How to get an Adonis Belt: My Results

What does Brad Pitt in Fight Club and Mark Walhberg in the Calvin Klein ads have in common? They both have a V-shaped line below their cut abs and men dislike them.

Dislike might be quite harsh, but ever since these celebrities showed their sculptured V-shaped bodies, there has been an intense furor over how to get that love line, moneymaker or, as it is officially known as the inguinal crease.

These V-shaped muscular grooves that take the shape of runaway markings directing incoming traffic to what men think of the good stuff have been described by Cosmopolitan magazine as by far the sexiest thing that a man can sport.

But what exactly is the Adonis Belt?

Defining the term:

The Adonis belt takes its name from the mythical Greek god of youth, fertility, and beauty, Adonis.

The surface anatomy of the Adonis belt is an anatomical feature and forms in the area where two abdominal muscles form a V-shaped alongside your hips and the end at the crotch. The actual anatomic term is called the 'iliac furrow'.

They are grooves running diagonally from your hips bones to the pelvic region and form at the outward edge of the inguinal ligaments.

Understand that the two grooves forming the Adonis belt are not muscles, but ligaments. In any case, the can also be defined as thick connective tissue going through the external oblique ab muscles and the groin into the anterior part of the iliac spine.

Here are a few quick facts you should know about the Adonis belt:

  • It is not a muscle, but rather takes its shape from the inguinal ligament.
  • It’s an anatomical feature.
  • Consequently, everyone has ab muscles and an inguinal ligament so that anyone can form the iliac crest.
  • No special foods or supplements will make you gain the belt faster.
  • Having a visible v line does necessarily indicate physical fitness or a healthy body.

How Does Adonis Belt Form?

The reality is the iliac crest, in itself, is an anatomical feature, but it’s more visible in some than in others.

The belt, however, appears when your body fat dips into the 6 to 12% range.

As it follows, the presence of the Adonis belt does not necessarily indicate fitness, strength, or even muscularity. For instance, you might find individuals who are physically weak with a visible inguinal ligament, while those who are fit and strong do not.

And as we had mentioned earlier, it is not muscle but ligaments, and that's why getting a visible Adonis belt does not require gaining more muscles, but simple fat loss.

How to Get and Accentuate your Adonis Belt

Before we look at how to get an Adonis belt, it’s worth noting the two types;

  1. The generic, sinewy belt resulting from low body fat.

  2. The Adonis belts bordered by a prominent ridge of muscles, which makes them look as if they were forged as part of a Roman gladiator breastplate.

The first step towards developing your Adonis belt is understanding what creates this belt, and from here, you can focus on molding it.

The physique is created by the internal oblique muscles and the Transverse Abdominis (TVA), both, essential parts of your core.

The TVA is a muscle layer of the front and lateral abdominal wall and is usually positioned deep to the internal oblique muscle.

The Inguinal Ligament is responsible for the V-shaped markings or lines. However, these markings are only visible with the help of muscle hypertrophy (muscle size) in the Transverse Abdominis.

Therefore, to develop and accentuate your v-line, you will first need to achieve muscle hypertrophy in your TVA.

Now, here is where a majority of us usually fail in our quest to develop the legendary v-line. This is quite understandable and unsurprising, considering that a majority of the fitness coaches are unaware of how to go about this.

One of the popular recommendations, which is a total disaster, of developing muscles in your TVA is through variations of the plank. Engaging in planks or any other isometric movements is not going to boost the muscle hypertrophy in your TVA.

Others recommend performing innumerable side bends and their variations, but again, this will not build the TVA muscles, and all the workouts will do it to make your waistline resemble that of a fireplug.

Abdominal Exercises That Most People Think Will Build the Adonis Belt

  • Planks
  • Crunches
  • Sit-ups
  • Side Bends
  • Stomach Vacuums

The reality is, you’re better off not performing any of these. Sorry, if you were killing yourself with these.

The truth is, isometric workouts do not work on the Adonis as hard as it’s required.

So, what exercises should I perform?

The TVA is primarily used for stabilization, and to strengthen these muscles, you will require movements that induce core strength for stabilizing your position in relation to your weight.

Here, we’re talking exercises such as;
  • Deadlifts
  • Weighted carries
  • Squats
  • Military press

These four workouts are extremely demanding on the core and will work on nearly every muscles, including the TVA and the internal obliques, hence a rock physique.

Roll-On-Mother of All Exercises

When all is said and done, one exercise that will do wonders on your core is roll-on exercise.

Roll-on are excellent workouts and will help in activating your core as well as muscle fiber recruitment.

Whether you do it from a sitting or standing position, this is one exercise that will build your lower body.

And while at it, don’t just do it or the sake, give it some love, and it will reciprocate by giving biceps and allowing the hidden gem to come out.

What About Dieting?

No matter how you strengthen your TVA muscle group and increase their size, your lower muscles won’t be visible if you’re covered in too much fat. You need to control you diet.

Therefore, in conjunction with the above workouts, proper dieting should help in achieving the tapered shape faster.

Here, aim at lowering your total daily caloric consumption.


Building a chiseled core has never been hard.

If you need that V-shaped muscle wrapped around your wait, you will need to follow the above workouts.

It's one of the most desirable muscles of the core musculature you can ever get.

Hitting The Inguinal Crease: Getting Sex Lines
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Hitting The Inguinal Crease: Getting Sex Lines
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