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How to Use Soybeans for Bodybuilding (PS. Soy is Safe For Men) – Tips

How to Use Soybeans for Bodybuilding

Soybeans are a type of leguminous plant that contains high levels of protein and fewer amounts of fats. For this reason, soybeans are slowly becoming a delicacy for most vegan bodybuilders. The most assured way of meeting your daily protein intake is by indulging in protein shakes. The two most common types of protein shakes include soy and whey protein.

On top of what you already know, let me highlight some of the benefits of soybeans in the bodybuilding and mass gaining process.

Using soybeans for bodybuilding starts with a blender

As stated earlier, soy protein is a real deal to bodybuilders looking forward to gaining lean muscle mass and reducing body fat. There are several soy protein powders in the market today to choose from. Soy protein shake, when taken before a workout, will provide an increase in metabolism and help burn abdominal fat fast.

The calories in soy helps you gain weight. To gain weight successfully using soy, have a one meal replacement of soy shake during the day and indulge in your regular diet. This will enable you to gain at least a pound a week without major diet changes.

  • Soybeans will help you feel fuller for longer and reduce sugar cravings in the long run. The soy protein, when taken two to three times a day, will enhance muscle building.

Homemade soy shakes allow you to control the ingredients so that you can perfectly tailor your weight gain journey. You can add strawberries and peanut butter to increase your calories intake up to 500 calories per serving

  • Alternatively add whey protein to your soy shake at a ratio of 2:1 and take two to three times a day to increase muscle building and recovery.

1. Soy is a complete protein

Soybeans contain nine amino acids that are essential for cell integrity and functioning.   Soybeans contain a excellent amino acid profile that helps increase strength during workouts and muscle recovery afterward.  

 The amino acids found in soybeans include – valine, histidine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and isoleucine. The body absorbs these amino acids for different physiological processes.

  • Soybeans contain a right amount of calories. You need to increase your intake of up to 4 scoops a day if you need to build muscles and gain weight.

2. Excellent source of lean protein

Soy milk and tofu, for instance, contain a complete amino- acid profile to help boost your energy after intense workouts. The soybeans contain fewer fats as compared to other sources of animal proteins.

Soy protein isolates found in stores are packed from defatted soybeans and have less than 2% oil. This composition does not cause bloating or any gastrointestinal disturbance when consumed.

3 Contains vitamins and nutrients

Soybeans are a great source of vitamin B complex and Vitamin E. These two vitamins help improve one’s metabolism and convert fats into energy, this way you can significantly enhance your workout experience.

  • Soybeans contain several minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, iron, and potassium to boost one’s immunity.

4. High levels of tolerance

Soy protein is vegan – friendly. It is, in fact, the easiest way for a vegetarian to ensure that they eat enough proteins as said earlier.

Soybeans or any other soy compounds are suitable for individuals that are lactose intolerant. Some proteins for mass gainers may contain lactose that often leads to gastrointestinal problems. Soy proteins do not contain any lactose and therefore fit for your consumption any time.

5. Help reduce cholesterol

Soybeans will help you get rid of bad cholesterol from the body in no time. Most men over 40 have cholesterol issues in America. The soy protein mainly helps reduce plasma cholesterol levels. This means that they inhibit deposition of harmful cholesterol to the tissues and cells in the body.

Soy protein and whey mass gainers contain less saturated fat to help you regulate your cholesterol levels and build muscles the healthy way. Good cholesterol helps one fuel their workouts by providing constant energy.

Cholesterol found in soybeans:

  • Helps boost brain function
  • Helps produce adrenal hormones
  • Stimulates steroidal hormones such as vitamin D and estrogen.
  • Helps renew cell composition.

6. Flavones in soybeans

Isoflavones are plant-based compounds responsible for the generation of phytoestrogen that mimics the function of the estrogen hormone in human beings. Even though, research has shown that isoflavones contain a weaker form of estrogen that will not cause fatigue and bloating.

Research has shown that soybeans reduce the levels of actual estrogen in the body. Soybeans have a significant amount of genistein and daidzein that attaches to the estrogen receptors. During the attachment process, the two compounds inhibit the production of natural estrogen in human beings.

Isoflavones will help:

  • Stimulate muscle recovery after intense workout and also increase  bone strength
  • Reduce bad cholesterol because they are full of antioxidants properties.

7. Arginine in soybeans

Arginine is a form of amino acid that helps stimulate nitric oxide production in the muscles. This way blood supply to the tissues is improved. Arginine is vital when it comes to bodybuilding because of its ability to improve stamina and endurance.

Arginine is also essential in getting rid of free radicals that cause stress in the human body cells. Free radicals lead to abnormal function of the protein cells of the bodybuilders. The extent of free radical formation will depend on factors like the intensity of the workouts and duration.

The non- oxidative nature of soybeans is excellent for fat metabolism and salt monitoring. Salt is essential when it comes to bodybuilding; it strengthens the muscles and increases muscle recovery by quickly relaxing the blood vessels and improving blood supply.

8. Antioxidant properties of soybeans

 Research has shown that soy contains better antioxidant protection than most mass gainers in the market today. This is good news for busy builders, especially after workouts.

Soybeans compounds can be taken before and after a workout to speed the process of muscle recovery.


What about my testosterone?

I get you! There have been several studies concluding that soybeans may decrease your sperm count and lower its quality.

This is our take; you need not fear, most if not all of the studies are not conclusive, they in fact lack standard evidence that soy could have a negative impact on sperm production.  We recommended that you take soy in the right quantity and add some whey protein or casein so that you get a full pack of energy to grow your muscles the healthy way.

How to use Soybeans for bodybuilding? Like any other legume.

In conclusion, Soybeans are already a delicacy for most vegetarians. Because of the soy protein’s rich amino acid profile, it is recommended that even the meat eaters include soybeans in their diet.

The soybeans benefits are hard to ignore when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness. Soy protein powders are available for convenience after workouts. There is no excuse for not including soybeans into your fitness diet.


Is Soy Protein Bad For Males? ASCVS Has The Answer.

Is Soy Protein Bad For Males?

What's the catch? Can I consume Soy without growing breast!?

Soy protein highly supports a healthy lifestyle as a source of cholesterol-free, lean and lactose-free protein. Easy for diabetics and those with kidney issues. Soy has been in consumption for several years in the East Asia where it is popularly eaten as whole soy. Over the years, soy has been repackaged into new products such as soy isolates, soy concentrates and other texturized products.

Does soy affect hormone testosterone? No, At least not unless you consume A LOT of soy. This has been one of the most controversial topics in the recent past about soy. This article discusses everything you need to know about soy. If you want to look into some low carb vegan protein solutions check the reviews out below.

 Nutrients found in soybeans

100 grams of whole soybeans contains 180 calories, 9 grams of fat, 10 grams of carbs and 18 grams of proteins. The same amount of soybeans includes a proper amount of magnesium, folate, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, copper and vitamin K.

Omega- 6 polyunsaturated fats are found in soybeans in large quantities. Research has shown that omega-6, when taken in excess, may lead to diseases and inflammation of body tissues.

  Isoflavones in Soy protein are endocrine disruptors

Estrogens are hormones steroid in nature found in females. The hormones are responsible for regulating the female reproductive system and sexual development.

The hormone estrogen is also found in men but in low quantity. The estrogen receptor lacks powers to select the type of substance that can activate it at any particular time. When estrogen receptors are activated,   a physiological effect occurs as a result of gene expression.

 Let us talk about how soy protein comes in…

Soy protein contains large quantities of a compound called isoflavones. Isoflavones are plant-based estrogens that are capable of activating estrogen receptors in the body.

An endocrine disruptor is any chemical that interferes with the normal hormonal functions in the human body. The soy estrogens can lead to reduced estrogen activity due to the isoflavones blocking the real estrogen from attaching itself on the cell receptor or cause an increased estrogen activity due to successful activation of the receptors by the isoflavones.

 Soy and male reproductive health

An elevated amount of estrogen in males is not healthy. This is to say that an increased amount of isoflavones could lead to significant changes in hormonal composition in men.

One particular research showed that men who eat soy protein daily had a lower sperm count within a duration of 3 months. While another conflicting study found that   50 milligrams of soy protein for four months had no effect on sperm count.

There are several studies that show adverse effects of soy on male sperm count and quality while others find no cause for alarm. This is to say that most studies being conducted about the impact of soy protein in males are not conclusive.

  Soy protein and Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of studies suggesting that large amounts of soy proteins may decrease penile function.  A research conducted on rats to determine the effects of daidzein( a type of isoflavones found in soy protein) on erectile function, suggested that the rats that consumed a high amount of daidzein could not maintain their erection for long.  However, the levels of testosterone remained the same.

Even though rats have been used in recent studies to reflect the effects of some substances in humans, it is worthwhile to note that rats metabolize soy. Differently, we cannot compare the two.

Soy protein and the thyroid function in males.

The isoflavones in soy proteins are goitrogens, meaning that they disrupt the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. The isoflavones are said to inhibit production of the enzyme thyroid peroxidase that is responsible for the production of thyroid hormones.

  • A study in which some adults took 30 grams of soy protein for three months significantly raised levels of Thyroid stimulating hormone.

Majority of participants in the same study experienced symptoms of hypothyroidism such as fatigue, constipation, and thyroid enlargement. Even though, there are some studies showing that soy protein has no effects on thyroid functioning. Generally, there is no enough evidence to show that isoflavones are inhibitors of the primary thyroid enzyme. Evidence also shows a more managed filter of protein in the kidneys.

 Soy may not affect everyone the same way

Men with higher body fat have high levels of estradiol since it is converted from testosterone in body fat. Men prone to high estrogen levels can decrease their estrogen levels by eating a moderate amount of soy. Too much of soy protein will increase the levels of estrogen, especially in men with higher body fat.

  Soy protein is not bad after all

Fermenting soy has shown to decrease phytic acid even though it doesn’t get rid of isoflavones. Some brands of soy protein like Natto contain vitamin K2 which is vital for cardiovascular health.

  • Always keep in mind that the dose makes the poison. The plant-based estrogens are excellent sources of proteins. Always choose fermented soy and eat in a reasonable amount.

 How much soy should you eat?

Diet variation is the key to attaining the balanced nutrients as recommended. It is therefore vital to derive your protein from other sources apart from soy.  Two to three servings of soy are recommended to keep you within the healthy amount. The recommended amount of soy per day is 56 mg a day which you can easily subdivide into two servings.

 The Bottom line?

It is not easy to review soy protein because, for every study showing harm, there is another one showing its benefits. We can’t deny the fact that soy has several advantages including reducing one’s risk of developing prostate cancer. This makes it obvious that men should not fear soy but incorporate it into their diets in the recommended amount.

We go over other vegan diet tips on another review as well. Be sure to check it out and learn more! It’s important to do your OWN research. ASCVS is here to help as much we can.

How Effective Is Yoga For Toning? We Have The Answer.

how effective is yoga for toning
Best Methods - Balls & Trapeze

Yoga is a practice that has been in existence for thousands of years. It originates from India and has spread rapidly to other regions including the west. The routine became prevalent during the 20th and 21st centuries. Yoga contains a series of different workouts depending on the type of results you expect. Some people argue that it is only best for stress relief and flexibility. However, yoga is perfect for burning fat in the body and toning up.

Really interested in the best method to tone? We suggest utilizing a Yoga Ball Or Trapeze.

intermittent fasting results guide tips

Toning with Yoga works like this

Nowadays many people want quick results by using steroids to get the nice abs and muscles. Yoga provides a healthy solution to the people who would like to tone up and stay healthy naturally. The exercise helps in burning fat and reducing weight. It is even a more sophisticated method due to the liberalization of the body, spirit, and mind. The coordination allows you to transcend any limitations and achieve your ultimate fitness goals. You do not necessarily need blasting music and heavy weights to build a great toned body.

• Using Your Body Weight

Your body weight is one of the most crucial asserts you have in undertaking exercises. Sometimes we get overwhelmed and become slaves to dumbbells, and weight machines. Yoga helps in building our muscle strength by using our body weight. When you hold yoga poses for long periods of time, various toning procedures happen to your body. First, the poses make your muscles to contract and stretch to support your weight.

When you are a beginner, you can have a hard time holding the poses for a long time. However, as you continue with the training, you develop the endurance and muscle strength to maintain the poses. Not only do you strengthen your muscles but you also increase your body flexibility and have an elongated posture. Various studies have been conducted by Wisconsin’s Human Performance Laboratory University. It revealed that the people who practiced yoga daily developed increased chest and abdominal strength.

Subjecting your body to different positions and orientations forces the muscles to stabilize. You, therefore, develop an increased focus and determination to hold still. The exercise balances your body muscles, unlike weight training which only focuses on one region.

• Toning Your Muscles Using a Yoga Trapeze

If you are a yoga fan, you must know what a yoga trapeze is. The apparatus allows you to add some fun and life into doing yoga. It is merely a swing-like design that drapes from the ceiling. Yoga trapeze will enable you to do various poses and muscle training techniques in your routine. Its main work is to support your body weight and improve your stability.

The device supports the inversion therapy that assists in lengthening the space between the vertebrae. It is therefore excellent in extending your spine keeping it healthy. The exercises done on the yoga trapeze include push-ups, still poses, backflips, swings, suspension training among others. The workouts build your core and the upper body muscles that help in toning your body.

Using Yoga Balance Balls

Whenever you want a stronger challenge than doing standard yoga poses, purchase a yoga ball. Yoga balls may look easy and fun to assume, but they are instrumental in toning up your body. The balls can support your weight as you do the various yoga poses on them. The stability balls help in taking your regular exercise routine to another level. There are numerous exercise methods you can do using the stability ball including planks, jackknives, bridge, and Bulgarian split squat.

Yoga ball increases the core strength while exercising. You will need to improve your efforts in trying to remain stable. You end up burning a lot of fats and having super core abs from just using the yoga ball. Jackknives are good for toning the lower body and inner abs. It also tests your upper body strength in supporting your body strength while doing the exercises. Yoga balls strengthen your upper thighs, back, and abs.

We can conclude that indeed yoga is the best exercise for toning all body muscles. Yoga is the only exercise that engages your whole body compared to other workouts. When making the moves, your body engages all the muscles. The muscles have to work together for you to gain stability.

What is yoga?

It’s important to understand what yoga means before determining its benefits. It is a spiritual, physical and mental practice aimed at liberating the whole body for its general well being. It helps in joining the mind, body, and spirit. One can gain control of their body and mind by performing the exercise.

What types of yoga help in toning?

There are various types of yoga that you can do. However, it is essential to find out the specific yoga moves that will help in toning your body muscles. The arm balance moves are useful in targeting the smaller muscles located in the body. Most of the weight training methods focus on the significant body muscles while neglecting the smaller ones. The arm balances exercise tones all muscles whether minor or significant.

The standing poses are good in explicitly toning the leg muscles. Some of the standing poses include warrior poses; triangle poses among others. The more repetitions you make, the better and more effective the exercises become in toning your legs.

In conclusion; Yoga can burn some calories

Dynamic yoga is the best exercise for toning. Some of the variations include Hatha, poser, flow, and vinyasa. The active type consists of a variety of combined workouts done at the same time with repetitions. Significant exercises found in the dynamic yoga include planks, squats, lunges, bends, and twists. The good thing is that you can modify the moves by using either a yoga ball or a trapeze. The two methods help in taking the exercise regime a notch higher. You get to burn a lot of fat and build your endurance. Core stability increases and thus improves your stability and balance.


How much does weight loss affect cholesterol? Here’s How. My Results!

hairy man waist trainer asking How much does weight loss affect cholesterol

Being overweight is a known risk factor for a number of different lifestyle diseases, including heart disease. Not only that, but it can also be a key indicator for high cholesterol levels that have been found to have a number of detrimental impacts on your health.

So if you’ve been wondering how much does weight loss affect cholesterol or considering trying to lose weight as a method to reduce your high cholesterol, there is no better time than right now.


Understanding High Cholesterol


More than 100 million Americans over the age of 20 have cholesterol that is outside of a healthy range and/or considered high. However, few of those individuals truly understand what that means, let alone the effect it has on their overall health.

Better understanding the components of high cholesterol or dyslipidemia can help you do more to control your cholesterol and benefit from lifestyle measures, like losing weight, to improve your overall health.


To put it simply, a diagnosis of high cholesterol means that you have an imbalance of fats circulating in your blood stream. This fatty substance – cholesterol – serves to metabolize your food and regulate hormones. Doctors breakdown your lipid health profile into three distinct measures:


1. LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein –

Known as “bad cholesterol,” having too much LDL can put you at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. This is the type of cholesterol that builds up and forms plaque in your arteries, which can restrict the blood flow to your heart and other major organs.

The higher your LDL, the greater your risk for heart-related complications.


2. HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein –

This form of cholesterol is known as “good cholesterol.” It brings lipids from other parts of your body to your liver to be filtered and removed. High HDL levels indicate a decreased risk of heart disease, while low HDL is an indicator of an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.


3. Triglycerides –

Triglycerides are simply the fat present in your blood. A type of fat that you consume, triglycerides are mostly in vegetable oil and animal fats. High triglycerides can also contribute to plaque buildup in your arteries, so it is also an indication of your risk for heart disease.


High cholesterol is a complex health concern as both genetics and your environment play into your risk of developing an imbalanced lipid profile. If you have a family history of high cholesterol, you are more likely to develop the issue yourself. However, several lifestyle factors, including what you eat and how much you exercise, also contribute to the condition.


The Impact of Losing Weight on Cholesterol Levels


According to a study presented by the American Diabetes Association, losing weight has several significant effects on cholesterol levels. The study found that weight loss significantly increased the breakdown of bad cholesterol, helping lower LDL levels in the blood.

This research also found that weight loss delays the metabolism of good cholesterol and, therefore, improves one’s overall lipid profile.


Another study found what has commonly become known as the “lifestyle effect” on both blood pressure and cholesterol. This research found that measures taken to control weight, including increased exercise and improved diet, not only positively impacts cholesterol levels, but it also helps manage blood pressure and other cardiovascular indicators. The findings included the following:


• Increased weight loss resulted in decreased blood pressure, with an ultimate percentage of decrease at over 10 percent.

Mass loss equaling 10 percent or more resulted in a 50 percent decrease in blood pressure medication, on average.

Weight loss between 3 to 9 percent averaged a decrease in high cholesterol by 25 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

• Loss greater than 10 percent averaged a decrease in high cholesterol of 45 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or more.

• Weight loss of 10 percent or more also reduced diabetes diagnoses – from 30 percent having prediabetes or diabetes to only 4 percent.


Lifestyle Changes to Improve Cholesterol


While any effort you make to decrease your intake and increase your activity level can help, several specific recommendations have been found to have the greatest effect on cholesterol levels. To make the greatest impact on your cholesterol with lifestyle changes:


1. Adopt a heart-healthy diet.


Changing your diet in specific ways can reduce your cholesterol and improver your overall heart health. A heart healthy diet involves:


• Reducing your intake of saturated fats, including red meat and full-fat dairy products

• Eliminating trans fats, typically referred to as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil

• Increasing your intake of omega-3 fats, found in fish, nuts, and different seeds

• Increasing your soluble fiber by eating foods such as oatmeal, kidney beans, and apples

• Adding whey protein to your diet, which commonly found in dairy products


Making these changes in addition to monitoring your daily intake will help you effectively lower your cholesterol as your work to manage and reduce your weight.


2. Exercise most days of the week.


Exercise is also an important part of the equation for both losing weight and managing your cholesterol. Regular physical activity has actually been found to raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. Make it your goal to work up to 30 minutes of physical activity 5 times a week.

You can receive the same health benefits from adding in different activities you enjoy as following a structured workout program. For example, taking a brisk walk, riding your bike, or playing a sport can help you. They help you get the necessary daily activity you need to control your cholesterol and manage your weight.


The Key to Long-Term Success


The benefits of weight loss related to cholesterol only last as long as you are committed to your regimen to control your weight.

While people take a variety of approaches to reduce their weight and manage their health, studies show that the key to long-term success is having a support system and being held accountable for your lifestyle. This approach gives you the support you need to persist. Even when challenges get in your way, and as the research indicates, it is well worth your effort.

How Much Ensure To Drink To Gain Weight? – ASCVS Guide

3 glasses of ensure with a doughnut on top explaining why drinking ensure to gain weight

Weight gain should be gradual, at most a pound a week. To gain a pound a week, one needs to take an extra 3500 calories in total or 500 in a single day. In cooperating protein shakes for weight gain is the most assured way of meeting your daily calorie intake.

The body uses proteins depending on one’s age, gender, and physical activities. Proteins are processed and broken down by the liver. For this reason, one is advised to take the recommended amount to avoid overworking the liver which could lead to several complications later on.

What is Ensure?

Ensure is one of the products manufactured by Abbot Nutrition. The drink is complete balanced nutrition that can be used as the meal replacement when need be. Ensure is mostly prescribed to people who need to gain weight to meet a healthy target, the elderly or individuals recovering from surgery. The drink can also be used as a snack to help one meet their daily calorie target for weight gain.

Ensure plus only contains more calories than the typical Ensure. The drink contains proteins and minerals as shown in the table below for extra calories.




Carbohydrate 31.84g Bowl of brown rice
Protein 8.60g 1/3 chicken breast
Prebiotic FOS 2.4g 4 medium bananas
Omega -03 and Omega 6 1.92g 2/3 Salmon
Vitamin C 29.0mg Small orange
Vitamin D 102IU 6 cups mushroom
Calcium 242mg 1 glass creamy milk
Selenium 11.2mcg ¾ piece sardine

Why ensure?

For you to gain weight, you need to eat more than your body needs. Nutrient-rich sources with fortified products include products such as Ensure which essentially contain all the extra calories recommended for safe weight gain.

1. Convenient

Ensure offers you the convenience you need each morning, especially when you are running late. Just pick a pack, a bottle or just open and drink from the box itself.

It can be taken between meals just as a normal beverage. You can also throw a pack in your bag as you travel or stroll around. Ensure has several flavors to choose from, we are sure you will find your favorite among the many.

2. Affordable and nutritious

The pack is full of nutrients at a reasonable price. It will give you the extra calories you need a day at a reasonable price. Even though, remember that this product does not replace the actual meals that you should be indulging in. Eat a well-balanced diet as you use this to supplement your calorie intake.

3. Excellent weight gain formula

Ensure contains 350 calories per single serving along with 24 essential nutrients and minerals. The pack also includes 13 grams of proteins. The protein makes up to 26% of the recommended protein intake which is a good deal when you want to gain weight.

  • The protein also helps maintain the muscle integrity. An 8-ounce serving contains 11 grams of nutritious fat that is from polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats
Precautions when using ensure for weight gain

We recommend that you talk to your healthcare provider before you use Ensure if:

  • You suffer from a genetic order that affects how the body processes the galactose sugar(galactosemia)
  • You have milk intolerance
  • You are an adult or elderly with kidney diseases( This is to reduce chances of loading the kidneys with protein waste called urea)
  • You are a known diabetic because Ensure has a high concentrated sugar content

Does Ensure help you gain weight fast?

Weight gain is a journey. Ensure will help you gain weight only when taken as instructed. Additionally, you need to eat a well – balanced diet and perform muscle building exercises, only then can you be able to see changes fast. Remember that you will gain weight when calories burned, are lesser than what is consumed.

How long will it take to gain weight drinking ensure plus?

Gaining weight in this instance will depend on whether you are doing anything else. Lifting weights is a more excellent way to gain weight. Alternatively, add a whey protein powder for weight gain to see quicker results. You also need to take the recommended amount to meet your calories intake as required.

The recommended intake of Ensure is two servings per day. 2 meals a day will yield about 700 extra calories which are recommended per day. Drinking more than prescribed will only predispose yours to complications.

Are there side effects with the use of Ensure?

Ensure might cause your body to behave differently during the first week of its use. The common adverse effects noted include:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
When taken in excess, it can lead to the following:
  • Weak pulse
  • Seizures
  • Muscle cramps
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Mood changes

Role of exercises in weight gain

Muscle building is the only way you can be sure that the excess calories are deposited in the muscles instead of the fat cells in the body. There are several exercises that will help you gain weight the right way in the right places. Seek advice from a trainer if you do not have an idea how to start.

We have listed five exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home to help you gain weight fast:

1. Push-ups

The push-ups primarily target the pectoral muscles, and delts.

How to perform Push-ups:

  • Place your hands on the ground and begin with a high plank position right below the shoulders
  • Keep your spine neutral and lower down your body until the chest is above the floor
  • Complete one rep by pushing your body up
  • It is advisable that you keep your arms tucked to the side while you lower your body when you want to build better biceps

2. Bench Dips

The bench dips usually target the triceps and shoulders

How to perform the bench dips:

  • You need a bench, a chair or anything similar to help you get started
  • Place the chair behind your back and grip the edge of the chair with your hands fully extended and placed shoulder apart
  • Remember to keep your legs straight and extended forward perpendicular to the chest
  • Lower your body in slow motion by bending through the elbow until your upper arms and forearms are perpendicular to each other.
  • Lift yourself to the starting position to complete a single rep.

3. Pull-ups

The pull-ups primarily target your arms and lats

To perform the exercises:

  • Get a pull-up bar and grab it with your palms facing outwards
  • Pull yourself over the bar by keeping a straight spine arch and torso puffed out
  • Lower your body down until your arms are fully extended.

4. Bodyweight squats

The squats are part of the lower body workout that mainly targets the quads, glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors

Here is how to successfully perform squats:

  • Stand with the legs shoulder-width apart, keep your hands together in front of the chest
  • Flex your knees and hips to begin a downward motion. Sit back with the hips and keep your torso straight.
  • Go as low as you can and return to the standing position to complete a single rep
  • Perform as many as you can during your leg workout day.

5. Lunges

The lunges are an exercise to help one build their glutes, quad and hip flexor muscles.

To perform the lunges:

  • Stand and part your feet shoulder width apart and hands on your side.
  • Step your right leg forward, flex your knees and drop your hips
  • Try to go down until your knee reaches the floor
  • Stand back up and take a step forward with the left leg
  • Repeat this exercise as much as you can.
  • To make the exercise more challenging, include some free weights.


There are several foods that when paired with Ensure help you gain weight safely and efficiently. Exercises are essential for building muscles and burning unwanted fats. The exercise listed above, together with a balanced diet and two servings of Ensure a day will help you attain the weight you have always wanted.

How to Gain Weight in Thighs and Buttocks Fast 🍑

beach booty caucasion woman teaching How to Gain Weight in Thighs and Buttocks Fast

We all love toned and shapely buttocks. In order to gain weight in the thigh and buttock area, one has to take more calories than their body burns. For progressive gain, it is advised that one increases their calorie intake to about 500 grams in a single day.

Some foods will help you gain weight in the thigh and butt more easily, including some supplements like GNC. This article has included tips and basic ways to increase muscle in the thigh and butt area fast. Read on.

Need a diet too? Want a free guide? Check out our FREE Intermittent Fasting Guide (For now)

1. Diet

You need to eat nutritious foods to promote healthy weight gain. Weight gain does not occur overnight; it is as a result of lifestyle changes and focus. Weight training, for instance, is not a walk in the park. However, you need to focus on your weight and fitness goal. Here is the diet that yields great results when you want to grow your butt and thighs


Proteins are the number one foods that make all the difference when it comes to growing your muscles. They are important for muscle synthesis and energy release.

  • Include at least two servings of protein per meal to ensure that you are getting enough. For accuracy, measure about ½ a cup of portion per serving.

You can supplement your protein intake with the whey protein powders for building muscles in the market. Talk to your health coach to help you choose the best weight gainer supplements without side effects.

Healthy Fats

Fats contain 9 calories per gram. This is double the calories found in a gram of protein or carbs. Adding healthy fats to your diet is a great way to enhance muscle growth.

  • You can add a tablespoon of essential fats such as olive oil to your salads as a dressing.

For best protein shake for muscle gain add a handful of nuts to your smoothies. Nuts are rich in good fats. For added calories, add a tablespoon of peanut butter into your vegetable to create a calorie-rich meal which is also delicious.

Healthy snack

High calorie- foods will help you achieve your calorie- intake effortlessly. Foods like avocados and eggs are good for starters. Avoid eating empty calories like sweets, junk and fast foods.

Eat small frequent meals per day to increase the amount of calorie intake. Instead of buying chips, invest in a nutrition shake like ensure. Alternatively, increase your portion size during main meals and add two snacks throughout the day.

Small frequent meals prevent you from getting excessively full. This way you are able to stay active throughout the day.

2. Exercises

Repetitive exercises are the basics of any muscle building program. The process of muscle building should not be rushed; it should be steady and controlled until desired outcome is achieved.

The following are some of the exercises that build butt and thigh muscles fast when done continuously:


The bridge or butt exercise is one of the most strength-training exercises that will help you lift your gluteus and add an inch to your hips. Here is how to successfully perform the bridge exercises

  1. Start by lying on your back. Keep the arms flat on the floor beside you and bend your knees into a 90 degrees angle. Keep your feet flat on the floor
  2. Press your pelvis up in the air with your knees bent. Stop when the back is in a straight line
  3. You need to hold in this position as much as you can. Lower your back to the ground slowly and repeat this exercise more times.


Squats exercises are very important when you are looking into toning your entire lower body. When done well, squats help enlarge your hips and gluteus. Here are steps on how to perform the squats correctly:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder -width apart and toes facing out at 45 degrees from the body.
  2. Squat with your knees from for few seconds and push back up to the standing position. Try to push using the butt muscles.
  3. Alternatively, hold two dumbbells (one in each hand). Or one on the shoulders to make the squats more challenging and effective.
  4. Add a leg rise to help target your hip area. Extend one leg straight to the side when getting back to the standing position. Change sides as you continue squatting.
  5. Using office exercise equipment like a yoga ball chair can help you get those glutes burned.


Lunges also target your hip and butt muscles just like the squat exercises. You will need to exert more strength from the hip area so that you are able to maintain balance all along.

To perform lunges;

  1. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Step forward with the right leg about 4 feet.
  2. Go down so that your right knee bends forward and the left leg drops to the ground. Continue lowering down until the right thigh is parallel to the floor.
  3. Push back to the standing position with your right leg. Do about 8 lunges per side.
  4. Side lunges can also help target the hips. For side lunges step outwards to the side instead of forward. Alternate this exercise on both legs for some time.

Side leg rises

Side leg raises target the hip muscles. They best show great results when incorporated with lunges and squats.

Here is to how to perform leg rises correctly;

  1. Lay down on the floor on your right side. Let the right arm hold the head in place so that the upper arm is flat on the floor. You can either place the left hand on the hip or on the floor in front of you.
  2. Tighten the abdominal muscles and slowly lift your left leg up. Keep the toes well flexed and the leg straight.
  3. Lift the leg as high as you can and hold it in this position for a few seconds. Take the leg down in slow motion and repeat this move as many times as possible and roll over to the right side and repeat the same.


Running is a cardio exercise that greatly targets your butt and hips. A treadmill, for example, enables you to use an incline function to work the hips properly.

  • Do a combination of several cardio exercises to help you work the butt area differently for better results.

Walking sideways on the treadmill will put more stress on the gluteus in order to give your thighs and buttocks the tension they need to build muscles.


Spinning helps burn calories while toning your thighs at the same time. Up and down movements help increase the muscle around the butt.

  1. Always sit back on the bike and focus on pushing the pedals down as much as possible. Increase the resistance to the extent that you are comfortable with.
  2. On standing position, stick your butt out far behind so that you are able to target those muscles easily.
Body typeExercises to perform What to eat
You gain weight easily especially around the butt area Do cardio exercise and lower body exercises to tone your thighs and buttocks Eat plenty of whole grains and fruits. Eat more than five meals in a day.
You easily gain weight around the stomach area In cooperate an abs workout with butt and thigh exercises to enable your stomach stay leaner than the butt Indulge in high protein diet with plenty of vegetables.
You easily gain weight in the arms and face Slow down on cardio, because it will keep your buttocks and thighs from building muscles. Aim more on weight-training Eat more often. Avoid high salty foods and drink plenty of water.
You gain weight more in the thighs Try longer workouts to give adequate time to building of thigh and butt muscles. Eat proteins in plenty. Whole meal and vegetables at every meal is also essential.
You hardly gain weight Avoid cardio .Shift to

weight training

Eat starchy foods rich in high calories.

How long should you wait to see the results?

Proper diet, when paired with great workout routine yields results almost immediately. The first week of this routine is characterised by slight weight gain and thigh increase.

Real results will be visible from a month onwards. Getting used to the workout and diet routine is the most hectic part. However it is not impossible, you only need to stay focused at all times.

Important tips to consider when building butt and thigh muscles

It is important to master the following tips. They are essential in any glutes building program.

Focus on continuous overload

The most vital component of growing buttock muscles is steady and progressive overload which majorly involves strength training whereby one has to steadily increase the amount of resistance they subject their muscles to.

Remember the pelvic tilt

Your gluteus muscles should feel like they are burning each time you are working them out. If not, try the posterior pelvic tilt which involves doing a range of glutes contraction. This technique simply recommends that you squeeze in your butt to maximally extend your hips and ensure that the muscles are worked as intended.

How about the rule of third?

It is advisable to train your lower body three times a week with various exercises that involve loads and intense training. The rule of third dictates that one-third of the exercises you perform should be vertical in nature, one-third should be horizontal in nature and one-third should be lateral

The rule of the third also applies to weight training. This ensures that you are working the butt and thigh muscles from all angles.

Do not forget about recovery

The process of building muscles is very intense and demanding. For this reason, you need to eat a balanced diet to help your tissues recover from workouts.

Do not subject your glutes to strength training 5 times a week; you will only end up tired. Enjoy your rest days and perhaps indulge in protein powder shake to help you recovery well at this particular time.

Finally……. Gaining weight in your booty is not impossible.

It is important for you to know that it is not easy to selectively grow your butt and thighs with diet alone. Exercises are an important part of muscle building in any part of the body.

Focus on strengthening your lower body muscles with the exercises listed above but also remember to work your upper body to achieve a fitter frame.Do not ignore the role of a fitness trainer who will help you develop a fitness goal that will finally see your butt and thighs grow as you desire.