Best Weight Gain Pills To Get You THICC Quick ?

As much losing weight is popular, there are people who struggle with adding weight. There could be a number of reasons why someone would want to add some weight. Some of the common reasons for wanting to add weight include enhancing athleticism, looking more muscular and improving the daily functioning of the body.
The problem can’t be simply be solved by eating fatty foods.

The Right Way To Kick Start Your Journey

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Anyone who wants to gain weight should be focusing on gaining muscle for a start. It is recommended from a health perspective to gain more weight in form of muscle rather than fat. Food is important for gaining muscles but sometimes might not be enough if you’re looking for a more effective solution. You should be looking for right pills to help in getting the desired muscles in the body. Before we can look at the weight gain pills, we first need to understand the different gainer supplements available in the market at the moment.


Protein is perhaps the most common supplement when it comes to weight gain solution. This is because it is a crucial muscle component. There are studies that show that adults who consume protein supplements are likely to gain weight. The most important factor is the daily protein intake and doesn’t matter whether it comes from foods or supplements. Scientists and nutritionists recommend taking 0.6–0.9 grams per pound of body weight in a day. A high-protein diet is not necessarily the solution to weight gain unless the food contains a lot of calories.

There are studies that suggest that a high-protein diet could result in fat-loss. Sometimes the body doesn’t produce enough proteins even from whole foods. This is where protein supplements can come in handy. Tracking your diet will help in assessing if the body is taking enough proteins and if there is a need for supplements.


This supplement has been well-researched and there is plenty of information with scientific backing. It is mostly used by athletes. Creatine can be found naturally in the body cells and also in some foods. Creatine helps an accelerating energy production in the body. Studies have shown the creatine can help boost exercise performance and increase muscle gain over time. It is recommended to take a dose of 20g of creatine a day when you’re just starting out.

Weight Gainers

To gain weight, you need to consume more calories. Weight gainers are a high group of calories supplements that help in gaining weight. It could be seen as a convenient way of gaining weight without a lot of effort. The other alternative would be to eat more real food which can be challenging for some people.

Having looked at the different kinds of supplements, here are some of the weight gain pills that you can buy:

Cellucor Cor-Performance Creatine

It is only natural for the top weight gain pill to be a creatine product. This product is unique in the sense that is a micronized form of creatine. This means it has been broken down into fine particles to be absorbed by the body at a faster rate. It also contains pure and unadulterated creatine and can easily be taken with water. It is unflavored which means you’re supposed to take it combined with other products. The pill is great value for money as it offers a 380-gram tube with 72 servings.

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Supplement

This product comes with anabolic and anticatabolic properties which are for muscle building and muscle wasting respectively. This allows for the synthesis of protein after every workout. The pill contains products such as Wellmune and Rhodiola for boosting immunity. It has a sweet cherry flavor test which might not be ideal for everyone.

NOW Sports Beta Alanine

As the name suggests, this one is more tailored for people who are into athletics. It contains alanine which comes in handy for boosting intramuscular levels. The NOW Sports Beta Alanine mixes and blends perfectly and does not leave any residue. Since it is an unflavored pill, you can easily mix it with other products. Water is in most cases recommended but you can as well mix it with different types of juices.

You know the product is working when you feel a tingling sensation but it will take a few days before it effectively gets through to your system.

JAZEE Free Form L-Citrulline

This product is ideal for speeding up the recovery time after the workout. This, in turn, supports the healthy building of muscles thus increasing the body stamina. It also similar to mass gainers in the sense that does it does not contain artificial ingredients or fillers in the composition. There are users who would prefer to have pure citrulline without the addition of malate.

Optimum Nutrition L Glutamine

With this product, you get 100% pure glutamine. A tablespoon of the product is the equivalent of four jumbo eggs. The mixing process is easy as there is no clumpiness. The lack of flavor makes it versatile when it comes to mixing with other products. You can mix it with a protein shake, juice, or any weight gain shake that you line.

Top Pills To Gain Weight & Get You THICC Quick ?
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Top Pills To Gain Weight & Get You THICC Quick ?
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