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How Weightlifting Improves Your Health

Ever wonder, what are the benefits of lifting all these extra weights? There might be a thought troubled you considering it, but somehow you got to agree to engage in those weight lifting activities. Research has also shown that doing Strength Training is a far better and beneficial option than hitting Cardio or any other sort of exercise. This Comparison was observed between the groups in which one was doing only cardio exercises while the other was doing strength training, i.e., weight lifting. 

No offense to any cardio exercises, but when it comes to fast weight loss, especially the fat loss like belly fat, or lean muscles building, strengthening your core and bones, improved flexibility, improved heart health, and whatnot, one must include strength training in their workout regime. It is important to get the equipment accordingly as well, like powerlifting belts. If you want, you can get yours from

How to Start the Journey of Weight Lifting?

First, you must contact the weight lifting trainer or subscribe yourself to any health fitness center’s program so that you can get proper guidance and training in your weight lifting exercises, and you may not face any injury. For your personal safety, you must have your own gloves and fitness belt to support your back while lifting heavyweights.

The trainer will provide a customized workout routine depending on your body type along with a healthy diet chart. Diet plays a crucial role while dealing with physique formation. Though when people generally engage themselves in a weight loss or muscle gain program, then the first step they take is to lower down the calorie count than a regular one. But while dealing with the weights, it must be focused that little calories must be increased because the more you do strength training, the more you need energy and power in your body to deal with the exercise’s fatigue.

Benefits of Weight Lifting on Health

  • When you do strength training, the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases. It’s because while lifting weights, more blood flows through the vessels, and the heart pumps a lot, thereby decreasing the fat in the valves, which definitely reduces or eliminates the risk of a heart attack.
  • While doing Cardio, the focus is on both, i.e., the mass and the fat of the body. But at the time of lifting weights, the main focus is to reduce the fat percentage in the body, thereby giving you more defined lean muscles. If any individual’s main focus is to develop a strong and curvy body, he/she must focus on lifting heavier weights in which it is hard for them to lift up in the final reps.
  • Strange but true, lifting heavy weights will ultimately reduce belly fat. The reason behind this is when you start using weights during a workout, then the pressure in most of the exercises is also on the stomach, so it ultimately affects belly fat and helps in reducing that stubborn subcutaneous fat, which takes away the self – confidence of most of the people.
  • They are lifting heavier weights than your body will give you elevated energy levels and boost moods. Some studies in the past have proved that though all the exercises help individuals to increase their energy levels and keep up the mood, weight lifting has significant benefits in doing so. It releases the endorphins in the brain, which boosts the mood in every situation.
  • Weight lifting can shed off extra weight, and that too in a little less time than doing Cardio. The focus must be on the frequency, power, and consistency of the exercises. There must be some repetitions of exercise in a fixed set and that to be done in frequent intervals. This whole plan will be given by the expert only. As if you are a beginner, then the trainer will first try to build up your core muscles and will start with fewer weights and a small number of repetitions. Gradually the number of repetitions and the weight size also increases and thereby resulting in healthy and speedy weight loss.
  • It has been proved in many studies that regular weight training helps in treating or keeping it all at bay the impacts of clinical depression and anxiety. The regular practice of lifting weights has helped many in overcoming their anxiety attacks and increased the secretion of endorphin in the brain.
  • Weight lifting has very got very health benefits. One of them is that it maintains proper blood sugar levels, and regular weight lifting can reduce the risk of spikes keeping it under control all the time.
  • It has been observed that while lifting weights, its main focus is on the stomach, but it somehow reduces the risk of cancers in those who perform it religiously in their workout routine.


Doing exercises has got positive benefits, but weight lifting has enormous effects on our mind and body, which no one can ignore. Who all are looking for a better version of themselves in terms of their body and healthy mind must include weight lifting in the workout regime.

Random Food Generator To Avoid Girlfriend Indecision

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What is this tool?

This tool utilizes a gigantic database of ingredients and combines them into delicious meals. Additionally, the other option is using an AI-based system to include your body type, age, and diet to calculate a meal plan for the day, week, or month to fit your goals.

If you’re anything like me, you understand how hard it can be to pick a dinner or lunch meal. If you have a partner and you two can’t decide on something new, why not use technology!

If you’re a bodybuilder or something looking for a more regular diet, we suggest using the automatic option to plan for your week. There’s no need to stress about a grocery list either because Eat This Much provides you an exportable list to take with you to the store.

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If you want a more robust option for choosing dinner for the week, we suggest Eat This Much – The Automatic Meal Planner. They offer a free and paid service that builds a very healthy meal prep guide for a day, week, or even month.

You can also track your meals and macronutrient intake! Instead of worrying about your grocery list price, you can also take advantage of the calculator to understand how much you’ll pay before you enter the store.

What’s the difference between supper and dinner?

In the southern parts of America, the term ‘supper’ is frequently used to describe a meal you eat during the evening. Some other parts of America use the term supper to describe a meal that you eat alone in the evening. Generally, the term ‘Dinner’ is used throughout America, and no form is more appropriate than the other.

What should I make for dinner tonight?

The most common question people have with their family is, “what should we eat tonight?” I wouldn’t be surprised if wars were fought over such a simple question.

I built this generator to help promote more whole food options and help simplify the decision-making process. You also have access to pictures to salivate to and let your eyeballs build your plate. Altogether, making dinner for tonight is simplified with this app.

2020 The Year Personal Training Died

Golds Gym & 24 Hour Fitness have both filed for bankruptcy in 2020 (Valinsky 2020), (BBC 2020). The first gym I worked in as a CPT was a 24hr Fitness, during my time there four years ago I already saw the writing on the wall.

An online survey conducted by Morning Consult, released in April 2020, found that over 68% of gym-goers are much less likely to return to their gym. Only 11% of those survived were indifferent to a post-COVID gym sesh.

There has been a push for people to integrate their fitness goals into their lifestyle for years now.

I suggest ‘Eat This Much – The Automatic Meal Prep Generator’ for that first step into modernity.

Get A Premium 14-Day Trail For Free (Click Image)

The sneezing did not cause the collapse of the industrial bodybuilding complex; it began shifting the second the average consumer lost confidence in the supplement and gym industry.

Most people are aware of the fact that supplements are trickery, many diets are fads & most coaches are too expensive to fit the average client’s budget. This is why people are taking this year as an opportunity to rethink their approaches to fitness.

I remember the day I learned about Freeletics. I was climbing the Jacobs Ladder in my 24-hour fitness while waiting for a client to arrive at 6 am. My friend was working out with me and showed me the new program he was using instead of the typical fitness plans that were all the craze.

As I scrolled through the app and tested its capabilities, my first emotion was envy. Why didn’t I think of crafting an app so brilliant? This app is not reinventing the wheel; it is just providing more accessibility to exercise!

This app was sleek, freemium, but most importantly, it fulfilled the needs of a casual bodybuilder that would otherwise pay me upwards of 800 USD a month for the same fitness advice. As my middle-aged client came in, all I could think of that day was that I am essentially a paid buff gym buddy. For me, that was the day personal training died.

Statistic: Based on what you know about the coronavirus, are you currently more or less likely to go to the gym? | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

‘Yo bro, you need a spot?’

Can you replace your trainer with a fitness app?

Well, let us evaluate what a certified coach can provide you.

Typically, a CPT will sit down with you to discuss your goals, evaluate your current physique, and then discuss any diet and workout restrictions you may have. This typically comprises of a laid back conversation over a smoothie and measuring tape. After you get your custom diet and workout guide, the CPT shifts their focus to supporting you by teaching you proper exercise form and do our best to keep you consistent.

After the diet and workout guide is produced, you are left with a buff cheerleader without the pompoms that cheer you on as you do push-ups.

What makes Freeletics better than traditional personal training?

As a CPT, I understand most people’s goals are out of reach because of a lack of accessibility to the instruction and finding guides that work. The market of fitness apps is littered with quick-and-trashy apps that provide no real solutions and vibrate your phone to death as they push ads for a quick dollar.

Freeletics is built to be free FIRST, and any additional paid features only enhance what is already excellent service. The program was founded by Joshua Cornelius and raised over 45 million dollars in their first round. With a massive budget in his gym shorts, he crafted a solution that utilized AI to helps engineer community participation, quick exercises, and, most importantly, easy access.

The biceps of the app consist of mindset coaching, personalized training, an exercise database. For the freemium users, you have access to the community and a handful of free programs. I should add, they also offer a nutrition app, but I do not believe it is robust enough to be considered the best app-based custom diet planner.

If you are looking for an effective curated diet, you get everything a trainer could offer without stepping into a gym with ‘Eat This Much’ the automatic meal planner.

Created by Louis DeMenthon, it is an online tool that creates meal plans that meet your diet goals based on your preferences, budget, and schedule. The best part of this app is that it even produces a weekly grocery list!

It is not the only solution online, but it is the best. They produced a sharper, more robust app than any of the competition. I previously discussed how V Shred advertises itself as a ‘custom’ diet solution but peddles premade guides that are based on old nutrition science. ETM does not peddle any gimmicks; it uses an algorithm geared to give you a delicious custom meal plan that fits the required macros for you to gain or lose weight and muscle mass. Best of all, they are not focused on drowning you with protein shakes and supplements.

Between Freeletics and, Most people can achieve their goals without even speaking to a nutritionist or certified trainer. Albeit I would suggest people who have particular medical restrictions speak to a nutritionist before making any other decisions.

However, I need a trainer to keep me motivated…

We have not even scratched the fitness world’s SaaS potential. New applications are being produced in Silicon Valley that removes the need for a gym but still allows you to keep an accessible human personal trainer in your pocket. ‘Bright,’ for example, does not rely on AI or automation to craft your fitness and nutrition plan, it allows coaches to join a database, and the client goes on-site to choose who best fits their goals. You can keep that certified smile in your life to help you maintain proper form, build workouts and diet plans.

This advice may seem counterproductive to my job security, but I commend the market for finding solutions to allow more people to live healthier lives. Any reputable, certified personal trainer or nutritionist approaches the field with a desire to help others avoid the landmines of age by keeping them healthy with their knowledge. We all need to get a paycheck; I guess I will have to make my app to get my piece of the digital pie. 🥧

So is personal training dead? Well, no, but it is quickly being phased out to make room for a more individualized and accessible form that will probably run on AI, not sweat.

Works Cited

BBC. 2020. Gold’s Gym files for bankruptcy protection. 05 05. Accessed 08 28, 2020.

Valinsky, Jordan. 2020. 24 Hour Fitness files for bankruptcy and closes 100 gyms. 06 15. Accessed 08 28, 2020.

5 Essential Adonis Belt Exercises – 6 Weeks To V Cut

This world is full of unrealistic bodybuilding expectations; men are no exception to the rule. If you've ever been on a dating app, you can understand just how competitive dating has become.

Download Our 6 Week Ab Workout

Most clients reach out to me to try to gain an edge in the dating world. I usually suggest three muscle groups to increase their swipes:

  • V-Cut Abs
  • Wide Shoulders
  • Cut Triceps

To help you all get on the trimmed train, we've broken down the essential exercises you need to finalize that six-pack. Of course, if you do these exercises, you will not achieve your true potential. You should follow a proper home workout guide that has a schedule and structure.

Check Out The 6 Week To V Program

Our Adonis belt workout guide can be combined with a complete fitness plan to help you attain that entire beach bod physique. Brad Pitt will be proud of you men & Angelena would be proud of you women.

What exercises make an Adonis belt more visible?

The inguinal ligament is most pronounced when you're leaner in body fat or have more pronounced abdominal muscles. So these exercises will focus on the 'transverse abdominis' (TVA) as a focus area.

1. Dragonfly

Some trainers call this the dragon flag, or the ultimate ab workout. Bruce Lee is claimed to have popularized or even invented this punishing method. This exercise by far an advanced technique that should only be attempted by individuals that are already confident in their abdominal strength.

  1. Starting Position: lay flat on a bench or floor. Grab a leg bar or bench that can handle your weight. Keep your arms at a 45-degree angle with your elbows facing up.
  2. Raise your legs up and slightly beyond a 90-degree angle. Maintain a straight posture and flex your core and back. You should feel the fatigue and flex everywhere except your shoulders.
  3. Slowly exhale while lowering your legs back to the starting position. It's crucial to keep your body straight as this is generally where people relax their form.

Repeat this exercise for 5-10 repetitions.

Tip: If you attempt this exercise on an elevated bench, you may fall sideways. Avoid embarrassment and keep your training on the floor. This is by far the best method for getting cut.

2. Side Lateral Raises

Side planks are stabilization and breathing focused exercise. Most importantly, they directly activate the transverse abdominis.

  1. Starting Position: Starting in the yoga plank position, rotate your body to one side with your chest facing sideways and your elbow maintaining your position.
  2. Extend your open arm to a straight upright angle and lift your pelvis from the floor.
  3. Try to keep your weight focused on your elbow and breathe.

With your pelvic bone elevated, countdown from 1 minute and repeat for the other side.

3. Superman
  1. Starting Position: Lying flat on your belly with your arms and legs straight, shoulder-width apart.
  2. While flexing your abs, elevate your legs and arms and face your head forward. This goal is to lift both arms and legs simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.

Remember to breathe and repeat this exercise for 10-15 repetitions.

4. Woodchops
  1. Starting Position: Standing, feet shoulder length apart, grabbing a cable machine or medicine ball
  2. First Movement: Rotate your torso without moving your hips in the opposite direction of your current position.
  3. Imagine you're cutting a tree with an ax.

Return to the start position and repeat for 10-15 reps per side.

5. Ab Roller
  1. Starting Position: Place a soft mat or towel on the floor, place your knees on the cloth, lay the ab roller direction in front of you
  2. First Movement: Gripping the rollout wheel, proceed to press down and push forward until your spine is completely straight.
  3. Return to the starting position slowly, exhaling as you move backward.

Repeat this exercise for 10-15 reps

Seeing Abs & Obliques through body fat.

Despite what you do in the gym, you need a balanced diet to really see results. You don't need to starve yourself but combining cardio with a caloric deficit is essential. Most people see their obliques and V shape around 12% body fat.

Can a woman get an Adonis belt?

Sure, women have stronger cores than men so it may be even easier for them to attain a trimmed pelvic region.

How to Get Bigger Arms (+3 inches) In 2 Weeks – My Fast Results!

Is it possible? What's the magic curl technique? What's the secret arm workouts? Well, their no secrets or magic tricks. We do suggest one little optical illusion though
(read more below ?)

Let me start with a premise, you came here for a workout guide, hoping for a solution to attain chisels triceps and guns. So wouldn't the optimal solution be to follow an actual fitness program? If so, I advise you to check this one out below. Give it a read. 

How I Started

Two weeks isn't much time, but it is very possible if you follow a plan. Not willing to invest in yourself? Here's my a straightforward exercise to get you bigger in a day and if you practice consistently six days in 2 weeks, I PROMISE you bigger biceps. 

The average man can gain around .25 to .5 lbs of muscle in one week. If you are only focused on your arms, you could potentially gain 1 pound of muscle in your arms within two weeks. It may not sound like much, but that is a lot of muscle.

My favorite exercise for arms is the Curl Pyramid (How To Here)

getting bigger arms with bicep curls

Mostly, you perform a barbell curl for ten reps, then the next set you subtract one repetition until you reach 1. I suggest at least a minute and thirty-second rest in-between sets. The best way to estimate how much weight you should use is by determining your one rep max first. You can use this calculator (here)

55 reps in total. It will hurt. Hurt so good 🙂

Is this the only exercise I suggest?

Well yes for starters. Eventually, your body does get used to the workout; this is called muscle memory ( It should be a problem if you are still a skinny guy. Maybe around six months into training consistently. The Curl Pyramid will be your friend for a long time!

How to Get Bigger Arms in 2 Weeks
 At Home Without Weights

If you are stuck at home or you cannot afford a gym. A solid workout plan that can be done in a park or your room is hard to find. Except if you take the leap into Calisthenics. I started with bodyweight training when I joined the Army. It helped me see my first leap in muscle mass and definition. Here are the two workouts you should focus on if you want to attain mass quickly.

The Biceps Brachii muscle group is responsible for the big bulge we all chase. We suggest 2 arm isolation exercises that focus almost completely on the this muscle region:

Chin Ups: As long as you focus on your form, you can imitate a bicep curl while elevated. Since you're competely using your bodyweight, it's almost as if you're lifting a 50 lb weight on both sides.

Close Arm Push Ups: People have been getting toned arms for decades by simply doing push-ups. In the Army, soldiers obsess over push-ups because it's seen as one of the fastest ways to increase upper body strength. Most people who are stuck at home don't have a barbell sitting around to do a close grip bench press but push-ups can easily help you attain the same level of tone. If you toss the heavy weight from your arm routine, it allows you to focus much more on movement and breathing.

BUT Before any of that, I suggest you watch this video guide on Calisthenics:

Push-ups Are Essential

You've probably done a push-up before, but are you doing it correctly?

If you are focusing on gaining the same type of bicep definition as you would from curls, 

you should focus on the "Inside pushup with reversed hands" workout technique:

  • 1

    Begin in the standard push-up position; remember to keep your back straight.

  • 2

    Rotate your hands, so your fingers are pointing towards the wall behind you.

  • 3

    Keep your elbows tucked into your body and lower down slowly.

  • 4

    Once your Chest hits the floor, return to the starting position and repeat the reps until failure.

  • 5

    Rest for 2 to 3 minutes between sets.

Keeping a slow and steady pace is essential if you want to attain the most out of this. Speed does not equate to mass!

Using a pull-up bar

This will cost you some money unless you have a homemade bar. They range from free to expensive. If you really have thje space I would suggest a power rack like the Titan T3. The pull-up is like a magic key to bigger arms and a solid back. You should be doing pull-ups before an upper arms day every time you exercise. The best workout to focus on the curling motion is the chin-up:
  • 1

    Approach the pull-up bar and grab on with your palms facing your torso and grip slightly closer than shoulder width.

  • 2

    Stick your chest out, and you keep your torso straight.

  • 3

    Pull your torso up and focus on the curling movement within your biceps.
    This helps you concentrate on that specific muscle movement. 
    Tip: Make sure you are breathing in as you lift and breathing out as you descend.

  • 4

    Once you have reached the bar with your chin, hold the position for 2-3 seconds and slowly descend to the workout starting position.
    Tip: Be sure not to "kip" while lifting yourself, it should be a slow and focused workout.You will gain nothing from speed.

  • 5

    Rest for 2 to 3 minutes between sets.

My Solution for Bigger Arms for Skinny Guys

I've been there! I started my journey back into my teens! To be honest, albeit I spend a ton of time in the gym doing all the right workouts, I discovered I should have been focusing more on my diet if I wanted to attain larger arms. If you are a skinny guy, you need to put time into your diet and less on curls.

I would suggest buying a mass gainer; I wrote a guide on my favorite one here on Naked Whey.

Apart from a supplement, you should be focusing on increasing carb intake. I would suggest adding complex carbs into your diet, something like pasta.

This analysis shows that these high-protein neutral and spinach pasta contain 36.4 and 39.6 g of protein per 100 g of dry mass, 12.07 and 14.70 g of total essential amino acids per 100 g of dry mass, and a high content of branched-chain amino acids, i.e. 5.54 and 6.65 g per 100 g of dry mass, respectively. This, therefore, represents a true alternative to durum wheat pasta for low-carbohydrate diets.

The average serving of spinach pasta also contains 34 grams of carbs! It packs the punch you need to gain weight. It's also very inexpensive.

Apart from diet, you need Dumbbells! 

Once you've hit the gym, you should focus on a solid dumbbell workout. I suggest the Incline Dumbbell Bench Curl.
Here's a video displaying proper form.

The benched curl allows you to focus less on your body or back and more on the actual rotation of your arm. It's great for beginners because theirs fewer obstacles distracting you from the muscle-to-mind connection.

An alternative dumbbell exercise for those without a bench would be the:
Standing Dumbbell curl

How Long Does It Take To Get Bigger Arms

In short, you do have a limit on the amount of muscle you can gain in a day, week or month. The average man can gain .25 to .5 lbs of muscle in a week. That can increase or decrease based on a multitude of factors, specifically diet, what exercises you are performing and your genetics.

Personally, when I began working out in the Army around the age of 17, I was gaining between 1 to 1.5 pounds of muscle a week! But it was a very brief time frame. Now, I am lucky if I can see an increase in mass of around .5 lbs to 1 lb in a month.

Most workout programs are set up to end within 12 weeks. This is three months to push your body into a new direction. One of the reasons why most programs are around 12 weeks is because people are bad at maintaining habits for extended periods. So 12 weeks is just long enough before someone quits. In addition to that, three months is plenty of time to see a significant change in your biceps and triceps.

In the quoted study, men and women trained for three months to observe how much muscle mass could be obtained and if age would be a factor. They concluded that does indeed determine how much muscle mass can be obtained, but ALL members in the study gained significant muscle mass from exercise....

As previously described, the 12-week resistance training program resulted in positive adaptations in all measures of muscle size and strength in the trained arm (12). In short, increases of 18.9% ± 9.42 in CSA, 54.34% ± 33.46 in 1RM, and 20.66 ± 20.20 in MVC were seen in the trained arm.

In the entire cohort, age was related to change in 1RM but not in muscle size or MVC (Table 2). A sex-specific pattern of adaptation to this protocol has previously been reported (12). We therefore also analyzed these data according to sex, but the relationship with age was not different to that of the entire cohort.

In short, theirs no definite time frame you should focus on to keep doing curls until you attain larger arms. You should instead focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits like going to the gym consistently. Trust me, and you will see progress over time if you follow a good program and eat enough food — the only reason why you wouldn't if you aren't doing the training.

Cheat Code: How I Look Bigger In A Day

Short on time? Getting ready for a date and you want to look ripped? Look no further!

So one of the tips I always suggest to my friends if they are trying to appear more prominent in a day or before an event is first to dress the part.

Wearing baggy clothing will cover up what muscle mass you do have and make you look smaller overall despite how big you are. I would invest in some stretchy short sleeve shirts that are one size too small. Don't go too extreme, just enough to show off your entire arm.

Apart from clothing, eating carbs and drinking water can actually increase the size of your arms within an hour! You shouldn't go overboard, just a quick snack like a bowl of oatmeal or a candy bar.

In regards to exercise, I would suggest doing an activity that would quickly cause lactic acid buildup. For instance, if you do push-ups until your arms are sore and stiff, you will gain literal inches on your arms temporarily (generally around 1 to 3 hours after exercise).

An alternative to push-ups would be dumbbell curls or dips. Both will also hit your triceps extensions partially and give you a more rounded look.

How To Get Bigger Faster

I have a certification with ISSA, and I am a certified personal trainer. I have been helping others attain muscle for years. Despite that, I hadn't reached out and been coached ever until just this year. That was the most revealing decision I had ever made in my life. My coach built a workout that helped me gain a ton of mass that I did not think would be possible.

What I am trying to say is that it is hugely more beneficial to follow a program built to attain what your goal is. You could hire a coach or develop a proper plan online. I would suggest the online option. Theirs a ton of amazing programs out there, I personally recommend the Thomas Delauer's Adaptive Body Boost (Read More).

Even athletes and bodybuilders follow workout programs, why would you think you can do it yourself with the same efficiency?

What supplements I suggest:

If you are trying to put on the pounds and attain larger arms. It definitely wouldn't hurt to invest in creatine. It retains water and as you exercise will give you the perception that you have bigger muscles from just a few curls. Apart from that, I don't suggest any other supplement if your goal is to merely look bigger.

My favorite creatine is from Bulk Supplements (See Price)

fat vs. muscle both will make you look big

But they are not equal! If someone squeezes with arms and feels jelly, that doesn't look impressive! Muscle definition is much more attractive than just having big fat arms. You want the chisels striation that can only be attained from focusing on workouts that give you curls for the girls.

Sometimes people try to "bulk" to reach to the size they prefer. Bulking doesn't mean you can eat pizza all week and become big and strong, and you'll mostly be big if your goal is to be a bear, congratulations.

What about steroids?

Recently, Instagram and bodybuilding, in general, has been swamped with a fad PED (Performance enhancement drug). That is called SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulator)

Some consider them to be safer alternatives to steroids. Albeit they are still banned in many places. I don't believe you need any performance enhancing drugs to attain your goals. If you do not have intentions of becoming the next Olympia, stick with a good diet & a lot of curls.

I hope this article has helped you understand how you can attain your goals. If you want to learn more about dieting and nutrition stay tuned! We cover a multitude of topics. ASCVS wants you to check out our Adaptive Body guide as well if you're going to push yourself forward overall.

They cover all of the essentials:

Dieting: a comprehensive guide for men and women that focuses on building a consistent habit instead of forcing you to eat dry chicken every meal.

Workout plans: some based on people who want to gain muscle and others that focus on cutting fat. Albeit all programs will help you reduce fat.

Motivation within a community. This is by far the best way to help you stay motivated with your goals of attaining larger arms.

Anytime Fitness vs Planet Fitness – One Sucks, One Is Not Bad

So you’re ready to get in shape. This is the year, and it’s great.

Goals are great, and we all want gains and positives that come along with them.

However, ensuring that the gym you frequent is up to par is just as important as choosing your plan. See, it doesn't take much to make a bad gym, or a good one to morph into a pathetic one. To achieve your results, you'll need to choose the right gym.

There’s only one problem-you have different gym chains within your radius. So how do you choose one?

If you've been looking for an ideal gym, you've probably come across Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness.

Battle of the Brands

Since time immemorial, these two brands have been ferociously battling for supremacy.

 Though both are a very similar fitness center, they differ in some pretty distinct ways. Beyond the disparity in their initial investment amounts, there are fundamental differences in how the two brands operate and market themselves.

So, which between these two seems like a more sound investment for a gym franchisee?

In the section below, we shall pit these two brands against each other, compare their features, pros, and cons. Hopefully, the article might help you pick the right gym for your fitness goals.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness was founded in 2002 by Chuck Runyon, Dave Mortensen and Jeff Klinger.

Currently headquartered in Hastings, Minneapolis, Anytime Fitness runs 24-hour facilities that members can access 365 days with a keycard.

Anytime Fitness business model is a streamlined version of the big-box gyms that offer the basics in an intimate environment for those interested in getting fit.

Anytime Fitness has experienced explosive growth in the last decade and is currently one of the largest franchise gyms in the country with over 3,000 locations.

Besides convenience, a key perk of Anytime Fitness lies on its no-contract membership. While some of the outlets may require contracts based on the operator’s discretion, a majority of them do not. In any case, an average monthly financial commitment is anywhere from $30-$50 per month depending on your location an operates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness was co-founded by brothers Michael and Marc Grondahl in 1992.

However, it was not until 2003 that is began franchising.

After the acquisition of a struggling, conventional big-box gym, Michael developed a new business model that was tailored to provide casual and beginner fitness access at an affordable basic membership of $10 per month.

Beyond the low-cost business model approach, Planet Fitness has trademarked the "No judgment Zone" or an "Intimidation free" zone, which caters to those who are embarking on the fitness journey and the serious bodybuilders need not apply. They do still have standards on clothing (short shorts, muscle tanks etc)

Although popular, it does not match the popularity Anytime Planet. Evidence to this is the 830 locations of Planet Fitness, as opposed to the over 3,000 locations for Anytime Fitness.

Again, unlike Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness requires a contract from its members, consequently, charging a start-up fee ranging from $15-30.

Planet Fitness has a policy on not allowing, grunting or slamming down weights to promote the "no judgment zone." However, this has seen the brand get criticized for not catering to athletes and creating fake-fitness environment thriving on the failure of its members.

In my opinion at the least, the negative media backlash and seemingly strange and strict regulations of Planet Fitness, it cannot in any way compete with the overall low-cost, hassle-free model of Anytime Fitness.

Differences | Side - By - Side

Now that we have a rudimentary idea of each franchisee let's have a look at the differences between them.

Anytime Fitness

Planet Fitness

Membership Options

different membership options

different membership options





No contract

Needs a contract

Hours Open

Open at all times




No weightlifting machines


Choose from yoga, spin Zumba, p90x, cardio and more

No classes








Cost is a crucial consideration to make when choosing any gym membership.

Now, both of these gyms will provide you with different membership options.

Anytime Fitness, for instance, offers a membership for both single and two-person monthly/annual membership.

For a single person, you can expect to pay a signup fee of $85 and a monthly fee of $40.

On the other hand, Planet Fitness offers different membership levels. You'll need to pay $10 per month for unlimited access in your local club or add $5 for a no-obligation membership. To access any Planet Fitness location, you’ll need to pay $20.

The startup fee at Planet Fitness varies depending on location, and you can get from $1 to $39/.

In terms of dollars and cent, Planet Fitness is the winner here. However, remember that you get what you pay for.


Aptly named anytime, Anytime does not close its doors.

On the other hand, though most of the Planet Fitness locations are open 24 hours, the service hours vary on weekends or by the franchise.


Anytime is the go-to location for all your fitness needs. This gym has everything under the roof including a full suite of cardio machines, free weights, dumbbells, and power racks

Planet Fitness, on the other hand, is somewhat infamous for not catering t the heavy weightlifters.

For the weightlifters, you'll only get disappointed as you'll only find a Smith machine, a few weight machines, and some light dumbbells.


Anytime Fitness is versatility at its best. At its core, Anytime fitness offers a plethora of classes to choose from including cardio, yoga, and more.

Though free to members, they do vary by locations.

Anytime Fitness is Ideal if:

  • You are looking to lift heavy weight
  • Looking for a variety of classes
  • Need to hit the gym anytime

Planet Fitness is Ideal if:

  • You don’t like being around weight lifters
  • Love cardio
  • Are on a budget

The Verdict

Both these gyms pride themselves on convenience. However, they're different at the end of the spectrum

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