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The Best FREE Diet for CrossFit Weight Loss & Performance

one of the best diets for crossfit weight loss is also one of the easiest to start

Generally, that can best be determined by age and gender; here’s why.

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Founded in 2000, CrossFit has quickly become one of the most popular and well-known exercise communities in the world. For the thousands who choose the CrossFit way, it’s not just a matter of exercise and routines; it’s literally a way of life.

Attracting competitors and go-getters from all around the globe, CrossFit demands you be at your best. Regardless of your background, or your athletic ability, CrossFit pushes you to your limits both physically and mentally. For those looking to compete with the best of the best, what you eat matters. Your diet can often be the difference between raising your hand in victory or coming just short of your goals.

One of the many challenges of CrossFit is finding the optimal balance of exercise and diet that allows one to compete at their highest level. At ASCVS, we understand most people get into this type of training because it is less about brawny dudes in the gym and more about community, health and functional fitness, The biggest obstacle is what nutrition plan to follow. At the end the best diet for Crossfit weight loss is a personal choice, CrossFit doesn’t NEED to be paired with any particular diet. Just like good table wine, it does have it’s natural fit though. 

How can you stay lean will also retaining the strength needed to perform the required CrossFit tasks?

When it comes to weight loss or “cutting,” it’s imperative you find the perfect plan for you. While everyone is obviously different, the short term but quick loss results like paleo and 30 days restricted calorie deficits are two of the most popular diets for CrossFit athletes to lose weight safely and sustainably.

Why is the diet so popular among CrossFit athletes around the world? For one, the 21-day diet utilities the incredibly effective concept of intermittent fasting as well as shares the absolute best foods for optimal energy and overall health. Best yet, the program ASCVS suggests provides precisely what to eat so there’s no guesswork involved.

Meal Plan for CrossFit Athlete

Here’s a brief overview of what a proper nutrition chart should look like for the average Crossfit athlete:

GRAMS per day
GRAMS per meal
CALORIES per day
115 cals
575 cals
1610 cals
CALORIES per meal
23 cals
115 cals
322 cals
GRAMS per day
GRAMS per meal
CALORIES per day
90 cals
450 cals
1260 cals
CALORIES per meal
18 cals
90 cals
252 cals

Most CrossFit athletes know the importance of eating healthy, but it’s rare to find the perfect meal plan specifically for the CrossFit way of way of life, which is why the Three Week Diet is so popular among current athletes across the globe.

Because a good plan gives you the exact meal plan you should consume for optimal weight loss and minimal strength loss, you’ll know exactly what to eat for each meal of the day. No more wasting time searching for random recipes online. Follow the laid-out plan, and you’ll be on track to lose weight and maintain strength!

Best of all, the 3WD is flexible, meaning you won’t be stuck eating just plain chicken three meals a day, you’ll actually enjoy what you eat! Though following the meal plan to a T won’t always be easy, the results will quickly speak for themselves, and you’ll be well on your way to crushing the CrossFit competition.


So really, what is the best diet for CrossFit Weight Loss & Performance

So what exactly makes the Three Week Diet the best diet for CrossFit weight loss?

First and foremost, the diet is designed to be incredibly easy to follow. There are no elaborate dishes that require hours of prep time. There’s no long list of foods you barely can pronounce. It is simple and straight to the point.

Secondly, a properly planned eating routine works to ensure you are consuming just the right amount of fats and carbs to promote optimal strength while also allowing you to cut back on your weight. Throughout the program, you will also learn how to effectively consume the most effective macro and micronutrient ratios depending on your specific body type. You’ll also learn how to consume the right amount of protein daily to help you build strength while staying lean.

Lastly, the program will help you incorporate intermittent fasting into your daily routine,

Consistency is widely known as the largest factor to improve energy significantly and help you keep your diet on track. Ultimately, the essential part of working with any diet is ensuring you can sustain a new way of life over a long period. Anyone can follow an extreme diet for a few days and “lose 10 lbs”, but that won’t help you in the long run.

One of the reasons our diet is effective is because it’s based on what actually works. You’re already committed to putting in the work physically, so following a plan that helps you with the rest is an absolute no-brainer.

In Conclusion, CrossFit Is Best Fueled By The Three Week Diet

With literally hundreds of diets to choose from, you could technically try and test each plan personally and see which brings you the best results.

Alternatively, you can give one of the most effective CrossFit diets a try, risk-free.

Imagine knowing exactly what to eat to give you more energy than you ever thought possible. Imagine knowing exactly what is needed to take your CrossFit performance to the next level. Our fasting method was designed to transform you into your best.

Whether you’re just beginning to get into CrossFit or are looking to take your personal bests to the next level, leveraging the power of intermittent fasting, carb restriction, and adequate rest with one of the best nutrition plans on the market is arguably the best choice you can make for your CrossFit performance.

Best Diet for CrossFit Weight Loss & Performance + Meal Plan
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Best Diet for CrossFit Weight Loss & Performance + Meal Plan
You've picked a fitness plan, great! Now theirs no point in sweating 2 horus a day without finding the best diet for crossfit weight loss to pair it with!
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