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This Low Carb Vegan Protein Powder Saved Me – TopBit | BodyBuilder Review

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Lowering your carb intake can significantly attribute to your health. However, you still need to ensure that you take enough carbs, together with other nutrients that are essential for your body. I found my sweet spot in low carb vegan protein powders, and I have been using them for quite some time to supplement my daily income of protein (while at the same time reducing my carb intake.)

A Vegan Bodybuilders First Choice For Weight Loss

Personal Fave: SB ORGANICS Vegan Protein Powder


-Raw Plant-Based
High Protein Ratio 
-21 Grams of Vegetable Protein (Small Serving)
-Free of artificial ingredients
-Tastes like heaven – Smooth Texture!
-Rich in protein and amino acids
-Improves appetite and digestion

Finding a vegan low-carb protein was challenging, but years of experience and experimentation allowing me to separate the wheat from the tare (so to speak.) If you are interested in finding the best low carb protein, I recommend that you go through this article and its products; it won’t disappoint you!

TOPBiT Chocolate Protein Shake Powder – A Proper “vegan mass gainer”

The TOPBiT protein powder is made from organic and plants only ingredients. This protein powder was made with the intention of helping vegans maintain their healthy lifestyle in a busy and stressful world. It is a low-carb powder, containing only 131 calories per serving.

You’ll find only high-quality stuff in this powder, simply because TOPBiT performs rigorous checking for each ingredient they insert in their powders. This powder contains 0 sugars, which is vital for people that want to avoid it at all costs!

Furthermore, the TOPBiT powder large quantities of antioxidants, which play a vital role in eliminating free radicals from your body. It also contains a lot of greens, which can balance your digestion and boost your immune system.

It also tastes great, at least for people that love a chocolaty taste (I know that I do like it!) You’ll also have 20 g of protein at your disposal, which should be more than enough to supplement your daily needs. The powder is free of soy, gluten, and nuts, so feel free to use it if you avoid these things too.


  • Made of organic ingredients only
  • Rich in proteins, antioxidants, and greens
  • Supercharges your body
  • All-in-one formula


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Some people didn’t like its chocolate taste

Garden of Life Protein: Vegan Powder Review

You can purchase GoL powder with vanilla, vanilla chai, and chocolate taste. And if you prefer flavor-free powder, GoL can grant you that too! This powder is also made of raw organic ingredients only and is USDA certified. It is also certified Vegan and Non-GMO.

It contains slightly more proteins than our previous product (22g), which is excellent if you seek extra proteins. Most importantly, it is rich in vitamins K, E, and A, all of which play a vital role in your life. This powder is perfect for people that are looking for a post-gym vegan protein shake low carb option, for it can help them recover their strength and supplement their daily dose of healthy nutrients.

The GoL low-carb protein powder is also rich in probiotics and enzymes that help with digestion. I did notice the recent drop in quality in this product after the GoL rebranded this powder. Nevertheless, I still use it from time to time when I’m starving for proteins and vanilla flavor!


  • Inexpensive
  • Large quantities of proteins
  • Excellent for digestion
  • Available in various flavors (and flavor free)
  • Contains various credible certifications


  • The powder’s quality dropped after rebranding

Organic Nutrition Vegan Low-Carb Powder

The Organic Nutrition powder is a gem I found while I was searching for inexpensive but quality powder. While it isn’t my favorite low-carb vegan powder, it certainly has all the qualities of other more notable brands.

It is rich in protein (30 grams of serving contains roughly 20 grams of protein), and it is made of 100% organic ingredients. This protein powder is also gluten and soy free, and taste fantastic (none of that chalky aftertaste shenanigans!)

I’ve also realized that it is rich in some vital elements, such as iron and potassium, both of which are needed for my daily routine. I’m also anemic, and this product does help with my regular iron intake (not a lot, but I did feel some benefits.)

While it is rich in protein, it isn’t as rich as some other products on our list, which is why I wouldn’t recommend it to people that seek protein-heavy powders. The powder is kosher and vegan-certified and is free of soy, gluten, and dairy elements.


  • Contains iron and potassium
  • Extremely valuable (financially speaking)
  • Vegan and kosher friendly
  • Free of gluten, soy, dairy, and sugar
  • Easy to digest


  • Not so rich in protein

Plant Fusion Complete Protein Powder

The Plant Fusion is a company that needs no special introduction. Their Complete protein powder is available in vanilla bean, chocolate, and chocolate raspberry flavor (the latter is my favorite.)

I found it to be extremely beneficial for recovering appetite, as well as for recovery training. And most importantly, it saves me after a long and stressful day at work. It is low in carbs and rich in protein, while also containing 0 sugars, soy, and gluten.

This powder is also rich in amino acids, which help recover your strength after training. I also love its texture and taste; taste-wise, this is my favorite product on the list. It is also easy on the stomach and excellent for people that generally can’t tolerate protein powders.

Some people didn’t like the fact that it contains stevia, but I found no issue relating its downsides (literally no negative effects on health.) Albeit this is not a stevia free vegan protein powder, I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that it contained fructose and silica, but I overlooked this due to taste and protein richness.


  • Value for money
  • Made by a notable company
  • Excellent taste (I recommend raspberry chocolate)
  • Very soothing on the stomach


  • Contains fructose and silica
  • Some people disliked the addition of stevia

SB ORGANICS Powder (My Personal Favorite)
ASCVS Top Rated vegan protein powder

Last and certainly not the list is the SB ORGANICS protein powder, rich in protein, digestion-soothing enzymes, and amino acids. This powder is also rich in vitamins (A-E), and also contains some quantities of iron and calcium (among other things.)

The SB ORGANICS all-in-one powder tastes great and is available in chocolate and vanilla flavor. It contains zero artificial ingredients and is free of gluten, soy, dairy, and sugar. Btw, if you like the taste of chocolate milk, go for the chocolate flavor (because it literally tastes like chocolate milk!)

Aside from being delicious and rich in all these beneficial ingredients, this powder is exceptionally cost-effective. And if you are vegan like me, you know that a vegan diet can be quite expensive. You also don’t feel that artificial aftertaste after you use this product, which speaks of quality and integrity.

Despite being my go-to powder, I’ll have to admit that it has a bit of that chalky texture. I suggest that you mix it manually (shake it) instead of using a mixer to achieve optimal liquidy texture.


  • Free of artificial ingredients
  • Tastes like heaven
  • Rich in protein and amino acids
  • Improves appetite and digestion


  • Somewhat chalky texture

Final Words – The best vegan protein powder Is all about amino acid profile

Finding the best vegan protein powder 2017 & in 2018 can be challenging, especially if you mind your budget. Moreover, it is also difficult to find an authentic product in the world of false-advertising, which is why we vegans must keep our eyes and ears open. I personally juggle between plant options and whey based options like the GNC Mass Complex.

All the products that have been outlined in this article are genuinely vegan-friendly. All are also rich in protein (some more some less) and are low in carbs. If you want to follow my advice, go for the SB ORGANICS Powder. Other products are also worth exploring, more so if you still haven’t found your favorite brand.

Does a zero carb protein powder exist?

In short, no. The reason is simple, albeit it is possible for a lab to produce pure plant-based protein, it would be disgusting. It would also be very processed, which you should avoid. It’s best to look at our low carb alternatives. Plus; carbohydrates provide flavor, just like fat.

Many men actually fear vegan protein, specifically soy. That’s a moot discussion in the world of science. Plenty of studies have shown; that a healthy amount of plant-based protein will not have a negative effect on health.

If you aren’t too concerned with vegan protein, we also have a great article on mass based protein powders. Check it out any many other wonderful content on ASCVS.org!

Brice Mansa - ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Brice Mansa is a certified personal trainer from the ISSA. He took his knowledge from college to provide a more broad education method (blogging) to enhance the lives of thousands of people. Tired of being limited as a personal trainer in a gym with a single client, he stepped up his game. ASCVS.org is proud to host him and the team of 4 other certified personal trainers and kinesiologists. When Brice isn't training or writing he likes long walks on the beach, puppos & motorcycles. We hope you enjoy his content, tips & stories!