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The South Beach Diet Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

South beach diet is one of the most successful weight loss
diet plans in the market today because of its focus on lean protein rather than
other traditional food starvation means. It was
formulated by a medical doctor and promises to help overweight individuals lose
as much a 10% body fat in the first few weeks. However, to get the most out of
this diet plan, be prepared to give up on certain foods to incorporate
healthier alternatives. 

How it

To make you feel less hungry, the South Beach dietas detailed
utilizes meals that inhibit hunger cravings
and reduce the onset of triglycerides, blood glucose, and high blood pressure
amongst others.  The diet plans come in
threephases with varying levels of restrictions:

1 is the most restrictive of all phases and requires that users get rid of
virtually all carbohydrates. Adjusting youreating habits to cope with this can
prove to be challenging at first but the results are impressive.  Getting rid of nearly all carbohydrates from
your diet will help get rid of bloat and reboot your system.

Phase 2:Phase 2 is less restrictive and allows users to slowly incorporate some carbs into the diet. Portion sizes are important at this phase so that you don’t defeat the goal of the weight loss plan. Phase two lasts until your target body weight is achieved.

Phase 3: By phase three you must have meant you target body weight. This stage you work to maintain that weight by only eating healthy meals you learned about although the diet plan.

Pros of the South Beach Diet Plan

With the exception of the hard and overly restrictive phase
one the south beach diet is a healthy and well-rounded approach to eating
healthy. Here are a few merits about this weight loss plan:

1. It’s
Simple to follow

The simplicity of the south beach diet makes it one of the
choicest weight loss plans out there.  There is no calorie counting either is there
any guesswork to make. Just choose foods from a list and eat within that list
to make the most out of the diet plans.

Saturated Fats

The diet plan limits the amount of low saturated fats in the
diet and replaces them with healthier alternatives

3. Encourages
personal experimentation

The way the south beach diet plan is structured in phases
allows users to experiment with the effects of different meals on their body
system and metabolism. After almost eradicating carbohydrates from meals, you
can monitor the effects of systematically adding carbohydrates to the diet
again. People sensitive to carbs can monitor the types of foods that trigger immense
hunger cravings.

4. It
resets the body system

Resetting your body system is particularly useful if you are used to eating junk. A couple of weeks reset on the south beach diet works far better than fasting or restricting certain food groups. The restrictive phase 1 can help you identify food sensitivities you didn’t know you had.

Healthy Eating

Emphasis on healthy eating is one of the major take away of
partaking on the south beach diet. The whole process is geared towards helping
you make the most of your mealtime and once your body has gotten accustomed to
eating healthy, it’s best that you continue on that path. Once you have powered
your way via the first stage the second stage will help you rediscover healthy
eating habits to imbibe.

Cons of
the South Beach Diet

Despite the positive there are a few drawbacks to the south
beach diet. The first and most obvious is the restrictive phase 1. Let’s take
the cons one at a time:

Phase 1

The limitations posed by phase 1 is the hardest to get by
phases of this diet regime. Most people are turned off by the level of carb
restrictions that they don’t bother to start. However, you aren’t expected to
stay at this stage for a long time.


The inclusion of some high glycemic foods in the menu sends
a mixed message whether it’s a true weight loss program.  Another example is the fact that you are
allowed more saturated fats in stage 3 when it was customary to limit saturated
fats in both phases 1 and 2.

Best Forearm Workout Tool: A Simple Solution

Nowadays Working out is the norm of the day. You just need to have a plan in place and the right equipment for the workout. Therefore, if you want to develop muscles and strength on your forearms, you will need some of the best forearm workout tool in the market.

If you are stuck at what to buy for the best forearm workout experience, this article can give you some few tips to help you start your own home gym. Here is a look at some top quality ones.

Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer


GoFit Wrist and Forearm Blaster - Muscle Strength


Wrist Blaster - Forearm, Hand and Wrist Exerciser

Core Prodigy

WRINGER - Adjustable Forearm Exerciser/Increase Grip Strength


Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer

If you looking for a comfortable forearm workout tool, then look no further than this workout tool from Marcy. It comes from a reputable brand and can last as long as you take care of it as stipulated. This wrist and forearm developer can also strengthen your fingers for a stable proper grip.

You can carry it whenever and rely on it for comfortable work out. Likewise, you can adjust it for a better workout experience, but with your other hand.

Take note, that due to its design and use, it is a bit hard to workout two arms at a go. You can only exercise one arm at a time.

Product summary

  • Adjustable grip
  • Highly portable measures 14.5 by 8 by 6 inches
  • Has a variable resistance system
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Targets forearm, wrist, and fingers

Features and specifications

  • Adjustable grip- This one allows you to adjust its grip, so that it can fit perfectly in your arms. This grip is what allows each muscle on your arm to receive just enough tension for enhanced strength and growth.
  • Variable resistance system- You can vary your forearm workout routine by its adjustable resistance system to the desired level for optimum results, no matter the kind of arm exercise you are doing.
  • Portable-Carry your gym anywhere with this forearm exercise equipment, as it only measures 14.5 inches in length with a width and height of 8 and 6 inches respectively. It also has a compact design, making storage easier.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extra support makes it ideal for post-injury exercise
  • Works for forearms, wrists, and fingers


  • Light plastic construction, with some flimsy parts
  • Need both hands for better use, finding the correct angle, adjusting and stabilizing it

GoFit Wrist and Forearm Blaster - Muscle Strength

This is the ideal forearm tool for creating strength and power on your forearms, wrist, and hands. Besides, it is among the best training tools for different kinds of sports that often require forearm and wrist strength like wrestling, tennis, baseball, golf and even football.

It also has a padded foam to minimize hand slips and reduce fatigue, during workout routines. Moreover, its steel bar does not slip even if you opt to use weight plates with it. However, you will need to buy the weight plates separately, as this package does not come with them.

Product summary

  • Its design makes it easy to use
  • Has foam grip handles
  • Ideal for building strength on the forearms and wrist
  • Can work best with standard size weight plates
  • Made of solid steel material 

Features and specifications

  • Comfortable handles-This workout tool features foam grip handles for a comfortable and better experience during workouts.
  • Ease of use- This model of a wrist and forearm blaster is very easy to use, even for first-time trainers. It will help you develop the required grip strength for happy living. In addition, it is excellent rehabilitation equipment for hands and forearms.
  • Level of compatibility-This workout equipment is highly compatible with standard size weight plates, thus allowing you to be in control of the resistance level.


  • Padded foam for comfort and better grip
  • Can work with standard weight plates, though not included
  • Provides a steady workout routine


  • The foam grips can be a nuisance, but you can find a way around it by reading reviews of people who have used this forearm exercise tool

Wrist Blaster - Forearm, Hand and Wrist Exerciser

Improve your grip and endurance fast with one of these forearm exercise tools. This here is among the best forearm workout tool in the current market. It is made by hand in the USA and very comfortable to use, even for long-term use.

You will also get two free water weights when you purchase this equipment. Its cost is reasonable and it can provide you with what you need in the quickest and shortest time, in terms of forearm fitness. So try to make it part of your forearm fitness routine, for enhanced power and strength.

Product summary

  • Comes with two water weights that are 4 pounds each when filled with water
  • Made from sturdy birch wood
  • Can help you improve on endurance and grip
  • Comfortable, no strains or fatigue
  • Handmade in the USA

Features and specifications

  • Size and shape-This workout tool has different outside diameters of 1-inch and 2.5-inch cylinder dowels that will allow you to focus and strengthen different parts of your forearm, hand, and wrist.
  • Wrist and forearm exercise-You can engage in wrist roller exercise to, quickly improve on your grip strength and endurance.
  • USA made-It is handmade in the USA from birch wood, with the smaller cylinder measuring 24-inches by 1-inch and the thick cylinders are 6-inches long and 2.5 inches wide. 


  • Free water weights included, (two)
  • Great for developing grip and strength
  • Easy to use


  • The eligibility of international shipping is unknown

WRINGER - Adjustable Forearm Exerciser/Increase Grip Strength

You can now increase the strength and power of your grips as well as stabilize your wrist with this tool. It is ideally the best for suchworkout as it reduces any forearm fatigue while also minimizing the risks of any workout injury.

Its basic back and forth workout movement is great as it targets the flexors and extensors, underside and top muscles of the forearm respectively. This gives you a full stretch as well as a contraction with each repetitive move.

As for making, this forearm exercise tool has a massive 2-inch diameter coil spring and 20mm diameter 316 stainless shaftsand an industrial grade Acetal body that can withstand the best of time.

Product summary

  • Quality make
  • Compact heavy-duty design and very portable
  • Works both forearms at the same time
  • It is fully adjustable for a better exercise routine
  • Designed to increase grips strength and wrist stability

Features and specifications

  • Adjustable- You can fully adjust this exercise tool since it is a finely threaded shaft and 5.5-inch long spring provides a wide range of adjustments. You just twist grips clockwise and counter-clockwise to increase and decrease tension respectively, a very easy task.
  • Best sports training tool- This is an ideal fitness machine that can help you develop grip strength in different kinds of sports like golf, hockey, tennis, boxing, weight lifting, wrestling, rock climbing, cycling, gymnastics, motorsport, kayaking as well as judo among others.
  • The heavy-duty design-Its design consists of some of the best materials and manufactured by high-tech techniques. It can last for a while even with rigorous exercising. Besides, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, in case you want to replace some of its parts.


  • Easy to use as well as adjust
  • Tough design and make for long workouts
  • Highly adjustable for amateur and professional use


  • Just made for the general population, making it hard to rate even though it is well made

Apart from investing in top-quality, there are other exercises, you can do to improve forearm and grip strength. Here are a few:

  • Squeezes-With this kind of hand exercise, you will just need to place a softball in your palm, close your hand and squeeze. You can use a stress ball or a tennis ball. You can hold for one position for 3-5 seconds before switching hands and repeating the same.
  • This exercise can help you with daily home tasks like holding onto heavier things and opening jars.
  • Pick it up-This exercise requires you to press your thumb to your fifth finger, and hold firmly for up to 5 seconds. Then repeat for fourth, third finger and so on. It is an ideal exercise that makes it easier to do regular things like holding small items and putting on jewelry.
  • Stretch it out- Use a simple rubber band to help stretch your finger extensors. Just wrap it around your thumb and fingers, before pushing outwards against its resistance. Repeat for up to 10 times for each hand, for three sets.
  • Wrist roll-This you can do while sitting or standing. Just old a lightweight with your elbow bent and your palm upwards. Then curl your wrist slowly upwards, while keeping your forearm and elbow steady. You can do three sets of ten on each arm.

Things to Keep In Mind

Now that you know some of the best and top-quality forearms workout tools to buy. Do you need one, if yes? Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for the best gear.

  • Before even thinking of buying any piece of workout equipment, it is always best to know more about it before making any kind of investment. It does not matter if it is inexpensive or not.
  • You can read reviews on it, just to know more about it, what other consumers think of it as well as its ratings.
  • You should also pay attention to the tension ability that such equipment offer. This is because some can offer up to 50 pounds of resistance while others up to 200 pounds.
  • The best choice with regard to resistance level would have to be based on your contemporary ability to use it while keeping in mind that you will have to grow with it, fitness-wise.
  • Contrary to what most people believe, you do not need a piece of extensive workout equipment to achieve your desired workout goal. Take note that the best tool is one that can fit in the palm of your hands, without compromising on the results.


In conclusion, you will have to pick one forearm workout tool that is ideal for your kind of muscle buildup and strength. Nonetheless, just make sure it is a quality product, before buying.

Maxpro Protein Review – Why Is Elite So Popular?

bag of maxpro protein vanilla flavor

Proteins are essential for building lean mass and muscle. The importance of proteins in our bodies cannot be underestimated, especially to the health-conscious individuals and those that lead an active lifestyle.

You probably get to eat proteins, but still, you probably need more. A report by The National Strength and Conditioning Association(NSCA) gives a recommendation of 2 to 2.9g/kg of body weight per day, with individuals training specifically for muscle growth needing more.

As it turns out, to fulfill the recommended protein intake, you’ll probably need to turn to supplements such as Maxpro to get enough of your gains.

Now, I know you’re wondering why I have singled out Maxpro.

For starters, I'm a fan of Max Muscle products and have had nothing but good experiences so far. And in the Maxpro review below, I'm looking to share my experiences about the product.

But before then, let’s us define Maxpro.

  • Increases lean muscle gain 

  • Mixes instantly and tastes great

  • Supports weight Regulation

  • Reduces recovery time after exercise

  • 27g of Protein Per Serving

  • Contains 143 calories per serving

What is Maxpro?

Maxpro is a product of Max Muscle, a company that specializes in the production of body supplements.

According to the manufacturer, Maxpro is an ultra-premium and multi-source protein containing the perfect ratio of several protein components for protein synthesis and overall sports performance.

Away from the manufacturers' jargon, we describe Maxpro as a whey protein powder that boosts muscle development.

Maxpro was specifically developed to supply your body with the purest, nutritionally complete and highest quality proteins to be used daily.

Extremely versatile, this protein powder is ideal for use by both men and women.

Its major highlight, however, is the fact that it primarily contains two types of proteins: fast-acting proteins and slow-acting proteins.

Whey protein concentrate and isolate are both fast-acting proteins and will provide you with the instant protein boost you need for an impromptu activity. On the other hand, potassium caseinate and micellar casein fractions are slow-acting and are vital in providing more gradual and sustained assimilation of proteins.

Combined, the protein constituents on this product will provide you with the perfect profile of proteins and amino acids, more importantly, ensure perfect nutritional timing.

Key Features of Maxpro Protein - Ingredients

30 Grams of Superior Multi-Source Protein Per Serving

What sets this muscle-building supplement apart is its clean, simple and health-oriented formula.

This protein powder can deliver a whopping 30g of superior multi-source protein per serving.

Thirty grams of protein is indeed a functional amount that will allow you to accurately measure as well as customize the exact amount of proteins for your individual needs.

Supplementation with Maxpro protein 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after strength training will result in greater increases in strength, lean body mass and muscle size beyond what you can achieve on strength training alone.

Contains Ultra-Premium Whey Protein Isolate & Concentrate, Potassium Caseinate, and Micellar Casein

The four proteins we’ve mentioned above form the bulk of the Maxpro protein supplement.

These proteins are not your regular type, but rather synergistic proteins, designed for optimizing nitrogen balance and promoting lean muscle balance.

Remember that if you are the active type, you need to achieve a positive nitrogen balance, and the scientific evidence supports 1.5 to 2.0 g protein per kilogram weight per day, which is readily provided by the four proteins.

Richness in Branched Amino Acids

The four proteins we’ve discussed above go beyond helping in optimizing nitrogen balance and promoting leans muscle mass, but they are also rich in the naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids (BCAA).

Maxpro delivers 6.6g BCAA per serving, with the most prominent amino acids being:

  • Leucine: Leucine is a booster of muscle development and has powerful anabolic effects on protein metabolism by boosting rate of protein synthesis, maintain and define muscle mass, decrease protein degradation and promote recovery.

  • Isoleucine: Isoleucine is popular for promoting muscle mass and defining muscle and strength

  • Valine: Valine, a common component in most whey supplements is linked to muscle enhancement during workouts and weight training. More importantly, valine is known for contributing to glycogen synthesis in muscle cells.

  • Tryptophan: Tryptophan is usually associated with sleep because it helps in stimulating serotonin and melatonin. But beyond sleep, tryptophan is known to stimulate muscle mass, and it's no wonder it's a household name in the health and fitness domain.

  • Methionine: When used alongside other components, this amino acid contributes to better lean muscle development in seniors. 

Why Would You Want Maxpro Elite?

Delivers 4.4g Glutamine Per Serving

If you are an athlete, you can never avoid muscle injuries and soreness.

Having a muscle injury can severely impact on your performance, but with the Maxpro, you’ll be pleased to know it has generous amounts of glutamine, which is essential in fast muscle soreness and quicker recovery.

Whey protein drinks are in abundance everywhere you go, and each product claims to have your muscle building needs in their mind.

But why would you choose Maxpro among the many products?

Generous Nutritional Profile

The Mother of all gainers, Maxpro is the reigning king, when it comes to the nutritional profile and scores high, with regards to the individual ingredients.

From the generous amounts of proteins, calories, healthy fats, nutrients, to dietary fiber, Maxpro is the ideal choice for bodybuilders and athletes looking for the protein-rich supplement to promote muscle synthesis and boost their overall sports performance.

At the same time, Maxpro makes an ideal option for anyone with an active lifestyle, and those that require high amounts of proteins throughout the day.


Though the price varies considerably between the department stores as well as online stores, I can say that Maxpro protein is one of those protein supplements that will not create a dent on your finances.

This protein powder is relatively affordable and within reach of many.


When it comes to taste, Max Muscle has diversified the palatability of their products to suit the different tastes needs of their users.

Some of the popular versions include peanut butter chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, salted caramel, strawberry and more.

Sure, the taste is not exactly sweet, and you can still taste that it's a protein shake, but it's far much better than some of the others I have tasted before.

Is this protein worth it? Or should you just drink chocolate milk?

The Maxpro promises to deliver muscle gain, and that is what it does exactly.

It has been designed to revolve around muscle development, and it helps in creating muscle mass during any workouts.

In a sense, since the human body is always creating muscles, Maxpro is not only ideal for the heavy builders but can also be of great benefit even to those who spend time riding a bike, gardening or even mopping the floor.

Titan t3 vs Rogue r3|Under $400? | Rack Review

Fitness fads come and go, but the basics of strength training never change. If you are looking to achieve real and lasting gains in strength and muscles, compound exercises are the single and most effective way to go about it.

Bench presses, squats, and deadlifts, in particular, are the unrivalled kings of exercises, and will allow the effective building of muscles and strengthening your body.

A good power rack is one equipment that will allow you to safely perform all the above exercise at the comfort and convenience of your home.

If you’ve been in search of a quality power rack, it’s highly unlikely to see many racks with the specs of Titan T3 for several hundred bucks.

For a long time, Rogue’s R-3 power rack has been the reigning champion in the power cages, largely because of the Rogue Fitness name that comes with it, and more importantly, it’s pragmatism and quality.

Unfortunately, a majority of the Rogue power racks come attached with a high price tag, and this might be quite the turn off for many fitness enthusiasts.

With the introduction of the Titan T3 power rack, however, the fitness game has taken a new dimension with the T3 offering something similar to the pricey Rogue R3 but at an affordable cost.

 In fact, Titan Fitness makes a bizarre claim that the T3 was a clone of the Rogue R3, with the exception of the price. The titan vs rogue beef goes deep.

Rogue r3 power rack

I have no idea how Titan manufactured this amazing power rack for such a discounted price, but one thing I’m sure about is that the T3 is a performance-oriented power rack.

In the Titan T3 review below, we shall highlight everything you need to know about this power rack, highlight its dominant features, compare it against other popular models such as the R3, Titan T2 and look at its pros and cons.

But before then, given the T3 and R3 are identical and have nearly the same features, it would be prudent that we first pit them against each other.

Titan T3 vs Rogue R3

Rogue R3



See Below

  • Frame, Hardware: 2×3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware

  • Footprint: 53″ x 34″ deep 

  • Hole Spacing: Westside 

  • Weight: 265 lbs.  

  • Weight capacity: 1000lbs

  • Defects: No

  • Height: 90"

  • Pullup Bar: Fat/Skinny

  • J-Cups: UHMW-Lined

What is Titan T3?

Titan T3 is the graduated version of the T2 in half-rack form. Unlike the R3 or T2, the Titan T3 is not a full cage but rather comes with safety arms that jut for support.

While the step-down version of T3, the Titan T2 was a remarkable power rack, it lacked on functionality and was less of heavy duty equipment. T3, on the other hand, is built for the fitness enthusiasts looking for something more heavy duty, solid and sturdy.

For starters, the higher weight capacity of 1,100lb weight limit will keep you busy for years. More importantly, the T3 offers a lot of flexibility as it has more options for hole spacing and adjusting safety bars and will allow you to perform a variety of movements.

titan t3 power rack

Will It Fit? Short On Space?

Before we look at the features, it would be wise to consider the dimensions of the T3 and quickly determine whether it's a suitable option for you or not. If you are very unsure about how much availability you have. You can save money and space with the Titan T-3 Folding Power Rack. It's much smaller and affordable.

The T-3, similar to R-3, both have a modest footprint dimension of 53″ x 32″ deep, with the latter having a depth of 34”.

Nevertheless, T3 is more compact and your best bet, if you’re space conscious and looking for a power rack that will not consume your space.

Footprint aside, you also need to consider the height dimensions, and an 8 feet ceiling (96 inches) is the lowest that you can work with a power rack comfortably. Bear in mind that you’ll also need at least 6-12 inches’ clearance above your pull-up bar if you’re going to use it a lot.

Given the above dimensions, it would be safe to say that the T3, with a height dimension of 91 feet (6 less than the lowest ceiling minimum) is an ideal choice even for the small and compact rooms.

Titan T3 In-depth Review - Features

Built Quality/Design

With the Titan T-3, you get collegiate strength and conditioning hardware at craigslist yard sale pricing.

Sporting a powder coated heavy duty 11” gauge steel, and weighing a hefty 230lbs, the T3 power rack is a tad challenging to assemble.

The good news, however, with weight comes stability and this is what you would want with any home/gym power rack for safety purposes. With the T3, you don't necessarily have to bolt it on the floor as the extra weight will help the rack from tilting forward.

Again, loading the weight plate holders helps to keep the rack stable, but while at it, it essential that you load each holder with the same amount of weight on each side for the right balance.

Better yet, if you are the type that like training outside of the rack, you can rest assured that the T3 will remain stable all-through.

And this pretty a huge deal because unlike the R3, the T3 is a completely bolted together unit. What this means is that the T3 is more portable and easy to adjust depending on your foundation.

However, with the bolts in place, users claim that the T3 requires more maintenance to keep tight and durability, which to me is the price you pay for getting a highly stable power rack.

If you're still sceptical on the T3 stability, the power rack has four corner holes, which you can use for bolting to the floor for added stability. If you can do it, you might see your stability improve by tenfold for out of rack exercises.

Strong 11” Gauge Steel Structure

Each piece on the Titan T3 is constructed from high-quality 11-gauge steel.

Anything less than this has a lower weight capacity and lacks stability, and this makes the 11-gauge on the T3 the gold standard that will ensure your rack withstands heavy use and abuse.

Sure, you might go for a power rack with a thicker steel frame, namely the 7-gauge steel, but that's complete overkill for a home gym and feels like training inside a tank. In any case, the 7-gauge steel is only necessary for high-traffic commercial gyms, high-level sports training facilities and strength-oriented gyms.

The 11-gauge steel, however, is perfect for your home needs and will support 1100lb capacity with ease. This is not to mention it's relatively affordable than the thicker steel.

With the T3, you get hold of a commercial grade rack for an exceptionally low price, and given that the tubes are in many ways comparable to that of the R3, you start to understand how much you are getting for your money.

2” * 3” Steel Tubing

A majority of the power racks with 11-gauge steel tubes come to have a power rack frame measuring 2 inches by 2 inches.

With the T3, you get an extra inch to the tubing dimension, and when combined with the 11-gauge thickness, you get a power rack that is sturdy enough to handle anything you throw at it and equipment that is fit for both personal and commercial use.

Hole Spacing

Hole spacing is one of the power rack features that is often ignored by many fitness enthusiasts.

As an experienced fitness nerd, I can tell you that hole spacing is something everyone aspiring to use a power rack should consider.

Why? Do Power Racks Focus on Spacing?

The distance between the holes plays a crucial role in your overall performance and can affect:

  • Your Reach
  • Level of comfort
  • The range of motion when setting up exercises

For instance, when setting your power rack for workouts such as squats, one inch or two might seem negligible. On the contrary, one or two inches means a lot and can make a massive difference in pressing workouts.

Ideally, perfect racks should not exceed 2 inches spacing on the holes, and the best racks in the market are usually anywhere between 1 to 1.5 inches Westside spacing scheme.

The good news is that Titan T3 has the desired hole spacing of 1 inch for pressing levels.

1100LB Weight Capacity

Titan T3 is strong and durable.

A testimony to this is the 1100lb weight capacity on the spotter bars.

While some cheaper alternatives promise high capabilities, I doubt any of them can take the weight but the T3 is built with attention to detail, plus the improved welds alongside the heavy 2" * 3" 11-gauge steel should take this weight with ease.

Do you plan to lift 1,100 lbs. anytime soon? Probably not. The weight capacity on the T3, plus its durability and a huge array of attachments on offer or this rack should make T3 a lifelong purchase.

Pillar to Pillar Depth

The rack’s depth, or rather the depth between the pillars is essential as it determines the available space you’ll have for both forward and backward bar travel.

Given compound exercises involve the arc movements such as curls and extension, it best that you find a power rack with at least 24 inches between the pillars.

Thankfully, the T3 has just the right depth at 24 inches and this will not only improve on the flexibility of the power rack but will also allow you to engage in a variety of movements without any hindrances.

Dip Bars/Weight Plate Holders

It’s unfortunate that the T3 does not feature dip bars, which is quite a bummer.

I agree, the T3 offers remarkable quality, performance and quality for the price, and so you should fuss a lot, but I always like to have my power racks with dip bars included.

The good news is that T3 is near similar to the Rogue R3, and all the R3 attachments will also fit on the T3. Given the Rogue manufactures relatively affordable attachments, I can now use the Rogue attachments on my Titan T3.

2 Pull Up Bars!

Traditionally, a majority of the power racks usually come with a single pull up bar.

With the Titan T3 however, you get treated to two pull up bars, and again, like an extra inch in the steel tubing, T3 gives you that little extra for your money.

Beyond value, the two pull up bars will improve on the usefulness of this power rack, help at improving your grip as well as get some size into those forearms.

Ultimate Versatility: 24” T3 Parallel Bars and Y Dip Bars

For the ultimate versatility, the T3 comes with both parallel bars and Y Dip bars.

The parallel bars will bolt into your power rack and utilize a quick pin allowing you to adjust the width between the bars easily.

Designed for compatibility with 24 deep Titan T3 power rack, the parallel bars will allow you to perform a myriad of tasks including:

  • Adjusting the width of the power rack to three different settings
  • Adjusting the height along the uprights
  • Allow you to perform dips, push-ups, L-sits, V-sits and a variety of other body exercises with ease and efficiency.

On the other hand, the Y Dip Bar, which is less strenuous to install than the latter, comes with a change pin mounting system and will allow for a variety of grip handling options.

The Y Dip Bar, in combination with the gusset plate, makes the entire T3 as heavy duty and sturdy as you would want.


T3 comes with a whole host of attachments on offer that will make your entire experience more satisfying.

Some of the notable attachments on this power rack include:

  • Plate storage: The T3 comes with standard four bolt-on weight plate holder’s attachments for the back of the rack. Alternatively, if you want to move the plate holders to different holes by hand, you can purchase optionally adjustable plate holders.
  • Band pegs: T3 comes standard with four band pegs. Given that T3 has holes all around the rack, on every tube of the frame, you can easily put these band pegs at any position on the top or bottom of the rack. Fr maximum performance, you can even place the bend pegs on the sides
  • The benefit of having pegs on your rack is that they allow you to perform an array of movements, including;
  • Band bench press and reverse band bench press
  • Band squat and reverse band squat
  • Deadlift and reverse band squat

The band pegs will greatly improve on the number and type of exercise that you can perform on this rack.

However, to use the band pegs, you’ll need to bolt the rack down.

Pulley System

The final attachment on the T3 is a cable pulley system.

Though the pulley system is not an essential feature, it's something worthy of consideration, given that the cable pulleys systems usually provide constant resistance, and this is contrary to what the variable resistance of free weight exercises offers.

Some of the constant resistance exercises such as triceps pushdowns and side lateral raises cannot be duplicated with free weights, and so if this is something that you are considering performing, then it’s always good to know you have the cable pulley system with the T3.

Remember that it's better you choose a power rack, and not need a pulley, that chooses a rack and later, down the line, realizes you need a pulley, but your rack doesn't allow one.

Conclusion - Should I Buy the Titan T3 Power Rack?

Affordability is a major highlight of the T3, and this gives the Titan an edge over the Rogue R3.

However, if you're in search for the absolute best and willing to spend the money, I would suggest you go with the Rogue R-3 power rack.

On the other hand, if you don’t sweat the details and are simply looking for a simple rack that is going to provide you with years of reliable services, the T3 is an awesome choice.

An excellent heavy duty rack, the T3 has every desirable feature you would want in a power rack: From the heavy-duty build, Westside hole spacing, plenty of attachments, versatility and many more, it has everything you need as you grow.

Jaybird Freedom Special Edition Review

jaybird earbuds with carrying case and phone application

I have always been obsessed with wireless headphones. Once I’m past the inevitable connectivity conundrum, wireless headphones offer a simply brilliant experience, without getting tethered to my device. Unfortunately, many of the wireless devices do not live up to that-until now with the Jaybird Freedom F5 Special Edition.

  • It Fits Comfortable Under Helmets
  • 4 Hours Of Earbud Life 
  • Additional 4 Hours of Case Battery
  • Double Coated Hydrophobic Coating (Anti-Sweat)
  • Control Sound Spectrum With Jaybird App
  • Memory Foam Tips

If you are a Jaybird fan, you can remember when this upstart company surprised us with the Jaybird X2, a fantastic pair of wireless in-ears. The Jaybird X2 featured a smart design, a strong battery life, and some quality audio features.

jaybird x2 earbuds with carrying case and white background

If Jaybird was to bring us a new edition, it was a tough act to follow at the very least, and if it was going to best its good work, they had to go back to the drawing board and reimagine its line from the ground up.

And this is just what happened with the Jaybird Freedom Wireless.

The Jaybird F5 builds upon the  F2 and the Bluebud X, except for a smaller and modest profile.

I remember when their marketing executive first showed me the Jaybird F5, the first words from my mouth summed up the pitch. “They’re so small.”

The company is looking to take the Freedom line in a new bold direction and has achieved quite the knockout hit it was looking at with this piece that has gained so much popularity since launching in 2016.

Jaybird Freedom First Impression

Contrary to what you would expect with products from the same line, this 2016 model does not look like anything like its cousins, and in any case, it’s filled with a couple of distinguishing design features.

For starters, it sports a modest profile, thanks to the proprietary "tapered stepdown" design, a fancy way of trimming the earbuds allowing for an easy fit. With the Freedom, you can now wear a helmet over them without an issue.

The second distinguishing feature is that they have built all the electronics into the inline remote, and this goes ahead to underline Jaybird’s quest for a modest design.

It’s a shame, however, that the F5 is tailored as a sports headphone, and yet, it’s not waterproof. Fortunately, it’s sweatproof, and as it stands, Jay expects us to use the F5 more than your everyday headphone.

Jaybird Freedom Special Edition Features

Construction Material

Typically, sports headphones are constructed from plastics, alongside hardened rubber. A perfect combination of these materials ensures durability, protection from sweat, comfortability, and a secure fit during vigorous movements.

Another reason why plastic is popular than metal is because metal is known to block Bluetooth signals.

Jaybird, however, goes against conventional wisdom and has designed its headphones using all metal.

According to them, the all-metal clad Freedom performs just as well as the bulkier, plastic earbuds, while at the same time, maintaining key features such as sweat resistance and respectable battery life.

Most importantly, the metal construction will guarantee durability, allowing the Freedom to handle anything you throw at it.

Like all the Freedoms, Jaybird F5 offers one thing that most of the headphones do not offer, and that is sex appeal. Make no mistake, F5 banks on the sleekness of the Freedom profile, just as the engineering within, to offer you an outstanding experience.


When you open the box, you'll certainly get shocked at the size of these headphones. Unlike a majority of the pretty bulky headphones, each earbud on the F5 is impressively tiny and light, yet with robust construction.

Sporting a conventional neckband-style sports design, the F5 is just a fraction of its predecessor the Jaybird X2 and is highly portable.

The size and weight of the F5 are helped by the fact that the battery has been removed to the in-line microphone and remote control unit.

However, the battery transfer comes at a cost as the battery life has been cut considerably from 8 hours of its step-down to a mere 4 hours.

Again, the controls are quite unresponsive compared to those of the X3, and the charging clip is quite large and heavy.

Let’s now get to the nitty-gritty of the F5 Features:


The F5 sports a sleeker and more appealing form factor that other models.

The earbuds are smaller and thinner than those of the X3 or X2.

The reason behind the sleeker profile is because a majority of the F5 electronics, including the battery, has been redistributed to the inline remote.

In return, however, it makes the in-line remote a tad bulkier than other models.

Overall, the F5 has an understated look that will work for most people.

Color Schemes

The F5 is available in our color schemes that will suit your individual needs and preferences.

These color schemes include carbon black, Gold, Blaze red and Ocean Blue.


Comfort describes how physically pleasant a headphone is on your ears, and it has a considerable effect on your listening experience.

An uncomfortable pair of headphones will not only prevent you from fully getting immersed in your audio but may even cause pain, soreness, and stress.

Though comfort is usually vital when listening for long sessions, it would not harm to have a comfortable pair of headphones.

Comfort is quite subjective, the ergonomic design, softness of the cushions, adjustability, stiffness, and weight play the most crucial factors.

Now, let’s look at some of these components in the F5.


Weighing at 0.03 lbs with a clamping force of 0.00 lbs, the F5 is an extremely lightweight in-ear headphone.

I found out that the F5 was so light that it didn't feel like you were wearing any. This is good, especially to athletes who don't like to get anything on their way.


The fit is crucial, especially with sports headphones. Nothing is worse than having headphones constantly slipping out or cable bouncing around or getting caught during your workout. While the fit is essential, so is the comfort.

In this regard, Jaybird has done an excellent job of covering many comfort and fit bases.

For starters, J5 exudes versatility, offering multiple ways of wearing them. For instance, you can choose to insert them straight into your ear canal, loop them over the back of your ear and insert them upside down. If you are like me, I choose to wear the F5 with the cable draped across the back on my neck or dangling down in front.

For a greater comfort experience, J5 comes with three pairs of different-sized silicone tips alongside three pairs of compressible comfy foam tips. The benefit of having silicone and compressible foam tips is to provide a more secure and isolating fit.

Better yet, in the box, you get four different-sized wingtips, and this will be quite instrumental in locking the headphone to your ear.

However, you will soon realize that finding the right fit can take quite some time, and can get quite tiring wearing them for some time. Again, if you are the type that detests the fit of in-ears, don't expect anything more with these.

  • Wearing Tip

If you are looking for a comfortable fit, looping the F5 over the back of your method is a great way – especially when you pair the headphone with the cable-management options.

The two cord-management clips will help in taking the extra slack, so the cable doesn’t bounce around behind your head while performing your workouts.

Now, if you feel the looping method is not an ideal option, you may want to check on Jaybird’s instructional videos on the dizzying options available.

F5 Sound and Call Quality

Fresh out of the box, I was not impressed by the quality of the sound. Despite loving the original X2’s performance, I was a bit underwhelmed with the Freedoms’ sound quality.

The standard out-of-the-box EQ is called "Signature" and is reasonably good for most scenarios. The bass is a little fast and loose for my taste, as it veers into rather a boomy territory, which is unheard for sports headphones. As it is, the vocals sound a little bit recessed, and the mids are rather thin.

One thing, however, that I noticed that made a difference is a sound volume. The F5 can get loud, which is great for fitness, but not so much for sound quality.

Thankfully, to overcome the sound quality hindrance, they have included a nifty MySound App for both Android and iOS. With MySound app, you can now customize your sound signature with a basic equalizer.

About MySound App

Jaybird's MySound companion app allows you to adjust Freedoms’ sound.

With the app in place, you can either choose from a range of pre-adjusted EQs, some of which are supposedly by Jaybirds' athlete's partners or adjust one yourself using the simple EQ adjustment sliders.

If you're like me; you find customizing the sound offers a better solution to achieving your desired sound. While at it, I recommend that you start your customization from the Flat EQ and adjust from there. If you're not satisfied with a sound setting, the handy "History" slider will allow you to undo the incremental changes.

One cool thing I found with the sound adjustment is that once you’ve settled on a sound profile, the Jaybird F5 will save all your EQ settings to the headphone itself. In return, it means that the “sounds” will come with you no matter what device you have paired.

Better yet, once you have saved your sound profile, you can do away with the app if you do not want to keep it installed in your phone.

It's quite a shame that despite the level of customization offered by the app, F5 will not allow storing multiple listening profiles and allow toggling them using a remote. We consider this as the greatest drawback on the F5 since you cannot adjust the sound profile according to your environment.

If it were possible for instance, I could switch to a tranquil classical profile while on my morning run, switch to spoken dialogue when listening to my favorite podcast, and then a bass-heavy profile when doing weights.

Call Performance

The performance of the microphone is surprisingly good. The exceptional performance of the microphone was on top even we used the cord management to put the remote and microphone flush against the back of your head.

While some of the reviewers say the microphone captured some rustling of their hair, it still was able to pick up the sound of their voice without any issues and callers did not experience any hearing problems either.

Generally speaking, the Freedom is not exactly the most thunderous pair of headphones we have tested. The good news, however, the headphones have plenty of energy and presence to their delivery. For instance, we were pleased with the performance of the headphone on our bass test track The Knife’s “Silent Shout” as the F5 delivered without a hint of distortion.

And with a bit of tuning, you can easily find a sound profile that you’ll enjoy if you’re nonplussed by Jaybird’s out-of-the-box Sonics.


While we were not impressed by the sound quality, one of the aspects of the headphone that was never an issue during testing was Jaybird Freedoms' Bluetooth connection.

Regardless of where my phone was during my morning runs or at my apartment, I experience no skipping, and the connection remained strong throughout testing.

Unlike other headphones which usually exhibit hissing at lower listening volume, the Freedom’s connection is reliably strong.

 According to Jaybird, the Freedom’s connectivity can reach up to 35 feet, but upon testing, they reached 30 feet, which is not a huge disparity for concern.


As we had mentioned earlier, Jaybird sports a slim profile and to achieve that, they had to cut on the battery size, consequently reducing the battery life up to four hours

However, to alleviate the battery woes, they included a clever charger dock that doubles up as an extra battery. The dock clips onto the back of the remote control and will allow you to squeeze four more hours to your battery life.

For my purposes, however, commuting, yard work and commuting, I don't need the charging dock as I don't need to use my battery longer than a couple of hours, so I'm always leaving the dock out.

Should I Buy The Jaybird Freedom?

If you've struggled to find a sports headphone that will feel secure, lightweight and fitting, the Jaybird Freedom is an ideal choice. They do, however, will require to set up if you're to find the right fit.

While they are a tad expensive, they are a piece of accessory that won't budge, have great built quality with an awesome sound.

Conclusion - Is It Worth It?

The Jaybird is a testimony that Bluetooth headphones don't necessarily have to be terrible. For a long period, I have encountered plenty of terrible wireless headphones, and despite the fitting frustration, the Freedom is an awesome model I have tested.

Naked Whey Protein Kicks Booty! My Results | Review | Pros vs Cons

Grass-fed Whey Protein Powder KICKS BOOTY

A little about my results & journey

I have been on and off a GYMHEAD for a long time. Earlier last year I decided I wanted to make a permanent change. One of the key adjustments to my lifestyle was to find a protein powder that wasn't so INVASIVE in my diet. I had lean muscle but was tired of being skinny and a good weight gainer was my cure.

Something I could slip into almost anything and not notice. I settled on NKD and OH BOY. I am happy I found this company. So if you are just curious as to whether or not this a good brand, it is. Want to know more? Read Below.

intermittent fasting results guide tips
  • Contains 25 grams of protein per serving

  • High quality milk based protein concentrate

  • 1LB Tub & 5LB Tub

  • Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, & Unflavored

  • Our highest ranked option on the market!

  • 5.9 Grams of BCAA’s (Essential Amino Acid) Per Serving!

naked whey protein 5LB container

What's The Lowdown?

Clean protein is an essential part of healthy nutrition; proteins help us gain muscles, and lose fat as well.

Unfortunately, getting enough lean protein throughout the day is challenging. Often, our busy schedule does not allow us to grill some chicken or fish.

A busy schedule, however, should not be a reason for skimping on nutrition. Protein powders, such as the one in our naked whey review provide a convenient solution for keeping you satisfied, and on track with your nutritional goals.

What are Protein Powders?

I’m not a proponent of protein powders and would prefer eating wholesome foods over the supplements.

However, there is a benefit of finding and using a high-quality protein supplement.

For a start, protein supplements will provide you with the convenience needed of achieving your dietary needs, regardless of your schedule.

Most importantly, quality protein powders are manufactured to have nearly as much quality as that of the wholesome foods. While they will never beat the quality of the wholesome foods, manufacturers have done a great job of manufacturing quality products.

Better yet, the protein supplements have unique ingredients that will cater to your individual nutritional needs. As such, rather than having to consume a variety of protein foods for a comprehensive nutritional plan, protein supplements have pre-selected ingredients tailored for your individual needs.

If you are looking for a protein concentrate or isolate, it likely to get challenging because of the variety that exists in sourcing the protein. Some of the popular options you likely to find include milk concentrate, casein, soy, and peas.

However, not all protein powders are created equal, and the nutritional quality, as well as the individual additions, may vary significantly between different manufacturers.

What is Naked Whey?

If you have been searching for protein powders, you have probably come across naked protein.

This is a product of NKD Nutrition, is a popular protein supplement and is considered by many to be the most effective protein powders, at least when it comes to delivering quick results.

As its name suggests, the ingredients are all-natural milk based protein powder that utilizes milk from dairy cows bred on a 100% grass diet.

About Naked Nutrition

Naked Nutrition, a Florida-based supplement manufacturer is a relatively new brand that boasts of manufacturing products using pure ingredients.

If you try finding NKD Nutrition Reviews, you might find it tough as the brand does not have much of a strong presence, but you should start to see more pop-ups about the company as they push their legitimacy and relevancy in a super crowded supplement world.

And today, we shall be reviewing one of their flagship products.

Like all other products from Naked Nutrition, NKD is free of artificial sweeteners, colors, sweeteners, GMO, stevia, and additives.

Key Selling Points of Naked Whey - One Ingredient

NKD has a single-based composition of cow’s milk. Natural whey is devoid of artificial sweeteners, flavorings, colorings, and any other additives and this is in line with the brand's core value of selling products in their purest form.

The main benefit, however, of having a single-based composition is that it reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. Remember the more ingredients a food has, the greater the chances of carrying unnecessary compounds and chemicals.

With a simplified diet, it's an awesome option, especially to those who are lactose tolerant but are always affected by other forms of proteins such as soy, fish or gluten.

All Natural Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Where a cow lives and what they eat are two crucial factors that affect the quality of their milk. The mentioned conditions usually alter the nutritional value of the milk, and consequently the entire link chain including final products.

This is particularly true to the by-products, as manufacturers keep a majority of the nutrients throughout the entire processing.

In any case, a report by Food Science & Nutrition asserts that cows bred in low-quality living conditions usually produce milk with a higher concentration of unhealthy fats and less healthy fats.

With these ingredients, however, consumers will be pleased to know that the grass-fed milk is sourced from small dairy farms in California, making the product a great base for a high-quality product, full of useful nutrients.

 You get a non-denatured milk packed full of essential amino acids, clean proteins, healthy fats, and glutathione.

Naked Whey Highlights

Enough with the selling points, now let’s come to the nitty-gritty of the product and look at some of its major highlights.

Cold Processing


While the source of the macro-nutrient plays a crucial role in the quality of the product, the manufacturing process carries a significance of equal magnitude.

Unlike most of the undenatured powders in the market, Naked Nutrition uses cold processing on all their products. The cold processing does not include any chemicals, acids, bleach or any agents and in effect, users of NKD get a product that is much more natural and less treated.

NKD is unflavored and is completely tasteless. 

Users love the fact that it does not contain any flavors, therefore taking a natural, creamy flavor. 

Now, a problem with a majority of other unsweetened powders is that they have a “Stevia” taste in the powder.

With NKD, however, there is no such taste, and you get a simple and natural powder, ideal for those looking for pure protein.

When mixed with water, it looks and tastes like milk, save for the extra frothiness and creaminess, which is not seen as a problem. And if mixed with milk, it gets a bit thick, and my preferred option is to mix it with water and milk of a 50-50 basis.

The neutral taste also means that it's versatile and can be used of various products including your favorite smoothie, or milkshake. Some users even use it for baking bread and pancakes for a healthy and protein-rich snack.

Mix-ability / Nutrition / Fit For Kids & Adults?

During our review we noticed it will not completely "dissolve" in fluids, but it will at least mix well. This is largely attributed to the absence of lecithin, the additive used for reducing viscosity in foods and supplements.

The good news is that it's relatively mixable, but you will need to shake a bit harder, which to our opinion is not a big hassle.

In any case, we think it just a price that you have to pay for a clean product.

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value should be the most crucial factor to consider when choosing a protein powder-after all, it' s what we are paying for.

This is a milk based concentrate, rather than an isolate.

Protein concentrates usually have greater biologically active components than the isolates, and consequently, the Naked Concentrate has more of the naturally occurring nutrients and elements.

It’s not a surprise that NKD is an ideal option for the athletes and those looking to up their gaming skills.

When we come down to the nutritional value, milk is rich in three Branch Chain Amino Acid's, which include:

  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Valine

Leucine is particularly known for its role in building muscle and muscle recovery.

Better yet, unprocessed milk contains roughly 10 g of leucine per 100 g of protein, and the additional ingredients contains 9.94 g of leucine, and this goes ahead to speak volume about the nutritional value of Naked Whey.

For every 30g of the powder, users get 25g of quality protein, the highest amount we have come across so far in all the powders we have reviewed.

More to this, NKD is low on carbs, fats, and sugar.

Generally, as far as the nutritional aspect is concerned, milk delivers what it promises exactly.


I always get emails from my readers asking which is the best protein powder for kids, for women, for adults?

Well, I cannot answer which is the best powder for each group, but what I know is Naked Whey is filled with clean proteins only.

In return, it means that it’s an ideal option for nearly everyone looking to up their intake.

The only groups that are secluded from use are the lactose intolerant group and the vegans. Otherwise, the Nutrition product is an all-around powder for everyone.

The Many Benefits We Found In Our Naked Whey Review

Richness in Milk Based POWER

For a long period, whey has been considered as the gold standard for protein powders and is considered as the best kind among the powders, particularly for faster results.

Whey, which is produced from the cow’s milk is extracted during the cheese-making process.

A major contributor to its popularity is probably the fact that it’s rich in amino acids. Amino acids, also referred to as the building blocks of proteins are responsible for muscle building and repair after workouts.

Easy Absorption

As we had mentioned earlier, concentrates are a great way of addressing your nutritional needs compared to isolates.

However, in consuming concentrates in the raw form is not ideal as you will not be absorbing much of the nutrients.

So instead, NKD makes use of protein hydrolysis, a process that breaks down the individual nutrients and amino acids to bimolecular level.

With the nutrients broken down, your gastrointestinal system can digest and absorb all the nutrients.

The bimolecular nutrients are not only easily digestible, but they will also allow a faster absorbing. With faster absorption, the nutrients get to the muscles faster for optimal progress and recovery.

Outstanding BCAA Profile

BCAA or branched chained amino acids are a crucial component on any powder.

BCAA play an imperative role in building lean muscles and allowing faster recovery, especially after an intense workout.

Although wholesome foods contain BCAA, this brand contains a substantial amount, and this makes the product an ideal option for those actively engaged in sports.

Boost Glutathione

Glutathione is an oxidation chemical that is found in every cell of your body.

The benefits of increased Glutathione include:

  • Boosting oxidation
  • Reactivating other antioxidants
  • Boosting the immune system
  • DNA repair
  • Detoxification process

Studies conducted indicate that ingredients like Glutathione, with its high levels of cysteine and amino acids, increases the level of Glutathione.

While Glutathione is available in supplement form, it's not poorly absorbed, and this offers a great way of boosting your Glutathione while working on your body.

Boosting the Immune System

With an increased Glutathione, users will register an improved immune system as well.

This is largely because Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body, and this helps in boosting the efficacy of other antioxidants in the body including vitamin C, & E, C0Q10, and important amino acids such as L-Argine, which is known to promote the immune function.

Helps in Healing the Gut

Whey protein is rich in L-glutamine, an amino acid which is responsible for healing the fast-growing epithelial cells of your gastrointestinal tract.

Is Naked Whey Organic?

The Downsides of NKD Whey

Close but no.

See, for a product to be classified as organic, the dairy firm supplying the mild need a certification from USDA.

An USDA certification is not only an added expense but would require a lot of time, so probably NKD Nutrition decided it was not worth pursuing.

While an organic product might sound better, it doesn't matter and the only thing that matter is quality, and NKD Nutrition has done a great job at maintaining that.

For instance, all the milk is sourced from cows that grow in a natural environment and have not been injected with growth hormones and feed on 100% grass diet.
Generally speaking, Naked is only missing on certification.

NKD has plenty of positives written all over it. However, it does have some downsides too.

For a start, it has a bland taste. While not an actual con, some users find it not appealing to their taste buds, and it would be best if you include ingredients such as fruits or take it alongside your favorite smoothie to make it more palatable.

Though it has an awesome texture, we found it quite challenging to mix with certain devices. For instance, it was hard to mix the product smoothly using a shaker container. However, we found that a blender did a great job of mixing the powder.

Is this protein worth it? Or maybe stick with steak?

Naked Whey is an awesome product that delivers on what it promises.

Being a natural product, free from additives, artificial sweeteners, GMO and other products, it’s a safe option with no side effects.

The single composition is an added advantage, especially to those who cannot tolerate gluten or soy.


Make sure you check this product.

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