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Best Personalized Workout Plan To Lose Weight – My Results!

Getting back into the gym? First, you need to pick a programme.

As a personal trainer and coach, I always receive requests for people trying to get back into the fitness game. Most people want some sort of personalized workout plan to lose weight generally. With a goal like that for a gym newbie, it’s hard to make a suggestion. You see it is much more complicated than just writing something up and a much more expensive option. From Veganism to atkins, to Intermittent Fasting, theirs a few paths you can take.

Two methods for finding the perfect workout regime 

intermittent fasting results guide tips

Most people will go to their gym and request a personal trainer. Your gym may have a staff of experts who can build a program for you… For the same price of between 600-1200 dollars. Entry into getting back into shape can be expensive if you choose this option.
It is much more cost effective for someone who is starting to get back into the gym to follow a set fitness guide. At ASCVS, we suggest most first timers or people who are out of shape to start with calisthenics.

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What is Calisthenics? Mostly it is the method of bodybuilding and endurance training that relies solely on using your body weight to perform exercises. This is the least amount of impact you can do to your body which is why we suggest it for beginners to build strength, cut fat and see their first progress faster.

Research shows that a high-intensity interval bodyweight training program combined with aerobic training like the stair climber can improve insulin resistance, decrease inflammation and improve a people with diabetes well being. In other words, a customized exercise to get more fit is generally centered around calisthenics pushes your body back into the game and gives you a fresh start to reach your goals.

I generally do a yoga and bodyweight exercise in the morning to jumpstart my day. Combined with a diet & supplements, you can reach most of your goals without stressing yourself out. The low equipment requirement allows me the flexibility I prefer in the morning. Which is a huge plus for a beginner.

In defense of workouts with weights at home

I do primarily exercise in a gym; I suggest most people exercise in a gym. Here’s the key reason why: good habits. Most people who are trying to get into the world of fitness catch themselves taking a break before they even get started. When you force yourself to go to a completely different location, you become more motivated to be productive. Even I get lazy some days and decide not to workout at home. I’ve been training for over eight years, and I always suggest a mix of home exercise and weighted training in the gym.

Weight training for weight loss for men

When you are training at home, I do suggest grabbing a dumbbell set OR a pull-up bar. You will undoubtedly at least play around with your home equipment (flailing around like children, it still exercises right?). Once you’ve set a plan for your diet and training regime you can add maybe ten pull-ups or a few sets of dumbbell shoulder press to warm up and get that serotonin flow to motivate you to do more.

Exercising regularly is very much an acquired taste, it took me years to build habits around what I put on my plate and how often I train.

Dangers of a heavy workout routine

Personalized Workout Plan To Lose Weight

Some of the most intense forms of exercise usually also involve back straining heavy lifts. Albeit it looks really cool on youtube or Instagram, you are probably killing your back. Determining injury rate by the hour, you can see that powerlifting or CrossFit is by far the easiest way to catch an injury.

“Osteoporosis a skeletal disorder characterized by compromised bone strength, predisposing to an increased risk of fracture”[ncbi]

The reason why I mention osteoporosis is that it is one of the many illnesses that you can avoid with exercise & of course calcium consumption. So if you can prevent osteoporosis and you train in less hazardous conditions, you are in a net BENEFIT to lifting. You must remember the whole point of training is a NET BENEFIT.

No hate for CrossFit

Look I have no personal qualms against powerlifting (I do it myself) or CrossFit (looks pretty goofy though). I just want to make sure people who are fresh in the gym are aware of the dangers. It is great you want to get back into the gym but do it slowly and with guidance. Theirs no perfect workout routine fit for anyone, especially since men and women lose weight at different rates and muscle is a huge factor.

In conclusion, a personalized workout plan to lose weight is best pursued online.

Following a guide will save you money and time. What you should also consider is following a proper diet in conjunction with your training program. We suggest the three week diet to get started. Many individuals I have trained have reached their weight goals from it alone. You shouldn’t stress your body or your mind when you are getting back into exercising. We firmly believe that you also should not have to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to kickstart your healthy lifestyle either. Alright, now take advantage of your motivation and get started!

Best Personalized Workout Plan To Lose Weight
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Best Personalized Workout Plan To Lose Weight
Take a hold of your health and wellbeing with a personalized plan fit for your lifestyle. Getting fit shouldn't break the bank or your schedule.
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