Are Green powders healthy? Well, No.

Are Green Powders Good For You Or Just Another Fitness Fad?

Green Powders have recently become a fitness fad that people all over the world are trying out. Supermarkets and online stores have a range of nutritional powders, often labeled as ‘superfood’ powders. These powders often have pictures of some or the other ingredient that has certain medicinal or fitness properties. Right from kale to chlorella, there are a number of foods that one can find in the form of green powders.

If you are still wondering what exactly these green powders are used for, they are natural nutrients that are meant to be mixed with smoothies or along with your regular meals. There are a number of ways in which they can be ingested, all leading to the same beneficial effects. However, there is a constant debate over whether these super foods are actually good for you, or if they are just another fitness fad that has come around.

Packed With Nutrients That You Need

One of the biggest reasons why green powders started to become popular was because of their ability to deliver the nutritional essentials that we need in our diets. For many of us, junk food and unhealthy eating habits cause us to get far less nutrition than what we actually need. Our bodies need a certain amount of vitamins and minerals that can only be obtained by eating a good amount of vegetables and fruits. But sticking to those healthier diets and eliminating all the junk is not the easiest task. In those instances, green powders can be incredibly beneficial and can give you the essentials that you need.

Another reason why green powders can be incredibly beneficial is because of the ingredients that are generally used to make these products. On average, green powders consist of a blend of twenty to forty different kinds of ingredients. These vary from leafy greens to fruits to probiotics. These products also try to deliver a substantial amount of fiber through their content of rice bran or inulin.

Are Green Powders Healthy?

If you are considering adding green powders to your diet, the next question that you should be asking is if they really are the healthier choice. There are varying degrees of this answer, depending on what you are using the green powders for.

Using As A Supplement

One of the main reasons why green powders are considered to be a healthier choice is because they act as a natural supplement that can be added to your food. When trying to incorporate a healthy diet, you want to make sure your body is getting all the essentials that you need. Because of the nutrient content of these products, using them as a supplement is considered to be a healthier choice, and can help you get fit faster.

Supplements may give you the essentials that your body needs, but these are in no way a complete replacement to eating your greens and fruits. While green powders may give you the nutrients from their ingredients, they often don’t give your body the fiber and water content that is often found in these vegetables. Fiber is essential to regulate your body’s digestion processes, and the lack of this can cause you severe problems.

Being Wary Of Over Consuming Nutrients

Often, green powders are designed to offer one particular nutrient in higher quantities. For example, some nutrients may contain a high amount of Vitamin C that your body needs. However, having only this green powder and not getting your other vitamins from additional sources can have detrimental effects on your body, and can cause you to have vitamin deficiencies. Moderating your dosages when trying out green powders is absolutely important if you want to stay your healthiest.

Benefits Of Green Powders

When taken in the right manner green powders can provide you with a range of benefits, making it a supplement that you should consider adding to your diet. Here are some of the beneficial effects that you experience when you start adding green powders to your meals.

1. Can Prevent Chronic Disease

There have been numerous studies that showcase the correlation between green powders and their role in keeping chronic diseases at bay. The beneficial enzymes in these green powders, in particular, can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and can protect the body from certain forms of cancer.

2. Improves Energy Levels

A lot of the ingredients that green powders tend to use are known for improving alertness and can improve your energy levels. Adding a spoonful of green powder to start off your day is considered to be a good practice and something that a lot of bodybuilders and athletes, in particular, tend to do.

3. Helps You Detox

With all the harmful pollutants that our bodies are generally exposed to, it becomes important to draw out all the harmful things that could damage our bodies. The process of detoxification is considered to be incredibly beneficial for maintaining good overall health and is something that green powders are known to help with.

To sum it all up

While green powders are surely beneficial for those who want to add some additional nutrition to their diet, it is important to take them in moderation, and not as an all-around solution. Remember, green powders are not meant to replace, but supplement.

Are green powders healthy? Well, Yes and No.
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Are green powders healthy? Well, Yes and No.
You can find a lot of pseudo supplements on the market today. One thing that you'll find in any health short are green powders. You need to think twice.
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