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How Much Ensure To Drink To Gain Weight? – ASCVS Guide

Weight gain should be gradual, at most a pound a week. To gain a pound a week, one needs to take an extra 3500 calories in total or 500 in a single day. In cooperating protein shakes for weight gain is the most assured way of meeting your daily calorie intake.

Before you dig in too deep on this guide. I have to let you know. This is by far one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to gain weight. We suggest a good fitness guide to help aid you in your journey. Specifically, Ours. We aim to help anyone gain 10 lbs of lower bodyweight in just 10 days with our diet & workout. Read More Below.

The body uses proteins depending on one’s age, gender, and physical activities. Proteins are processed and broken down by the liver. For this reason, one is advised to take the recommended amount to avoid overworking the liver which could lead to several complications later on.

What is Ensure?

Ensure is one of the products manufactured by Abbot Nutrition. The drink is complete balanced nutrition that can be used as the meal replacement when need be. Ensure is mostly prescribed to people who need to gain weight to meet a healthy target, the elderly or individuals recovering from surgery. The drink can also be used as a snack to help one meet their daily calorie target for weight gain. We still suggest a custom balanced diet to match your goals. If you want a good example of a sizable meal, check out our food generator.

Ensure plus only contains more calories than the typical Ensure. The drink contains proteins and minerals as shown in the table below for extra calories.

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Carbohydrate 31.84g Bowl of brown rice
Protein 8.60g 1/3 chicken breast
Prebiotic FOS 2.4g 4 medium bananas
Omega -03 and Omega 6 1.92g 2/3 Salmon
Vitamin C 29.0mg Small orange
Vitamin D 102IU 6 cups mushroom
Calcium 242mg 1 glass creamy milk
Selenium 11.2mcg ¾ piece sardine

Why ensure?


For you to gain weight, you need to eat more than your body needs. Nutrient-rich sources with fortified products include products such as Ensure which essentially contain all the extra calories recommended for safe weight gain.

1. Convenient

Ensure offers you the convenience you need each morning, especially when you are running late. Just pick a pack, a bottle or just open and drink from the box itself.

It can be taken between meals just as a normal beverage. You can also throw a pack in your bag as you travel or stroll around. Ensure has several flavors to choose from, we are sure you will find your favorite among the many.

2. Affordable and nutritious

The pack is full of nutrients at a reasonable price. It will give you the extra calories you need a day at a reasonable price. Even though, remember that this product does not replace the actual meals that you should be indulging in. Eat a well-balanced diet as you use this to supplement your calorie intake.

3. Excellent weight gain formula

Ensure contains 350 calories per single serving along with 24 essential nutrients and minerals. The pack also includes 13 grams of proteins. The protein makes up to 26% of the recommended protein intake which is a good deal when you want to gain weight.

  • The protein also helps maintain the muscle integrity. An 8-ounce serving contains 11 grams of nutritious fat that is from polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats
Precautions when using ensure for weight gain

We recommend that you talk to your healthcare provider before you use Ensure if:

  • You suffer from a genetic order that affects how the body processes the galactose sugar(galactosemia)
  • You have milk intolerance
  • You are an adult or elderly with kidney diseases( This is to reduce chances of loading the kidneys with protein waste called urea)
  • You are a known diabetic because Ensure has a high concentrated sugar content

Does Ensure help you gain weight fast?

Weight gain is a journey. Ensure will help you gain weight only when taken as instructed. Additionally, you need to eat a well – balanced diet and perform muscle building exercises, only then can you be able to see changes fast. Remember that you will gain weight when calories burned, are lesser than what is consumed.

How long will it take to gain weight drinking ensure plus?

Gaining weight in this instance will depend on whether you are doing anything else. Lifting weights is a more excellent way to gain weight. Alternatively, add a whey protein powder for weight gain to see quicker results. You also need to take the recommended amount to meet your calories intake as required.

The recommended intake of Ensure is two servings per day. 2 meals a day will yield about 700 extra calories which are recommended per day. Drinking more than prescribed will only predispose yours to complications.

Are there side effects with the use of Ensure?

Ensure might cause your body to behave differently during the first week of its use. The common adverse effects noted include:

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
When taken in excess, it can lead to the following:
  • Weak pulse
  • Seizures
  • Muscle cramps
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Mood changes

Role of exercises in weight gain

Muscle building is the only way you can be sure that the excess calories are deposited in the muscles instead of the fat cells in the body. There are several exercises that will help you gain weight the right way in the right places. Seek advice from a trainer if you do not have an idea how to start.

We have listed five exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home to help you gain weight fast:

1. Push-ups

The push-ups primarily target the pectoral muscles, and delts.

How to perform Push-ups:

  • Place your hands on the ground and begin with a high plank position right below the shoulders
  • Keep your spine neutral and lower down your body until the chest is above the floor
  • Complete one rep by pushing your body up
  • It is advisable that you keep your arms tucked to the side while you lower your body when you want to build better biceps

2. Bench Dips

The bench dips usually target the triceps and shoulders

How to perform the bench dips:

  • You need a bench, a chair or anything similar to help you get started
  • Place the chair behind your back and grip the edge of the chair with your hands fully extended and placed shoulder apart
  • Remember to keep your legs straight and extended forward perpendicular to the chest
  • Lower your body in slow motion by bending through the elbow until your upper arms and forearms are perpendicular to each other.
  • Lift yourself to the starting position to complete a single rep.

3. Pull-ups

The pull-ups primarily target your arms and lats

To perform the exercises:

  • Get a pull-up bar and grab it with your palms facing outwards
  • Pull yourself over the bar by keeping a straight spine arch and torso puffed out
  • Lower your body down until your arms are fully extended.

4. Bodyweight squats

The squats are part of the lower body workout that mainly targets the quads, glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors

Here is how to successfully perform squats:

  • Stand with the legs shoulder-width apart, keep your hands together in front of the chest
  • Flex your knees and hips to begin a downward motion. Sit back with the hips and keep your torso straight.
  • Go as low as you can and return to the standing position to complete a single rep
  • Perform as many as you can during your leg workout day.

5. Lunges

The lunges are an exercise to help one build their glutes, quad and hip flexor muscles.

To perform the lunges:

  • Stand and part your feet shoulder width apart and hands on your side.
  • Step your right leg forward, flex your knees and drop your hips
  • Try to go down until your knee reaches the floor
  • Stand back up and take a step forward with the left leg
  • Repeat this exercise as much as you can.
  • To make the exercise more challenging, include some free weights.


There are several foods that when paired with Ensure help you gain weight safely and efficiently. Exercises are essential for building muscles and burning unwanted fats. The exercise listed above, together with a balanced diet and two servings of Ensure a day will help you attain the weight you have always wanted.

How Many Ensure Plus a Day Do You Need to Gain Weight? - Guide
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How Many Ensure Plus a Day Do You Need to Gain Weight? - Guide
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