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Best Mini Trampoline To Cut Fat | Bellicon vs Jumpsport | Top 5 Review

best rebounder on the market with man jumping on it

Out of all the superb rebounders on the market, the bellicon Classic rebounder wins best in show. This mini trampoline has positive reviews on Amazon & used in most gyms, indicating its superiority. Literally made of steel, it is built to last and endure frequent use.

All other rebounders fall short when compared to the bellicon’s exceptional build. It has been engineered to provide you with the smoothest, most effective bounce, ensuring that you are able to garner the full health benefits that come with rebounding.

Additionally, it comes already fully assembled, so buyers can begin jumping immediately. Even so, the other trampolines on this list have proven their status. All of these trampolines excel in the areas of exercise, health, and lymphatic drainage.  Plus it is:

  • Compatible with handlebars
  • Usually comes with Jumping Mat
  • 440 lb weight limit
  • Bellicon vs Jumpsport 

So, how does the famed Bellicon mini trampoline fare when set up against its competitors like the JumpSport trampoline? Both of these quality trampolines have high ratings and rave reviews. The JumpSport comes with more of these gushing reviews than does the Bellicon, which has garnered a smaller, but dedicated band of supporters.

However, whereas the Bellicon comes already fully assembled, the Jumpsport requires the buyer to do some minor assemblage work in order to attach the trampoline’s legs. The Bellicon is also adaptable and able to be personalized in that it has different color and size options and multiple bungee strengths to select from.

The JumpSport also consists of different models but is still not as versatile as the Bellicon trampoline. If a customer wants a nice, stable rebounder for general use, the JumpSport is functional and would be a decent choice for this purpose. Alternatively, the Bellicon was most definitely manufactured and built to last and to be adapted to each customer’s preferences. Even so, both of these bungee cord trampolines are able to be used for a variety of workout modalities and are suitable and adaptable for all levels of ability.

Where the Bellicon supersedes is in its overall better performance and fluid feel. The JumpSport offers up a less expensive, practical alternative for basic trampoline use. The heavy duty athlete or performer may fare better with the best rebounder; the Bellicon.

  • Rebounder Bellicon 

Stamina – Medium Level
Steel Springs – Heavy Duty
Steel Frame? No

You may just bounce into the best day of your life with the Bellicon! Seriously, this mini trampoline will not let you down (literally). It’s unique bungee system enables the Bellicon to provide you with the best bounce for your buck. You may not want to stop jumping once you start. A total step ahead of just a basic office ball exercise.

On Amazon, its description claims “he bellicon has been, and continues to be, the world’s premier rebounder” and that it “has won numerous quality awards and has been praised and endorsed by a host of top professional athletes, doctors, fitness gurus, and health institutes.”

The Bellicon’s benefits don’t stop there. Furthermore, when buyers purchase this rebounder, they are gifted with an instructional DVD and a free, customizable fitness program. The Bellicon has been rated the “best bounce” for its individualized, customizable qualities that remain unmatched by other trampolines on the market.

  • Bellicon Rebounder Review

The Bellicon has been rated as the best for a multitude of reasons. Customers have proven its worth with their praises. You may see what customers and health experts are saying about the Bellicon’s benefits at their website, one customer writes “These bungee cord trampolines have completely changed my life. It’s fun, aerobic and health boosting. Feel fabulous after a bounce. Plenty of videos on YouTube. Have trouble with my knees, but it has strengthened them and not given me a issues with them. Would recommend to everyone.”

Moreover, Prof. Dr. Nele Devoogdt, physiotherapist and coordinator of the lymphedema centre UZ Leuven states “While walking on the bellicon®, significantly fewer steps are needed to allow the lymph fluid to flow through the lymphatic collectors.

In this study, lymph fluid flew on the bellicon® twice as fast as on the ground”, thus emphasizing the Bellicon’s ability to promote lymphatic drainage and detoxification within the body. The internet is strewn with more excellent reviews which serve to set this rebounder apart from all the others.

What is a rebounder? Their purpose explained

A “rebounder”, also known as a “mini trampoline” is a workout apparatus used to promote health, fitness, and detoxification within the body. Many people turn to these fitness trampolines because they offer up an effective, low impact workout alternative for those with joint problems or high levels of inflammation that may make other forms of exercise more difficult.

They are also desired for their portability, they can fit in almost any room, making the in-home rebounder the ideal method of workout for someone who has a busy schedule. The bouncing motion stimulates the release of lymph fluid within the body and also serves as an effective cardiovascular workout method.

This single device allows for a comprehensive level of health and fitness in that it encourages toning, strengthening, balance and flexibility. These mini-trampolines are designed to offer users a robust, full body workout.

Here’s a review of the other top contenders: 

#2 Best Mini Trampoline Rebounder for Lymphatic Drainage 

This trampoline has been voted the best rebounder trampoline for lymphatic drainage. Rebounding stimulates lymphatic drainage because the actual act of bouncing, or rebounding encourage stagnated lymph fluid to get moving.

This workout supports the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself. This particular rebounder is especially suitable for detox because it comes equipped with an adjustable stability bar, allowing for a more precise and reliable jump every time. It is simple & efficient; the best rebounder for lymphatic drainage.

#3 Marcy Trampoline

Stamina – High Endurance 
Steel Springs – Medium Level
Steel Frame? No

This durable, high quality rebounder  trampoline is currently Amazon’s choice. The Marcy brand was founded in 1959 by bodybuilder Walter Marcyan. This is a trampoline that comes with a reputable history. This brand prides itself in terms of its safety and stability. It is also adaptable and versatile, with strong resistance bands that may support up to 250 pounds of weight.

Additionally, its compact nature allows it to fit easily into small spaces. This wonderful trampoline’s size also makes it easily transferable from one space to the next. It has a great rating on Amazon and you cannot beat the price. Overall, it is a very practical trampoline and is suitable for all types and ages of users.

#4 JumpSport 250

Stamina – High Endurance
Steel Springs – Light, Bouncy

The aforementioned JumpSport 250 trampoline fared considerably well when set up against the superb Bellicon. The JumpSport 250 in-home rebounder has been rated as the most excellent soccer rebounder because of its extreme durability.

It is manufactured and specifically designed for the more intense athlete. The soccer player will not be disappointed in the ability of the JumpSport trampoline to radically transform his or her trampoline workouts. However, the JumpSport 250 makes itself extremely accessible to all fitness levels.

One does not have to be a professional soccer player to enjoy the benefits of this quality fitness trampoline.

#5 MXL MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn

Stamina – Medium Level
Springs – Heavy Duty

The MXL MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn. This is the best rebounder for affordable urban rebounding most adequately serves those who are bouncing at the beginners and intermediate strength and fitness levels.

This in-home rebounder comes included with a specialty DVD that aims to introduce you to using the trampoline in order to garner the most health benefits from your workouts. In addition to its remarkable resilience, the MXL Maximus has the benefit of being a foldable trampoline for storage and is also designed to last you a while. This device is the ideal purchase for the novice rebounder trampoline or for the individual looking for lighter but effective workouts.

#6 Skywalker Trampoline 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Stamina – Expert Level
Springs – Heavy Duty

Skywalker primarily focuses their equipment on kids. Even though it is considered a toy, it definitely isn’t cheap. This basketball trampoline is a fun way to burn some calories but it does have downsides. 

When you consider the fact it is much larger than the competition, it shouldn’t be used indoors. If you’re looking for an activity to keep the kids outside, this would be a cheaper option than a pool.

Example workouts and More 
Rebounding Exercises for Beginners 

Beginners will find that there are many rebounding exercises available to them. Over time, the beginning bouncer may be able to increase the frequency and intensity of their exercise trampoline regime because the rebounder is such an efficient way for one to build up his or her strength.

It’s essential for anyone starting a new workout regime to contact a medical professional to get the go-ahead to start exercise, to give guidance, or to answer any questions you might have regarding these workouts.

Because the rebounder is so adaptable, beginners may be able to create their workout specifically designed and constructed for their own body type and fitness level.

To stretch and get your muscles and body used to be on a new platform, heel raises can be a right place to start. This workout involves gently lifting one’s heels up and then placing them back down again, alternating at a speed that is comfortable for the individual user. Toes and the soles of the foot must stay on the mat during this exercise to provide stability. This workout is excellent for building up your calf muscles.

If you’re looking for more cardio, the beginning bouncer may fully jump up and down on the trampoline, adding in some light jogging, as it is available or desired by the specific user. The height of the jump and the jog can be adjusted entirely, sped up or down, and heightened or lowered, depending on what is comfortable.

Challenging oneself is crucial to see change, but overdoing it is never a good thing, and it may be best to take it easy your first time using an exercise trampoline.

Best Rebounder Exercises for Seniors

Rebounders are suitable for all ages and abilities. Seniors will find that the in-home trampoline provides them with a safe alternative to other high impact workouts which may stress the body or the joints. Rebounding on a fitness trampoline may be considered one of the most appropriate exercises available to seniors for this reason. Many care providers recommend that seniors begin their exercise regime by walking briskly.

However, even this can be difficult for some depending on their age, condition, and ability. Rebounder exercises, on the other hand, allow seniors to take advantage of a more moderate, but yet extremely useful form of exercise that makes all of their specific goals and preferences into consideration.
Specific rebound exercises cater specifically towards seniors.

These exercises may include simply stepping up onto the rebounder, firmly establishing one’s weight on the equipment, and then carefully stepping off of the trampoline, resting one’s feet on the ground. This seemingly simple exercise is actually very effective at improving one’s sense of balance. Making a small walking motion on the rebounder may also be a good exercise for seniors.

This rebounder exercise may prove easier on the joints than stairs or even walking for prolonged periods on the ground. Rebounders are appropriate to exercise modalities for many kinds of people!

Rebounding for Weight Loss

The act of rebounding is becoming a favorite exercise for many. Consistent use of an in-home trampoline improves muscle tone, hand-eye coordination, balance, cardiovascular strength, and, of course… confidence!

Many people find that finding the time to fit exercise into their busy schedule is quite a challenge. Rebounding is an excellent exercise for the busy individual who desires to lose some weight and feel healthier. These exercise trampolines are portable and can easily fit into almost any room in the house.

This study illustrates that some populations of people who are overweight–such as overweight women–may greatly reap the weight-loss benefits associated with rebounding frequently. Using rebounding as a means for achieving weight loss can be very helpful. Even thirty minutes of rebounding a few times a week can be beneficial for the individual looking to lose a few pounds.

As with any exercise regime, any person seeking to use rebounding as a means of weight loss or weight control should first consult his or her doctor for advice or permission.


Rebounding provides the body with an abundance of health benefits. From steady detoxification to the improvement of balance, mini trampolines are appropriate exercise equipment for anyone’s comprehensive fitness needs. Many gyms incorporate fitness trampolines into their workouts and classes because of their versatility and effectiveness.

Our list of the top five rebounders may prove helpful to the individual seeking to locate the most appropriate rebounder for his or her specific needs. The equipment can be used to improve flexibility in that it provides an environment that challenges one’s sense of balance while also supporting the muscles and the joints.

While rebounding is considered to be a low impact exercise, incorporating hand-held weights into one’s exercise regime can increase the intensity of the workouts while adding in additional muscle-building benefits. The act of jumping up and down has been proven to encourage movement within the lymphatic system. Stagnation of lymph fluid may possibly lead to a number of ailments or conditions within the body.

This detoxification of the lymphatic system can leave someone feeling energized and rejuvenated after a rebounding session due to the removal of waste products and debris. Lymphatic drainage achieved in this way increases circulation and improves the body’s immune system overtime. If done correctly, the fun exercise of rebounding can burn more calories than traditional exercises such as jogging.

Trampoline workouts may additionally improve endurance for athletes by increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches their body on a cellular level. These in-home trampolines are becoming quite popular amongst people of all ages and abilities. The elderly may find these trampolines greatly assisted in the improvement of their balance and their bone density, thus reducing risk of falling and also preventing serious injury if an accident does occur.

Some rebounders even come with a stability bar for support. ASCVS suggests a handlebar for people who aren’t well balanced; the best rebounder will assist you maintain proper form. Beginners and professionals alike will be able to find a rebounder that is appropriate for their needs. It is crucial that the buyer invests in a device that was made specifically for rebounding and has been proven to be safe.

  • When warming up for a workout we suggest you start by throwing in a few jumping jacks to get the legs and chest warmed up for cardio.
  • Be sure to keep your position at a crouched stance with arched legs to intensify the leg burn.
  • We suggest using elastic bands to add more resistance while exercising, it also keeps you from bouncing too high.
  • If you’re concerned with excess sound or falling, add a safety bad to the sides and bottom of the equipment to prevent any bruising.

ASCVS.org list provides a few options for the shopper interested in purchasing a rebounder. Ultimately, choosing the right fitness-trampoline is up to the individual buyer. All of the rebounders on our list are superb, yet the Bellicon remains the cream of the crop. Rebounding can be the perfect addition to any workout regime, or for the beginner, it can be the perfect place to start.

Brice Mansa - ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

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