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I Found the Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Guys | My Results💪🏿

TL;DR My suggestion is the Naked Mass Gainer Shake

-Natural; Cold Processed
– Whey, Naked Casein and Organic Maltodextrin (Tapioca)
-Superior Carbohydrate profile; Tapioca is better than the Wheat alternatives
-High Protein Ratio
-GMO Free, Growth Hormone Free, Soy Free and Gluten Free
-50g of Protein, 252g of Carbs, 1,250 Calories, 11.5g of BCAAs
-Top quality mass gainer protein for any “hardgainer” looking to get an edge 

Lean Muscle Growth On A Budget

intermittent fasting results guide tips

I've been there. I've felt the suck.
Training my ass off for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week and eating

For some reason, I just wasn't gaining muscle OR losing body fat. Then I decided to do some research. All of my sweat and tears are boiled down and written down here. Just for you folks.

I'm the textbook definition of a HARD GAINER. Just naturally a skinny guy... It's taken me years to reach where I am. I admit, if I started drinking this stuff, I would've reached my goals much sooner though.

No protein exists with a secret ingredient capable of turning you into Arnold Schwarzenegger, it still takes work.

The Reason this guide was built was to help you avoid spending too much money or buying complete trash. 

I suggest you take advantage, every protein on this list tastes great and will get the job done. I suggest the one to the left but if you want more options, look below.

We can all agree that some people have trouble gaining weight. For this reason, weight gainers contain all the proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and other essential vitamins to help one attain a calorie surplus. A weight gainer is something we recommend alongside muscle training for fast and effective results.
Let’s face it; bodybuilding demands intense training and discipline, weight gainers bring along additional nutrients to help you focus on achieving your muscle building goal without wasting away.

As someone who has struggled to gain muscle in the past, I understand the struggle. When I decided to jump on my intermittent fasting journey one of my first purchases was a meal supplement. This is the reason why I suggest what I think is the best mass gainer on the market for skinny guys (Naked). It is because it is precisely what I used to reach my first milestone in only six weeks.

ASCVS’s top-rated protein powders for bulking
Main Nutritional Values per Serving in Grams (g)

  • Naked mass gainer
  • Optimum
    Serious mass protein gainer
  • Dymatize Super mass gainer
  • Muscle Tech Extreme 
  • Mutant Mass weight gainer
  • GNC Pro Performance mass gainer
  • Musclemeds Carnivor






Does-It-Get-You-Big-O-Meter ?

1. Naked Mass Protein Powder(Organic); 

One of the top post workouts for Beginners

This is undoubtedly the best whey protein powder for building muscles on the market, thanks to its ingredients that are pure and safe for consumption. The Naked Mass protein powder comprises whey protein, casein and tapioca maltodextrin. These compounds work together to help you gain muscle mass the healthy way.

The Naked nutrition protein powder does not include artificial sweeteners or flavors. Instead, the pack is full of essential amino acids that allow for protein synthesis. The process of gradual protein production keeps your energy high even as you go about your activities.

  • This mass gainer includes gluten-free, organic tapioca maltodextrin for its carbohydrates. We still believe that this is organic because all its ingredients are natural

This powder makes the best protein shake for muscle gain when added to smoothies. Alternatively, include it in your favorite recipes without any worry of losing its nutritional value.

What we liked

  • Low levels of sugar(5 grams)
  • 50 grams of protein
  • 252 grams of pure carbohydrates
  • 5 grams of branched –chain amino acids
  • 1250 extra calories

What we didn’t like

  • The powder is tasteless and can be better when mixed with an organic sweetener.

There are several mass gainers out there. However, you need to be a little picky when choosing one for your muscle building journey.  A good powder should help you build muscles the safest and healthiest way possible.

To make sure that you are consuming the best natural ingredients, Naked mass gainer contains zero fillers, flavorings and sugar additives. It stands out from its various competitions as a shake true to its word.

A serving of naked mass is packed with 1250 calories. The four scoops of powder provide 2.5 grams of fat, 100 mg of sodium, 252 mg of carbs, 50 grams proteins grams sugar and 11 grams of Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs)


The Naked mass gainer contains three ingredients as explained below:

Naked whey

The whey content of the mix contains 30 grams of protein and 11 grams of Branched Amino Acids. Whey used in the Naked mass is derived from grass-fed cows. This type of whey provides one with high-quality protein that fast-tracks to ensure constant muscle mass.

Naked casein

Just like the naked whey, the naked casein is also sourced from the grass-fed cows. Casein delivers the slow releasing form of amino acids that are intended to last throughout the day to aid in repair and building of muscles.

Organic Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is a form of carbohydrate. This type of carbohydrate is contained in wheat, potato starch, and rice.  Maltodextrin provides quick energy that is much needed during the workouts. The maltodextrin in Naked is sourced from organic corn.

Why naked mass?

Naked mass provides you with easy to digest quality protein that is both fast and slow acting. This way your body can receive an instant rise of amino acid levels for muscle strength and recovery.

The 11 grams of BCAAs in the mass provides you with the essential proteins that are needed to maintain a constant muscle building state. Naked mass is excellent for people who need a KILL KICK that will deliver what it promises.

  • Naked mass is the top option for individuals that might have allergies to soy, milk, and eggs.

Any disadvantage of naked mass?

 Naked mass lacks flavor and sweeteners, just like taking a pill for the same results. This mass gainer may not be a perfect choice for anyone who loves little sugar and character in their protein shakes. This may not seem to be a disadvantage to most people, but for someone looking for taste, this may not be a great option.

  • It won’t hurt if you add some strawberries, bananas or any other fruit to bring out the flavor that you desire.

Mix and taste

You are wrong if you thought that Naked mass was going to taste terrible because of its limited ingredients. Naked mass tastes entirely natural; you can add strawberries and banana to add a taste of your own since it doesn’t have any sweetness to it.

  • This mass gainer mixes well in bottle shaker, giving you a nice clump free and frothy top uniform consistency.

How do you take it? Shaken, or Stirred?

The naked mass gainer label instructs you to mix four scoops and 8 ounces of water. We feel that four scoops may be too much for starters. Take three scoops so that you can eat other foods. Remember that naked mass is not a meal replacement. A gainer only helps you meet your daily calorie intake to help build muscles and gain weight the healthy way. If you’re looking for a balanced meal to assist your goals, we suggest Eat This Much: The Personalized Meal Plan. If you want something less advanced, we built a random food generator to help you decide what meal to start with before or after you drink your protein shake.

Any side effects associated with naked mass gainer?

Naked mass contains whey casein, maltodextrin, and whey protein as stated earlier. With these ingredients you do not have to worry about side effects, they are all natural. Additionally, the mass gainer contains no additives and flavors that might upset your gut.

A conclusion to the naked weight gainer review

Naked mass gainer has been stripped down to three ingredients that are all natural and healthy. This low carb weight gainer is one of the most promising and clean in the market today. Naked mass ensures that you gain muscles as promised and not fat!

Naked mass is the weight gainer for those looking for a whey protein gainer without side effects. One that is gluten-free and reliable.

2. Serious Mass Gainer review – Before & After

optimum nutrition weight gainer

The serious mass gainer by Optimum Nutrition is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to save some coin but still looking for a balance of calories. Serious mass gainer comes in two flavors, chocolate, and vanilla. Both characteristics are equally excellent.

This mass gainer gives you the advantage of adding nuts and fruits to enhance proper weight gain. We recommend that you use an electric blender to help you break down this weight gainer easily.

The Serious supplement is versatile because it can be taken before meals, after weight training, and before bed.

I initially wanted to place this meal supplement as #1, because it is more affordable for the average person. In fact, the reason why I did not include this as the top choice is about nutrition.

When you grade this protein based on the flavor in comparison to the Naked brand, theirs a clear winner. You’re paying for better taste when you choose our top pick.

What we liked – Nutrition Facts

  • Can be easily mixed with any liquid
  • 50 grams of protein in one serving
  • 225 grams of carbohydrates in one serving
  • 1250 calories per single serving
  • 25 different vitamins, also include glutamine and creatinine

What we didn’t like

  • The drink gets highly concentrated.

3. Super Mass Gainer review

The calorie count for dymatize Super Mass Gainer is enough proof that this supplement is not messing around. A single serving yields 1300 calories. The product contains adequate calories to prevent body mass from being used up during exercises. The protein in the gainer helps in building muscle size and shape.   Glutamine contained in this product ensures fast recovery after workspace while the BCAAs initiate muscle protein synthesis on time.

  • This mass gainer is available in 6 different indulgent flavors that taste great in all kinds of shakes.

The dymatize brand thoroughly tests the ingredients of every pack of the supper mass gainer to ensure that it is fit safe and fit for human consumption. For maximum results use this alongside an intense lifting program.

What we liked

  • Tastes delicious
  • A single serving provides 52 grams of protein
  • 244 grams of carbs
  • 17 grams of BCAAs to help activate muscle protein formation.
  • 1300 calories in a single serving
  • Increases stamina and promotes better sleep
  • Does not form lumps when mixed with water or milk.

What we didn’t like

  • Contains sucralose and some non-organic ingredients.
  • May not be fit for use before workouts since the body will be forced to utilize all the carbs and sugar during the exercise.

Super Mass Gainer Side Effects

  • Has been known to cause stretch marks (due to a large number of calories)
  • Can easily cause you to gain more fat than muscle due to the insulin spike

4. BSN True Mass Protein Gainer

The BSN gainer is an excellent choice for people with heavy training routines thanks to its 2:1 carb-protein ratio. A single serving of true mass contains 50 grams of protein and 700 calories and 90 grams of carbs. The held essential dietary fiber will help you recover instantly from intense workouts.

  • This item contains healthy fats that supply the body with the required energy during workouts.

True mass is a great supplement, but we feel with its price you can get a better product. We only recommend this product as a meal replacement because it does not contain a lot of carbs.

True mass gainer contains 28 % proteins in each serving.

It does not contain amino acids like our best product on this list NAKED MASS.

What we liked

  • Several protein sources( up to 6)
  • 14g of sugar per serving is high for those athletes intending to control their weight.
  • 90 grams carbs per serving
  • 700 calories per serving
  • 50 grams of protein
  • Comes in several flavors to choose from
  • Makes creamily textured shakes without lumps
  • Ultra-Premium Protein to Carbohydrate Matrix

What we didn’t like

  • Priced on the higher side
  • Fewer proteins at only 28% per serving
  • Too much artificial ingredients and flavors
  • Does not solve in the water fast
  • Contains sucralose
  • Could be allergic to some users because it contains wheat and eggs.
  • Tastes great
  • Contains fats that lead to extra body fat instead of muscle mass.

BSN’s Protein Powders vs. TRUE-MASS

The key differences to most of the bulking products on our list are one thing; calories. The BSN brand generally leans towards the lower end of calories per serving. The TRUE-MASS product is higher, and the typical BSN weight gainer is lower. So consider your goals, are you looking for more than 700 calories per serving? I would suggest most people aim to keep 500-750 calories per serving to avoid fat gain.

5. Muscle Tech Mass Tech Extreme Weight Gain Protein

Muscle tech is another one of my highly rated suggestions. This product is made of 100 % pure compounds to ensure that you gain mass just a healthy way.

Mass tech contains 63 grams of protein per servings that provide slow, medium and fast digesting to give the highly needed amino acids to the body at different speeds for increased supply of amino acids to the bloodstream.

  • The 13 grams supply of BCAAs per serving ensures proper fuelling of your muscles and reduction of protein break down.

Mass-Tech yields 840g calories per serving to give you the stamina you need during those intense workouts. The carbs also help increase blood sugar accordingly and also provide gradual glycogen release. Mass tech mass extreme weight gainer is a great meal replacement for people on the go or those who never get to have frequent solid meals.

We liked the fact that this product quickly dissolves in water and milk giving you a great texture that your body will absorb quickly.

What we liked

  • 100% whey protein
  • 63 grams extended release protein- slow, medium, and fast release.
  • Prolonged 13 grams BCAA for increased muscle growth
  • Effective weight gainer
  • Tastes good
  • Does not remain lumpy in shakes.

What we didn’t like

  • Contains sucralose

6. Mutant Mass Weight Gainer

Mutant Mass is another trusted weight gain supplement. It is, in fact, an award-winning product thanks to its effectiveness over a short time.

The mutant mass gainer contained a balanced variety of casein, egg protein, colostrum, cinnulin PF, waxy maize, and pure carbs for maximum bulkiness. The 52 grams of protein per serving features pure and safe whey, casein and egg albumin. The slow release of amino acids provides the small amount of casein included in the mix.

The carbs contained in the mutant mass derives from waxy maize maltodextrin and waxy maize, whole oats, and barley starch. The pack is merely full of multiple sources of energy to keep you fully energized throughout the day.

  • The medium chain triglycerides included in this are easily digested and do not cause any intolerance.
  • Each serving of this shake is full of nature’s goodness. We love the fact that all the ingredients in the mutant mass gainer are declared on the pack.

Wheat is the primary source of glutamine peptides that ensures your muscles have adequate repair and growth. Each serving provides you with a clean 8 grams of fiber to enhance your digestion and decrease the rate at which carbohydrate is absorbed. The mutant pack also comes in plenty of flavors to choose from.

What we liked

  • Contains 52 grams of proteins
  • 1060 calories per serving.’
  • Tastes great
  • Delivers enough calories per single serving
  • Reasonable price
  • Contains BCAAs

What we didn’t like

  • May cause bloating and sensitivity due to the egg albumin ingredient.

7. GNC mass gainer review: Pro Performance Bulk – Double Chocolate

The GNC pro bulk mass gainer contains 1340 calories way more than most brands on the market today. The ingredients are pure and safe for consumption. The 50 grams protein per servings helps you increase your overall muscle strength.  The 10 grams of glutamine per serving will do you right when it comes to maintaining a positive immune system response.

This is one of the best proteins for muscle mass by GNC on the market. It contains 11 grams of branched chain Amino Acids to ensure that there is a reduction in muscle breakdown. These amino acids also facilitate muscle recovery and growth just in time to keep you healthy and focused on your fitness goals.

The pack also contains medium-chain triglycerides that are quickly absorbed into the body to be used as energy. The dual carbs system ensures that the glycogen stores never run out of power. This weight gainer also contains arginine which is a naturally occurring compound that helps the body cells.

What we liked

  • 3 grams of creatinine for fast muscle regeneration
  • 50 grams of high-quality protein per serving
  • High-calorie value of 1340 calories per serving
  • Mixes effortlessly with other shakes
  • Tastes good

What we didn’t like

  • Priced on the higher side

8. MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass Anabolic Beef Protein Gainer

Musclemeds carnivore gainer is a win; it contains the best-hydrolyzed beef protein isolates that act as the primary support of muscle metabolism. This muscle gainer is fast and at the same time helps minimize fat storage.

I consider this one to be one of the best protein powders for weight gain. It has a lower calorie count per serving, and it has a very high amino acid profile.

Research has shown that beef is one of the best anabolic protein sources.  The musclemeds brand has integrated this information to produce the ever first beef protein weight gainer into the market. The use of Beef Protein Isolates (BPIs) increases amino acid production into the blood as fast as whey thus fast muscle building. This product contains no sensitive ingredients such as lactose, fats or cholesterol.

  • One single serving of carnivore protein gainer contains 5 grams of creatinine and BCAAs to increase muscle activity.

The product is for use after workouts to speed muscle recovery and enhanced growth. It can also be used in the morning to provide energy to the body cells ahead of your daily activities. This mass gainer deserves to be on our list because of its ability to support fast muscle fullness and timely recovery.

What we liked

  • 710 calories
  • 2-gram fats
  • Sugar-free
  • Lactose-free
  • 50 mg beef protein Isolate
  • 5 grams of creatinine
  • Contains BCAAs

What we didn’t like

  • May cause occasional bloating and stomach sensitivity
  • Tastes ok but not as good as other products on this list.

Should I take weight gainer or whey protein?

In reality, the only difference between the two is that a weight gainer will have a substantial amount of fat and carbohydrates. If your goal is to gain muscle mass, you will need more than just whey protein. Many fitness enthusiasts choose a pure protein supplement, but this is actually a more expensive way to reach your goal. Your body will only filter out extra protein, but additional carbs will be stored.

We hope that the information and reviews above will save you time when choosing the right option for you. We also believe that you are now in a better position to overlook the misleading infomercials. Selecting the best product will help you kick-start your weight gain journey the right way. Trust me, and I’ve been there. Check out our review of our favorite exercise earbuds while your here. We wish you the best in your weight gain journey, start today!

Key FAQ’s About Weight Gainer Supplements

  1. Helps meet daily calorie requirements & Macronutrient intake

For you to build muscles, your diet must include high-calorie foods. A diet that supplies you with 2000 to 3000 calories per day will help you build muscles and gain weight as you desire. However, remember that the number of calories needed to gain weight will depend on one’s age, gender, and physical activities.

It is not easy to meet such a calorie demand for muscle growth; the weight gain supplements help you achieve your daily calorie intake without much struggle. All weight gainers contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. These vital components supply the body with high energy in the diet. Look at this;

  • 1 gram of protein yields four calories
  • 1 gram of protein yields four calories
  • 1 gram of fat yields nine calories.

Several weight gain powders supply up to 1000 + calories in one shake thus making it possible for you to attain the recommended 3000 calories fit for muscle gain.

2. Helps meet bodies creatine demand

Creatine Monohydrate is an essential element of weight gain. The compound recycles merely the ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) that in return transports the chemical energy to the cells in all parts of the body.

ATP is merely an energy carrier to the muscles and the brain cells. The energy provided by this process helps in muscle contraction, therefore, speeding the process of muscle building. We recommend that you buy a weight gainer that includes creatine in its ingredients.

3. Provides faster recovery

Muscle recovery after a workout is an essential process in muscle building. A weight gainer must consist of the L-glutamine which is responsible for speeding recovery after workouts.

Glutamine is an integral part of the amino acid chain that ensures an increase in immunity against diseases and decreased side effects of specific treatments.

4. Provides calorie levels variations

The body needs a particular amount of calories to gain weight and build muscles properly. Weight gainers have a design to be at different calorie levels. For this reason, you need to find a product that will take care of your calorie needs.

Excess calories will lead to fat mass gaining, and if you take less, the muscle-building process will not be as smooth as intended. You just need to make enough, find a weight gainer with compounds that will help you achieve your weight- gain goals effortlessly.

5. Many Are Rich In Dietary Fat

The fat included in the weight gainers is unique; it keeps you leaner while allowing for fast muscle- building. Fats contribute significantly to muscle building and also form a more substantial portion of calories in most weight gainers.

  • Always have your calories in the correct amount, the dietary fats prevent the loss of lean body mass.

Contrary to popular belief, you can consume dietary fat at a healthy amount while still gaining lean muscle. We actually require fat for brain function.

Adequate dietary intake and nutritional status have important effects on brain functions and on brain health. Energy intake and specific nutrients excess or deficiency from diet differently affect cognitive processes, emotions, behaviour, neuroendocrine functions and synaptic plasticity with possible protective or detrimental effects on neuronal physiology. Lipids, in particular, play structural and functional roles in neurons. Here the importance of dietary fats and the need to understand the brain mechanisms activated by peripheral and central metabolic sensors. Thus, the manipulation of lifestyle factors such as dietary interventions may represent a successful therapeutic approach to maintain and preserve brain health along lifespan. [Impact of Dietary Fats on Brain Functions]

6. Fiber is essential & most supplements have plenty

One factor many athletes and skinny guys looking to get fit neglect is dietary fiber. Fiber is so important for digestive health. Without a proper amount of insoluble & dietary fiber, you will stop up your system and feel groggy. Vegan proteins tend to be high in fiber; soy is the best plant-based source. Another risk of a lack of fiber is you will not be able to push excess carbohydrates.

The definition and chemical characterizations of DF is well documented and understood, as is the ability of DF to reduce the absorption of macronutrients by increasing the viscosity of the luminal contents and altering the intestinal transit time. [health benefits of dietary fiber]

 How do you choose the right quality for your goals with so many options?

The first thing you have to understand about mass gainers is that they contain calories in different amounts. Your primary goal should be to achieve a linear body with muscles but not accumulate fat in the long run.

Weight Gainer FAQ’s

1. The ratio of proteins and carbohydrates

The best weight gain supplement should have complex carbs and protein in the rate of 3:1.  Fast protein release compounds such as whey protein, micellar casein and calcium caseinate make the best protein powder to gain weight adequately.

The fast metabolizing whey instantly supplies the muscles with nutrients after a workout and triggers new muscle synthesis. The caseinate and calcium, on the other hand, prevent muscle breakdown studies recommend for use at night and in between meals.

  • A complex carb is essential in providing constant energy for workouts. For this reason, they digest gradually.

2. Amount of added sugar

Sugar is necessary when it comes to increasing calorie value. The best weight gainer for skinny guys provides calories from pure sources like complex carbs and proteins. The recommended sugar in a quality mass gainer should be 60g in a 1000g serving.

3. Essential nutrients

Exercises create substantial metabolic stress which can be only be dealt with vitamins and minerals. The multi-vitamins are vital for the stimulation of biochemical reactions for energy to relieve muscle tiredness after intense workouts.

4. Presence of digestive enzyme

Best protein shake for muscle gain must include enzymes to increase tolerance. The digestive enzyme reduce the chances of bloating and improve the energy needed in muscle building.

How And When to Take a Weight Gainer Safely

As said before, weight gainers help supplement your calorie intake. The products cause adverse effects when misused or in excess. Here is how to cautiously adopt mass gainers into your diet:

  • Get your fitness consultant to recommend a product that best suits your needs based on your body type
  • Identify your daily intake requirements concerning what you intend to achieve at the end of it all.
  • Create a proper detailed diet plan to help you get the best out of a weight gainer.
  • Stick to the recommended amount per day.
  • Always take your mass gainers with milk to enable you to achieve the intended calorie intake.
  • Maintain the right balance between your weight gainers and diet. Eat balanced food at all times.
  • Consider any allergies that you may have. Many options actually have blended protein sources. If you are serious about selecting a long-term option, consider emailing the producer for more details on ingredients.

5. Best time to take weight gainer

  • Take your weight gainers between meals if you want to get optimum results. You may also consider taking them immediately after workouts to facilitate the muscle-building process. A specific time is not necessary but the suggested time is generally given to help you maintain the habit of actually consuming it.

    Research does show that taking protein after a workout can have an effect on muscle:

Moreover, it has been established that it is more beneficial to evenly distribute the total daily protein intake throughout the day such that ~0.25–0.40 g protein·kg BW−1 per meal (or 20–40 g depending on body mass or age) [,,] is ingested to optimally stimulate post-exercise muscle protein synthesis rates.

What to look for when making a selection

Our nutritional experts tested several protein powders for weight gain just to select the best for your buy. We reviewed the products below after thoroughly looking into:

  • Price per serving- we looked into the affordability of each item on the list and placed only the ones that met an average of $50 per container. Some of the options can really reach high costs, but generally, that does not mean an increase in quality or effectiveness.
  • Nutrition- The number of calories per protein serving
  • Taste-How good it tastes even though we know this is subjective. I have eaten a multitude of supplements, so I believe I have a good taste for what is a good option. One thing to consider is milk-based protein is generally tastier than plant-based protein. I think plant-based options are usually leaner (less fat) & humans love the taste of fat.
  • Mixability- How well the powder mixes with milk, shakes, water, etc.
  • Composition – Is it grainy? How about the smoothness? There’s a multitude of factors, but we aim for the least grainy options. Another factor is if it dissolves quickly. When you shake a bottle of protein for 5 minutes, it feels like another exercise. Most “good” options don’t need to be blended and can simply be prepped in about 30 seconds.

What is the best mass gainer? Obviously Naked Mass

We understand that gaining weight with a fast metabolism is hectic. However we advise that you stick with it and follow our tips in this article, you will soon get there.

Remember that the key ingredients for weight gain with a high metabolism are high- Calorie healthy foods, weight training, and your focus. Remember that the best protein powder for mass gain is the one that meets your daily calorie intake demand. Here is the best protein supplement as listed by our seasoned health experts. 

Are you a woman looking for something similar? Check out our vegan review for women here. We also suggest ensure if you’re looking for something more accessible to gain some pounds.

Recently, I have been getting requests to review other proteins that are more easily accessed from department stores like Walmart. Body Fortress is one of the most popular powders out there because of it’s availability so I decided to do a review on them as well. I definitely don’t hold any punches, I am not a big fan of cheap “easily available” proteins, I explain further in the article. Thank you for reading!

No BS - Top 8 Best Mass Gainer Review of 2019 + My Results ?
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No BS - Top 8 Best Mass Gainer Review of 2019 + My Results ?
Our personal trainer reviews the right protein for hardgainers & fast metabolisms. A full guide on protein powders for weight gain without side effects. between 700 to 1,200 calories per serving — macronutrients on a spectrum depending on your goals. Naked Mass Gainer reigns supreme and the BSN & Mutant Mass are close contenders!
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