Best Gym Shorts Aren’t GymShark; Here’s The Alternative!

What was some of the earliest advice that you were given when you first began hitting the gym? For me, everyone told me that I didn't need any special outfits to start exercising in the gym.
The gym ain't no fashion walk.

I've probably trained about 4 or 5 years before I started buying athletic gear.

Here's a quick picture of me wearing just enough to pass the gym dress code:

TL;DR Best for Gym Shorts For Weight Lifting:
bodybuilding shorts with pockets for phones
yoga style gym shorts

if you've read my posts on ASCVS you know I generally give you precisely what you're looking for straight away and if you're interested in the details, you can carry on down the post.

The Key Component To Fitness Fabrics and Gear - Be Like Under Armour

Essentially the critical factor in deciding whether or not a fabric is what you need in the gym is if it is "rip proof." That means the material that will not grip weights and pull down with them.

Just recently I was deadlifting, and my Alphalete pants (brand new) logo gripped the barbell and ripped some of the logo design. Very disappointing.

To avoid this, I suggest either logo-less or flat logo sweats or shorts that are rip proof & second to the ability to withstand rips, I recommend cloth that is aerated as well. When you're working out in a controlled climate room, you'll start sweating easily. I wouldn't suggest a fabric without mesh that doesn't allow your skin to breathe.

Now I know that theirs a bare minimum to get into the gym, shorts or pants, shoes (not boots) and a t-shirt. But eventually, you will find you need to elevate your gear for two reasons that I will cover further below.

Shorts For 
Comfort, Style & Flexibility

The first reason why I began buying some athletic gear was that I was really damn tired of my underwear pulling my groin in all the wrong places. This will probably be the first purchase you will make in your fitness journey. Men and women share this issue, when you're exercising, especially on a mat, things get tangled up.

Here's the deal, albeit you can buy Calvin Klein or some sort of high-end brand, you don't need to. The only reason you would buy a high-end brand is for the clout, which is fine! Just don't feel pressured to buy name brand for quality assurance.

These days, brands like Gymshark and Alphalete preach plenty about their top tier quality fabrics & style. Albeit you can't put a price on form, you can get on cloth. Unless the company is using a custom fabric that they've invented, they're getting the same thing everyone else is acquiring from China.

That allows you to find cheaper alternatives that also look pretty damn good. If you can see the same fabrics, why spend the premium cost on some athletic gear?

Will people check you out while working out in "normal" gym clothing? Well, that is determined on what's inside the shorts.

Assisted Clothing - In League with Lululemon & Nike for Athletes

Hey Brice, what's "assisted clothing"? Fair question, this decision-making process has two tiers in my mind. The casual tier 1 trainer and the semi-pro to the professional athlete. Someone who is looking for pockets, rings, zippers or any sort of features on clothing that will allow them to train easier.

You have the casual gym goers who are only looking for somewhere to keep their gym card and cell phone. Generally, I still consider myself this type of trainer. I don't bring much with me to the gym, and I usually slap my phone on the piece of gym equipment with my magnetic phone mount. I keep things simple.

For you other folks, I suggest this brand for starters: The Bro

Semi-Pro / Professional Athletic Clothing

Here's the thing, if you are a bodybuilder, the world is your oyster. If you are getting into CrossFit, the company behind the sport has a clothing brand, and something similar exists in almost every sport. If you are a professional athlete, you should already know what in the world is out there waiting for you. Why are you reading this? Go do some training!

If you are a bodybuilder and you are looking to increase your style and functionality of your clothing while training, I would suggest: ​Yoga Crow Swerve - Odor Resistant - See Price

The reason why I always recommend this company is at the moment, they are the most reasonably priced yet well-constructed gear out there. I do own name brand gear, but I also mix things up in my wardrobe with cheap and efficient pieces as well. You'll be doing a lot of sweating. Especially if you've been gulping down a protein shake or weight gainer. If you're getting dirty why spend thousands of dollars when you can get a more extensive wardrobe with a few hundred?

Should I get lined shorts for weightlifting?

Despite the fact most men and women go to the gym every day and sweat their booties off. Many never consider saving themselves some time and laundry but using lined shorts. Essentially liner will capture your junk and the sweat from exercise. Instead of wearing your new calvin kleins, just invest in some comfortable shorts that can get the job done.

To sum up, this article let me go over some key features to aim for when shopping for some gym gear.

  • Mesh layered - To help control skin perforation
    Sweat-wicking - To absorb the sweat on you, not the gym mat
  • Perforated back panel - The buttocks can get sweaty very quickly; no one wants swamp booty in the gym.
  • Reflective details - In case you decide to engage in outside activities. Just like many runners or CrossFit athletes, the added visibility may save your life.
  • Phone pocket - Generally, we all listen to music or keep a phone on us. Especially while exercising, why not get pants with a pocket to support you while training?
Best Gym Shorts Aren’t GymShark; Here’s The Alternative
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Best Gym Shorts Aren’t GymShark; Here’s The Alternative
Here's a quick tip, your gym shorts are probably not the reason why you aren't reaching your goals. But if you do need to step up your gear, check this out!
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