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What is a mass gainer?

Mass gainers have become increasingly popular with bodybuilders using them to boost their muscle mass. As a result, brands such as GNC have come up with the pro performance to suit the needs of the users. So, what is a mass gainer? A mass gainer is a supplement that provides carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and other nutrients to help its users gain muscle mass. Particularly, this review seeks to evaluate the supplement by establishing just how rich it is in fiber and amino acids. The review also reveals that the supplement has MCTs and ribose – ingredients that help you to gain muscle energy fast.

GNC is unfortunately the leader in protein. 

Why is it unfortunate? Because sometimes I want variety! But I really can't complain about this product. The MASS XXX is simply geared for anyone trying to get big.

I'd suggest comparing it to the competition below.


GNC Mass Gainer Complex Ingredients


Sports nutrition requires a supplement that has the necessary and adequate ingredients to promote muscle mass, and GNC pro performance Mass Gainer Complex has most of the essential ingredients. Many of them similar to Universal Nutritions profile.


Its ingredients include:


· Cocoa Powder


Cocoa powder is obtained from cocoa beans, and it has many useful nutrients. The powder contains magnesium, zinc, sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and copper. Moreover, it has antioxidant properties that help it to slow down the damaging of your body. Additionally, it promotes growth and development. Cocoa powder is also a vital ingredient in this supplement because it helps to eliminate chemicals and toxins from your body.


· Protein blend


Besides the protein from whey protein isolate, this supplement contains other proteins. The protein mix includes lysine, leucine, and cysteine. They are essential because they not only promote the development of lean tissue but also help in the digestion process. The protein blend helps to rebuild your muscles and strength in addition to ensuring that your body gets the protein it needs. Keep in mind that protein is a nutrient that promotes growth and development.


· Polydextrose


Polydextrose, obtained from glucose, is another crucial ingredient in GNC Mass Gainer Complex. It is used in place of sugar in candies or desserts but its primary purpose is to thicken and stabilize foods. Polydextrose also adds flavor and taste and is used in this supplement because it contains fiber, which contributes to loss of fat and weight.


· Maltodextrin


Maltodextrin is obtained from starch through a process known as hydrolysis. It is a key ingredient in this supplement because it is easily digested and the rate of absorption into the body is comparable to that of glucose. Besides being used as a supplement, it is also used to reduce the fat content of peanut butter, making potato chips, and serving a critical purpose in the brewing of beer.


· Amino acids


Amino acids are referred to as the basic molecular building blocks of life, and they are among GNC Mass Gainer Complex ingredients. Amino acids combine to form proteins, and 20 percent of the human body is made of proteins. They are a vital ingredient in this supplement because they promote the regeneration of tissues in addition to contributing to the healing of wounds. Moreover, they help the body to gain muscle mass, thus giving you a muscular physique. Amino acids are crucial in enhancing body strength.


· Sucralose


Sucralose is a sweetener used as a sugar substitute in products prepared for people that have diabetes. The reason behind it being used in GNC Mass Gainer Complex is because it is a non-calorie sweetener, which make it effective in weight loss. Additionally, it has no known side effects.


· Lecithin


Lecithin is a suitable ingredient in this supplement because it is easily digested and the human body can tolerate it. Moreover, it helps to lower the cholesterol levels within the body, making it an ideal dietary supplement. Lecithin is also used to treat liver diseases, kidney diseases, and acne.


Benefits of using GNC Mass Gainer Complex


1. The supplement contains numerous minerals and vitamins that are critical when it comes to the nourishment of the body.


2. GNC Mass Gainer Complex contains fiber, a significant element in losing weight and body fat


3. It promotes muscle growth and development. This helps a bodybuilder to achieve his or her goal.


4. GNC Mass Gainer Complex is rich in carbohydrates. The carbs provide the energy you need during intense workout sessions


GNC Mass Gainer Complex; Does it work?



The majority of men who are looking for a sports nutrition product often come across GNC Mass Gainer Complex. They, however, wonder if the product works when it comes to bodybuilding. The answer is yes, it does. The supplement contains many useful nutrients, and it provides bodybuilders with plenty of calories and proteins that help them in gaining muscle mass.


Furthermore, it is a product that is commonly used by teenagers. Why this age set? This is because keeping up with the recommended bodybuilding diet proves a bit costly. If one cannot afford the diet, he or she could use GNC Mass Gainer Complex because it contains all the necessary nutrients in one package.


Potential GNC Mass Gainer Side Effects


Below are some of the known side effects of using this supplement:






Liver problems


Kidney injury


Nausea, and


Breathing issues



How to take GNC Mass Gainer Complex


Like any other supplement, GNC Mass Gainer Complex has a specific procedure that you need to follow when taking it so that you can achieve the desired results.


5. Take one or two scoops of the powder (do this every day)


6. Mix the powder with milk. Avoid water because milk adds 8 g of protein plus 120 calories that are unavailable in water


7. Exercise for about half an hour before taking the supplement


8. Ensure to blend the mixture in order to have a shake that is lump-free
GNC Mass Gainer Complex Review - Recipe For GAINZ
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