow a proper home workout guide that has a schedule and structure.

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Our Adonis belt workout guide can be combined with a complete fitness plan to help you attain that entire beach bod physique. Brad Pitt will be proud of you men & Angelena would be proud of you women.

What exercises make an Adonis belt more visible?

The inguinal ligament is most pronounced when you're leaner in body fat or have more pronounced abdominal muscles. So these exercises will focus on the 'transverse abdominis' (TVA) as a focus area.

1. Dragonfly

Some trainers call this the dragon flag, or the ultimate ab workout. Bruce Lee is claimed to have popularized or even invented this punishing method. This exercise by far an advanced technique that should only be attempted by individuals that are already confident in their abdominal strength.

  1. Starting Position: lay flat on a bench or floor. Grab a leg bar or bench that can handle your weight. Keep your arms at a 45-degree angle with your elbows facing up.
  2. Raise your legs up and slightly beyond a 90-degree angle. Maintain a straight posture and flex your core and back. You should feel the fatigue and flex everywhere except your shoulders.
  3. Slowly exhale while lowering your legs back to the starting position. It's crucial to keep your body straight as this is generally where people relax their form.

Repeat this exercise for 5-10 repetitions.

Tip: If you attempt this exercise on an elevated bench, you may fall sideways. Avoid embarrassment and keep your training on the floor. This is by far the best method for getting cut.

2. Side Lateral Raises

Side planks are stabilization and breathing focused exercise. Most importantly, they directly activate the transverse abdominis.

  1. Starting Position: Starting in the yoga plank position, rotate your body to one side with your chest facing sideways and your elbow maintaining your position.
  2. Extend your open arm to a straight upright angle and lift your pelvis from the floor.
  3. Try to keep your weight focused on your elbow and breathe.

With your pelvic bone elevated, countdown from 1 minute and repeat for the other side.

3. Superman
  1. Starting Position: Lying flat on your belly with your arms and legs straight, shoulder-width apart.
  2. While flexing your abs, elevate your legs and arms and face your head forward. This goal is to lift both arms and legs simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.

Remember to breathe and repeat this exercise for 10-15 repetitions.

4. Woodchops
  1. Starting Position: Standing, feet shoulder length apart, grabbing a cable machine or medicine ball
  2. First Movement: Rotate your torso without moving your hips in the opposite direction of your current position.
  3. Imagine you're cutting a tree with an ax.

Return to the start position and repeat for 10-15 reps per side.

5. Ab Roller
  1. Starting Position: Place a soft mat or towel on the floor, place your knees on the cloth, lay the ab roller direction in front of you
  2. First Movement: Gripping the rollout wheel, proceed to press down and push forward until your spine is completely straight.
  3. Return to the starting position slowly, exhaling as you move backward.

Repeat this exercise for 10-15 reps

Seeing Abs & Obliques through body fat.

Despite what you do in the gym, you need a balanced diet to really see results. You don't need to starve yourself but combining cardio with a caloric deficit is essential. Most people see their obliques and V shape around 12% body fat.

Can a woman get an Adonis belt?

Sure, women have stronger cores than men so it may be even easier for them to attain a trimmed pelvic region.

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5 Essential Adonis Belt Workouts - 6 Weeks To V Cut
Once you're informed on the science of abs, you need a proper workout guide to help you reach your goals. We've broken down the essential exercises that can help you get that v cut waist.
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