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Sitting On A Yoga Ball At Work – Try This Chair

yogi doing a pose and talking about Balls to Sit on in the Office

Which One Is Better?

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair


-Highest Rated
-Ideal for 5′ to 5’11” Users
-Leg Extenders Optional
-300 Pound Weight Capacity
-Available in Nine Colors
-Includes Air Pump

Sitting in the office all day can be a chore in itself. Often, the lousy feeling of being stuck at a desk outweighs even the most comfortable chairs. Many people today are changing from standard office chairs to sit on a yoga ball at work. These have been around for decades as a useful tool in aerobics, and that factor has not changed. There are endless workouts that one can partake in using a balancing ball! What’s more is that they can also function as an ergonomic chair, and actually improve your posture while sitting at a desk.

Here are a few of the top-rated balancing balls to sit on in the office today, each one designed for both exercise and office use.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

This highly reviewed ball chair was created to give you your best work-life balance. Created by a chiropractic doctor, this ball chair is meant to provide you with ergonomic support; during any duration of sitting while reducing the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle, one can experience from continually seated at a desk.

This product is what you’ve been looking for. Gaiam is here to help you achieve a healthier, yoga type of lifestyle that boosts energy and productivity, without interrupting your daily routine.

The best and most notable part about this specific exercise ball is that it doubles as an office chair much more seamlessly than some others, as a supportive backrest and a ball holder with casters are for users (fully removable).

Not only does this make the ball function like an office chair while still retaining the essential qualities of an exercise ball, but it also adds the nice little feature of having something to stretch your back against and get the blood flowing. Many other users admit that having it on a stand makes them feel safer, without taking away from functionality.

Key Features:

Ideal for 5′ to 5’11” Users

Leg Extenders Optional

300 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Nine Colors

Includes Air Pump

Trideer Exercise Ball –

The Trider Exercise Ball is geared towards extensive and versatile use. With its much higher than the average weight limit, a user can subject it to much more movement and even some more rigorous cardio exercises while on it. The ball’s exterior is proven for its anti-burst and slip resistant material makeup.

This product is incredibly well-suited for the office, but can effectively utilize for an exercise of all types, including yoga, pilates, abdominal workouts, and even pregnancy exercises.
The most notable feature this ball has is the thickness and density of its material. Sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair can’t be easier than the trideer!

At 2000 micrometers thick, the material that this product is almost three times as thick as other exercise balls. While it is still perfect for low impact exercises, posture improvement, and office work, it also holds up to more vigorous activities.

Key Features:

Ideal for Users 5′ to 6’4″

2200 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Five Sizes

Available in 17 Colors and Designs

Includes Air Pump

Anti-Burst, Durable Technology

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

Very similar in function to the previous model, the Live Infinitely Exercise ball is both durable to stand up to rigorous exercise, but also balanced enough for any type of use in the home or the office. This exceptionally durable exercise ball can also support up to 2200 pounds, and has anti-burst technology that we test. This model also has the advantage of being able to sustain a cut up to 2cm large, only to deflate slowly rather than bursting explosively.

This exercise ball is a wonderful addition to your work office or your home office, as a daily replacement for your office chair to improve posture and reduce sedentary lifestyle. The addition of even the smallest amount of physical activity to desk-sitting can greatly enhance the quality of life. This particular exercise ball purchase has a most notable feature of the inclusion of digital exercise guides and training workouts online, to help boost its use as an all-around exercise tool.

Key Features:

Excellent for any User Height

2200 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Five Sizes

Available in Six Colors

Anti-Burst Technology

Anti-Slip Ridges

Air Pump Included

Gaiam Classic Backless Balancing Ball Chair

Similar to our first product, the Gaiam Ball offers support for the ball, casters included. It does not, however, include the backrest. Some find this to be a disadvantage; others argue that the lack of a backrest is best for maintaining the best natural human posture. Whichever you prefer, this ball allows desk users to sustain wonderful posture. While helping them keep their energy levels up throughout the workday.

The most notable feature of this ball is its compromise between the above options. The ball is still readily used for all types of exercise, yet still has the possibility to be a safe desk chair on casters, with no risk of accidental rolling. The choice of omitting the backrest from the first product is an excellent call for those seeking to improve their posture.

Best for Users Between 5′ and 5’11”

Leg Extender Available

300 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Seven Colors

Air Pump Included

Conclusion? Their is numerous benefits of sitting on a yoga ball at work; great way to tone.

At ASCVS we believe this method is by far one of the easiest ways to get fit. The fact you can comfortably adjust your lousy back; you can burn some calories at the office. Just shows how multifunctional a merely inflatable ball can be. We killed any confusion on where to buy a yoga ball by offering you options from Amazon.

how much does a yoga ball cost?

That varies on the brand, location and of course quality. We try to aim for balls less than $200, they can get pretty high.

Bose Soundsport Wireless vs Jaybird X3:? An In-Dept Ruthless Review

When it comes to sports headphones, you may have plenty of choices available.
However, two of the most popular are the Bose Soundsport Wireless and Jaybird X3.

After A TON of testing settings, bass, volume control and most importantly Comfort. I've concluded that the X3 remains the king of fitness earbuds. Also because of the market growth, they're actually some of the most affordable options on the internet. See Below ?

The Big Picture

Many athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and runners prefer these two Bluetooth headphones. If you are thinking about getting one of them, this post is for you. We will compare jaybird x3 vs bose soundsport so you can choose between these two.

The Bose Soundsport Wireless and Jaybird X3 are both premium headphones that offer you with an elevated listening experience. They will truly show you a new meaning of wireless convenience, thanks to their Bluetooth functionality. With this technology, you no longer need to deal with wires running through your shirt all the way down to your phone.

The two products are about the same price, but one of them is more expensive. However, if you are into fitness and sports, including running, not having to deal with wires while you are on your routine is priceless. When there are wires that connect to your phone, you usually have to move them out of the way, place them inside your shirt and feel uncomfortable later as you sweat heavily, or even break your phone. On so many occasions, Bluetooth headphones can actually save you money.

Bose vs Jaybird X3 Comparison

Bose Soundsport is Bose’s first wireless earbuds that are aimed at active people. This product is Bluetooth-enabled and comes with features that make it durable for sports. These days, you have several options available if you want to stay focused on your routine but still listen to music. Unfortunately, many of the choices you may have do not sound great.

The battery life and the size of the headphones may also be major issues. Earphones that are Bluetooth-enabled are still trying their best to improve on the mentioned areas. However, Bose promises to deliver where others have failed.
Numerous other Bluetooth headphones out in the market have various designs and features. The difference is in how they sound, perform, and fit the user, which is why it can be challenging to find the best pair for you.

Just like with all Bluetooth headphones, this one from Bose has a drawback. The biggest is that they look quite big on the ears. However, it has several advantages, especially if you are among those individuals who do not mind the bulkiness of their earphones. These earbuds are incredibly comfortable, and they are lightweight as well. You should be able to carry out your tasks and routines without any discomfort.


The Bose wireless earbuds may have some design issues, but it has a genius approach with its out-of-ear style. You can wear it for several hours, and you will not feel any discomfort or pain at all unlike with many other products you may have tried before.

The earphones do feel big, which is a downside and a characteristic that many users are not happy about. Because of the size, they will make you feel as if they will fall out of your ears. However, it has a Stayhear+ design, which lets them stay in place no matter what you do. Even though you may be running fast, the earbuds will remain inside your ears.

Also about the Stayhear+ design, Soundsport Wireless from Bose use flexible rubber for the materials of the earbuds. They are soft and easily mold to the ear canal. The rubber earpieces come in three different sizes, and they all fit perfectly into the fold of the user’s ear. You will be happy to know that you can choose the size that you are most comfortable with.

Aside from the design features mentioned, Bose Soundsport Wireless also comes with a shirt clip, which is quite versatile. You can even use the cord and attach it to your baseball cap. The wing ear tips will force the buds to stay in place externally, but you still get a relaxed fit since they will not fit too tightly within your ear. As a result, you get ambient sound coming in while keeping you safe and alert.

Subtle Differences Mean A lot

The inline-remote is also noticeable, which is situated close to the right earbud. It lets you adjust the volume and perform other tasks, such as take calls and navigate through tracks.

If you like your headphones to be on the outside of your ear canal, which is a design feature that will let more sound in with just a little bit of noise interference, you will like the Bose Soundsport Wireless earbuds.

On the other hand, if you are familiar with the X2 headphones from Jaybird, you will find that the X3 looks similar. The behind-the-neck headphones are available in alpha green, Sparta white, and blackout colors among others.

X2 has a cable management clip, which the X3 also has, which will prevent the wire from sagging around the back of your neck. Jaybird X3 also has a shirt clip, which is quite strong and durable, so it is easy for it to keep the cord in place. Even if you remove an earbud (or both) and let it hang, you can count on the shirt clip to hold the headphones where they are.

Compared to the X2 though, the X3 is smaller in size, which is a plus for those who do not like the size of the Bose headphones. The shape also let the product fit perfectly in the ears, and they are quite fashionable to wear. The X3 uses a plastic material but resembles aluminum, and the logo has a metallic appearance, giving the buds a more premium design than its predecessor.

X3 Wins in Design

One of the best features of the X3 is its design, which allows it not to leak sound. It effortlessly blocks out the outside world, so you only hear the sounds you want. It is like you put your fingers in your ears, which is what most music enthusiasts are looking for. However, you should always stay alert in your environment whenever you use the earphones in high traffic areas.

X3 also has an inline remote control, which you can easily access. The buttons are very responsive and are located in the right earbud, although there is no L or R label on each side. By default, however, the inline remote is worn on the right.

All in all, if you want sleek headphones, go with the Jaybird X3. They are made of quality materials that give them a premium feel. The design keeps the earphones in place even if you perform an extensive exercise.


The Bose Soundsport Wireless headphones have a dedicated music app that you can download. The app supports both Android and iOS users. With this app, you can tweak various functions, although we believe the app would benefit from some more additions since it does not provide the user that much customization.

The Jaybird X3 also has a custom app known as MySound that lets you control the settings. You can use your phone or your smartwatch to tinker how the music should sound. This particular app gives more flexibility to the X3 and offers more customizable settings for your sound profile. It is a feature-packed app that is compatible with both iOS and Android users.


The Bose earbuds are comfortable, but if you are an active listener, they are not as good as the other products out there. You will prefer them when you are just sitting down or going out for a short jog. The loose fit, however, will not place any pressure on and in your ears despite listening for several hours. Comfort level is excellent, which is why the earbuds are a great option for heavy music listeners.

The Jaybird X3 is excellent for people with smaller ears and narrower ear canals than most. Even if you have big ears, they will fit perfectly, and they also have different sizes for the ear tips. The smaller size is due to the battery inside the volume control box rather than next to the drivers. It is perfectly comfortable for more people than Bose headphones.

Both have different sizes, but the Jaybird X3 may not need some tweaking so the earbuds would fit your ears. Nevertheless, the product comes with an assortment of ear hooks and ear tips of various sizes. The earbuds have ergonomic wing tips that will keep them in place even if you run or perform strenuous activities.

At the same time, they are comfortable with earbuds that come with silicone and memory foam tips. They remain in place, so you do not have to keep replacing them back to your ears whenever you turn your head.


As for the sound, you will be satisfied with Soundsport, mainly if you are a huge fan of bass. It offers you impressive sounds right out of the box. You will certainly love it even at a high volume. You will enjoy a powerful sound with a punch. It almost aggressively screams at you, but you will find it pleasant because the music feels alive. It is crisp and clear with all the dynamic tunes that will make you appreciate what you are hearing.

On the other hand, the Jaybird may not be for you straight out of the box if you are fond of bass. The headphones may sound flat when you use them. However, there is an easy solution: the MySound app that lets you adjust the sound the way you want it. The ear tips make sure no noise can infiltrate, which maximizes the sound quality without causing ear canal irritation.


When it comes to battery, the Bose Soundsport Wireless will give you five hours – at least. You do not have to worry about going under this number, which provides you with plenty of time to enjoy your favorite tunes. However, if you plan to keep using the earphones after your workout, the battery may not meet your expectations.

When drained, you need to fully charge the Bluetooth headphones again using the USB cord, which you need to plug into the micro-USB port found on the left earpiece.

For music enthusiasts, the Bose battery can be underwhelming. It is why the Jaybird X3 is more preferred because you get eight hours of battery life. You can finish your workout and still have plenty of juice left. It lasts an impressive eight hours, and you can charge the battery using the proprietary charging pins found at the bottom of the remote control using the USB charging adapter.

Even better, you charge the headphones for just 15 minutes, and you can get at least two to three hours of playback, which is a fantastic feature.


Bose Soundsport earbuds have an IPX rating of 4, which means that the product is sweat-proof. However, you should not mistake it as entirely waterproof. There is no way you can go swimming in a pool while using them and expect the headphones to survive. However, they will continue working without problems if ever they come in contact with a few splashes of water.

Unfortunately, many users complain about the durability of Bose headphones, which is why the company addressed the issues with improved build quality for the Soundsport.

The X3 comes with a hydrophobic coating, which can keep out mud, sweat, and rain. It lets you do your grueling workout without problems even in rough weather.


Both these headphones have advantages for every fitness enthusiast who loves to listen to music while staying active. However, if you are searching for an excellent balance between price and features, the Jaybird X3 is the clear winner.

BCAA For Skinny Guys – My Experience + Results!

TL;DR – ASCVS’s Top Pick For Bulking 

BPI Sports Best BCAA Powder, Branched Chain Amino Acids –

[$$$$] See Price On Amazon

image of BCAA container BPI Brand
 Note From Staff – @MansaBrice         intermittent fasting results guide tips

Advice coming from a fellow twig (at least prior) here’s my take on the best BCAA’s for skinny guys. So I generally suggest picking BPI because they keep their ingredients simple. On top of the more natural profile of this particular brand, their proprietary mix. On top of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine (key 3 ingredients in any BCAA). BPI has a proprietary mix which is essentially an extract of Arginine. I won’t go too deep into the science behind Agmatine but research has shown it may boost brain performance. It may also promote response to stress and inflammation. The Blue Raspberry is my favorite. I would suggest pairing it would a good mass builder as well. My preference is the
NAKED MASS – Natural Weight Gainer because of the lack of filler ingredients.

If you are a skinny guy that has a tough time packing on lean muscle mass. Even after spending hours in the in the gym, you’ve likely started to look into supplements that can “give you an edge” that hardgainers need to succeed.

Moreover, while most people are going to immediately flock to things like creatine, protein powder, NO supplements, and some kind of powdered greens, formerly skinny guys that have built-in Arnold -like frame no better than most that the real trick is getting your hands on BCAAs.

A Gap Most People Don’t Know Exists

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are game-changing supplements, particularly for skinny guys that want to go from scrawny to brawny in a hurry.

Capable of helping you elevate your weight listing results almost immediately, not only getting faster results the end you were in the past but also helping you spend less time in the gym to get them as well, the right BCAAs are more critical then maybe anything else outside of protein.

Finding the right BCAA for your body type, however, has proven to be more than a little bit tricky.

Because this is quickly becoming such a popular supplement, more and more companies are offering their own version of BCAA’s while promising the moon and the stars when it comes to results. Some of them are obviously higher-quality than others, some are capable of transformative effects while others are not, and some are “pumped up” with extra scoops of protein or creatine without a BCAA backbone to speak of.

What is the best bcaa supplement? Discover the answer to that question below. You can’t go wrong with any of these options, but you want to be sure that you are doing your research and due diligence to find the right solution for your specific needs.

Some of these BCAAs are going to be better suited to those that want to pack on pounds of lean muscle mass in a hurry, others are best suited for those looking for strength and endurance games over mass, and others still will walk the tightrope between those two.

With a little bit of digging you’ll be able to find the right one for you, thanks to our jumpstart guide below.

Let’s dive right in!

BPI Sports Best BCAA Powder –  – See Price On Amazon

Far and away the best tasting of all BCAA options on the market right now, this particular solution also has the “magic ratio” you are looking for in this kind of supplement.

The best BCAA solutions at a ratio of 2:1:1 of the compounds leucine, isoleucine, and valine (in their respective order). This seems to be the perfect trigger ratio for skinny guys looking to pack on muscle in a hurry compared to other ratios that might be better suited for strength for endurance gains exclusively.

You’re also going to notice a dramatic increase in your overall energy with this specific BCAA supplement. You won’t have to feel tired or worn out in the middle of the most grueling workouts you put yourself through any longer, and you won’t feel the kind of fatigue that may have been plaguing you when you really pushed your body to its limits.

Obviously, you’re going to need to break down your muscles to regrow them bigger and stronger. That’s always going to involve some kind of tax on your endurance and create much fatigue – the impact will be lessened significantly with this specific BCAA.

Available in a variety of different flavors (all of which are “fruity” in nature), you’re going to be able to better support muscle protein synthesis, reduce the amount of protein catabolism, and dramatically improve your insulin sensitivity levels.

On top of that, you’ll see increases in endogenous glucose production and a much quicker bounce back so that you can get back in the gym to train again without any penalty.

BPI Sports best bcaa side effects

Best of all, you won’t ever have to worry about this BCAA supplement adding any extra water weight to your frame. In fact, you’ll notice a slight uptick in your metabolism with this supplement specifically – helping you to “lean out” while you pack on muscle mass. You look better, you’ll feel better, and you’ll get bigger in the right places with this supplement.

Scivation Xtend – See Price On Amazon

This is another of the more popular BCAA “stacks” available right now, loaded with 7 g of BCAAs in every individual serving.

You’ll also get 2.5 g of L-glutamine and 1 g of citrulline malate and every serving, too – combined with a proprietary blend of electrolytes that are scientifically designed to improve your overall hydration levels.

The coolest thing about this specific supplement is that unlike a lot of other BCAA options on the market today this one has been designed to be used before your workout as well as during your exercise, versus the traditional BCAA supplement options than most people recommend you take an hour before your workout and never during.

The chemistry behind this supplement works to actively release specific compounds and specific chemicals in the stack over time, virtually guaranteeing that your body gets what you need most on an efficient and effective timing schedule.

You don’t have to worry about anything other than supplementing with this BCAA solution before and then right after you start working out. Then it takes over and handles the rest of the heavy lifting for you on autopilot.

Completely sugar-free, as well as 100% carbohydrate, it has the “magic ratio” of 2:1:1 – just the same as the BCAA stack we mentioned above. 3.5 g of leucine are included in every serving for increased muscle protein synthesis, and the hydration inducing electrolyte combination is something that really helps this supplement stand out from the rest of the pack.

Coming in at zero calories you won’t have to worry about screwing up your macros or throwing your daily calorie counts out of whack with this kind of supplement, either. Instead, you’ll be able to add these BCAAs to any diet with no negative impact whatsoever – really helping you rock and roll to the of the body of your dreams as quickly as possible.

OWN PWR BCAA Powder – See Price On Amazon

Available exclusively on Amazon (which should be all that surprising, considering the fact that it is the “in-house” brands for Amazon), the OWN PWR BCAA stack is really something special.

In every single serving you are going to get 5 g of micronized BCAA, again following that “magic ratio” of 2:1:1 of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. This Amazon brand of supplements also has a BCAA+ option that includes 11 g of branched chain amino acids in every single serving. It is a little bit more expensive but might be right up against the alley of skinny guys looking to bulk up in a hurry with the help of these kinds of supplements.

Specialty electrolytes have been included in this combination, too in order to make sure that you are always hydrated. Proper levels of hydration are critical for making the most of everything BCAA supplements have to offer, and this is a bigger deal most people make it out to be.

Reviews regarding the fruity flavor this specific brand are entirely off the charts. In fact, many people on Amazon have been flocking to this brand specifically – and this BCAA supplement above all others – just because it promises a flavor matrix then you won’t find anywhere else combined with amazing results and a killer price point (all of which you expect from this giant company).

Also, go on to talk about how much extra energy folks have when they work out with the help of this supplement. One review in particular said that they’ve been able to get an extra session in the gym every week because of how energized they feel, and another said that they have been able to cut down on the amount of time they spend the gym still get better results is because of the strength and endurance increases they have seen.

This brand might not have the track record of some of the other options on this list but don’t let that sway you from looking into everything it brings to the table. Amazon doesn’t fool around when they bring their own products to the market, and this brand is no exception.

OPTIMUM NUTRITION Instantized BCAA Branched Chain Essential Amino Acids

– See Price On Amazon

Optimum Nutrition has always been one of the most trusted names in the world of supplements, and with amazing products like this, it’s easy to see why.

With nearly 1500 five-star reviews on Amazon and the designation of the number one bestseller on this platform you would be hard-pressed to find a more popular BCAA stack anywhere on the planet.

The 2:1:1 ratio between leucine, isoleucine, and valine is present, but the coolest part of this supplement – in the reason that so many people flock to it more than maybe any other – is that the BCAA compounds included in this supplement have been “instantized” and are available in capsule form.

Basically, the chemists at Optimum Nutrition have found a way to break down the chemical constituents of these bodybuilding elements such a way that they can be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream while being bioavailable at the same time. That means that more of these chemical compounds make it to your muscles as opposed to being flushed out when you go to the bathroom.

On top of that, you won’t have to worry about playing around with little scoops or trying to make sure that you are getting the right serving size every time you dump some BCAAs into a glass of water. Instead, just pop one of these supplement capsules into your before your workout or after your workout – or both – and take advantage of the transformative benefits that they are able to bring to the table.

Skinny guys in specific are going to love just how easy and effortless this delivery system is, especially since it means that you don’t have to fill up your stomach with any extra water. You will be able to save that space for extra protein, the fundamental building block for the muscles that you are looking to build in the first place.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, any of the BCAA for skinny guys that we highlighted above are well worth looking into – mainly if you are someone scrawny looking to get brawny in a hurry.

Obviously, you’ll need to combine the supplements with proper nutrition and a smart training program to see the very best results. Too terribly many people think of supplements and some kind of magic wand that will help you turn into Arnold overnight. What is the best bcaa to take to reach your goals? It varies on your goals in this post we focused on men who want to gain muscle mass.

That might not happen, but when you combine the supplements with the right nutritional choices and smart training, you’re going to see your body grow before your very eyes. You’ll be hitting personal records for strength and endurance in the gym the very first time you start to supplement with BCAA supplements, and in a week or two, you’ll begin to notice your muscles and your “pump” becoming larger, firmer, and more consistent.

At the end of the day, it’s essential that you find a BCAA supplement that works for you and that you then stick with that supplements specifically for at least three months. This gives you plenty of time to experience all of the benefits it is able to deliver, and you won’t run the risk of changing things up as far as your nutrition in your supplements are concerned for your ability to get the full payload of results that your selected supplements were helping make possible.

If you’re not seeing the kinds of results you want after three months, by all means, shake things up a little bit and try out a different BCAA solution. However, you want to stick with just one supplement for at least that long to get a real feel for how it’s helping your body transform.

Choose from the BCAA supplements we highlighted above, and the odds are pretty good you aren’t going to be jumping ship to another supplement – especially after you see how quickly it can help you bulk up.

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