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How to Get Bigger Arms (+3 inches) In 2 Weeks – My Fast Results!

Is it possible? What's the magic curl technique? What's the secret arm workouts? Well, their no secrets or magic tricks. We do suggest one little optical illusion though
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Let me start with a premise, you came here for a workout guide, hoping for a solution to attain chisels triceps and guns. So wouldn't the optimal solution be to follow an actual fitness program? If so, I advise you to check this one out below. Give it a read. 

How I Started

Two weeks isn't much time, but it is very possible if you follow a plan. Not willing to invest in yourself? Here's my a straightforward exercise to get you bigger in a day and if you practice consistently six days in 2 weeks, I PROMISE you bigger biceps. 

The average man can gain around .25 to .5 lbs of muscle in one week. If you are only focused on your arms, you could potentially gain 1 pound of muscle in your arms within two weeks. It may not sound like much, but that is a lot of muscle.

My favorite exercise for arms is the Curl Pyramid (How To Here)

getting bigger arms with bicep curls

Mostly, you perform a barbell curl for ten reps, then the next set you subtract one repetition until you reach 1. I suggest at least a minute and thirty-second rest in-between sets. The best way to estimate how much weight you should use is by determining your one rep max first. You can use this calculator (here)

55 reps in total. It will hurt. Hurt so good 🙂

Is this the only exercise I suggest?

Well yes for starters. Eventually, your body does get used to the workout; this is called muscle memory (https://www.popsci.com/what-is-muscle-memory). It should be a problem if you are still a skinny guy. Maybe around six months into training consistently. The Curl Pyramid will be your friend for a long time!

How to Get Bigger Arms in 2 Weeks
 At Home Without Weights

If you are stuck at home or you cannot afford a gym. A solid workout plan that can be done in a park or your room is hard to find. Except if you take the leap into Calisthenics. I started with bodyweight training when I joined the Army. It helped me see my first leap in muscle mass and definition. Here are the two workouts you should focus on if you want to attain mass quickly.

The Biceps Brachii muscle group is responsible for the big bulge we all chase. We suggest 2 arm isolation exercises that focus almost completely on the this muscle region:

Chin Ups: As long as you focus on your form, you can imitate a bicep curl while elevated. Since you're competely using your bodyweight, it's almost as if you're lifting a 50 lb weight on both sides.

Close Arm Push Ups: People have been getting toned arms for decades by simply doing push-ups. In the Army, soldiers obsess over push-ups because it's seen as one of the fastest ways to increase upper body strength. Most people who are stuck at home don't have a barbell sitting around to do a close grip bench press but push-ups can easily help you attain the same level of tone. If you toss the heavy weight from your arm routine, it allows you to focus much more on movement and breathing.

BUT Before any of that, I suggest you watch this video guide on Calisthenics:

Push-ups Are Essential

You've probably done a push-up before, but are you doing it correctly?

If you are focusing on gaining the same type of bicep definition as you would from curls, 

you should focus on the "Inside pushup with reversed hands" workout technique:

  • 1
    Begin in the standard push-up position; remember to keep your back straight.
  • 2
    Rotate your hands, so your fingers are pointing towards the wall behind you.
  • 3
    Keep your elbows tucked into your body and lower down slowly.
  • 4
    Once your Chest hits the floor, return to the starting position and repeat the reps until failure.
  • 5
    Rest for 2 to 3 minutes between sets.

Keeping a slow and steady pace is essential if you want to attain the most out of this. Speed does not equate to mass!

Using a pull-up bar

This will cost you some money unless you have a homemade bar. They range from free to expensive. If you really have thje space I would suggest a power rack like the Titan T3. The pull-up is like a magic key to bigger arms and a solid back. You should be doing pull-ups before an upper arms day every time you exercise. The best workout to focus on the curling motion is the chin-up:
  • 1
    Approach the pull-up bar and grab on with your palms facing your torso and grip slightly closer than shoulder width.
  • 2
    Stick your chest out, and you keep your torso straight.
  • 3
    Pull your torso up and focus on the curling movement within your biceps.
    This helps you concentrate on that specific muscle movement. 
    Tip: Make sure you are breathing in as you lift and breathing out as you descend.
  • 4
    Once you have reached the bar with your chin, hold the position for 2-3 seconds and slowly descend to the workout starting position.
    Tip: Be sure not to "kip" while lifting yourself, it should be a slow and focused workout.You will gain nothing from speed.
  • 5
    Rest for 2 to 3 minutes between sets.

My Solution for Bigger Arms for Skinny Guys

I've been there! I started my journey back into my teens! To be honest, albeit I spend a ton of time in the gym doing all the right workouts, I discovered I should have been focusing more on my diet if I wanted to attain larger arms. If you are a skinny guy, you need to put time into your diet and less on curls.

I would suggest buying a mass gainer; I wrote a guide on my favorite one here on Naked Whey.

Apart from a supplement, you should be focusing on increasing carb intake. I would suggest adding complex carbs into your diet, something like pasta.

This analysis shows that these high-protein neutral and spinach pasta contain 36.4 and 39.6 g of protein per 100 g of dry mass, 12.07 and 14.70 g of total essential amino acids per 100 g of dry mass, and a high content of branched-chain amino acids, i.e. 5.54 and 6.65 g per 100 g of dry mass, respectively. This, therefore, represents a true alternative to durum wheat pasta for low-carbohydrate diets.

The average serving of spinach pasta also contains 34 grams of carbs! It packs the punch you need to gain weight. It's also very inexpensive.

Apart from diet, you need Dumbbells! 

Once you've hit the gym, you should focus on a solid dumbbell workout. I suggest the Incline Dumbbell Bench Curl.
Here's a video displaying proper form.

The benched curl allows you to focus less on your body or back and more on the actual rotation of your arm. It's great for beginners because theirs fewer obstacles distracting you from the muscle-to-mind connection.

An alternative dumbbell exercise for those without a bench would be the:
Standing Dumbbell curl

How Long Does It Take To Get Bigger Arms

In short, you do have a limit on the amount of muscle you can gain in a day, week or month. The average man can gain .25 to .5 lbs of muscle in a week. That can increase or decrease based on a multitude of factors, specifically diet, what exercises you are performing and your genetics.

Personally, when I began working out in the Army around the age of 17, I was gaining between 1 to 1.5 pounds of muscle a week! But it was a very brief time frame. Now, I am lucky if I can see an increase in mass of around .5 lbs to 1 lb in a month.

Most workout programs are set up to end within 12 weeks. This is three months to push your body into a new direction. One of the reasons why most programs are around 12 weeks is because people are bad at maintaining habits for extended periods. So 12 weeks is just long enough before someone quits. In addition to that, three months is plenty of time to see a significant change in your biceps and triceps.

In the quoted study, men and women trained for three months to observe how much muscle mass could be obtained and if age would be a factor. They concluded that does indeed determine how much muscle mass can be obtained, but ALL members in the study gained significant muscle mass from exercise....

As previously described, the 12-week resistance training program resulted in positive adaptations in all measures of muscle size and strength in the trained arm (12). In short, increases of 18.9% ± 9.42 in CSA, 54.34% ± 33.46 in 1RM, and 20.66 ± 20.20 in MVC were seen in the trained arm.

In the entire cohort, age was related to change in 1RM but not in muscle size or MVC (Table 2). A sex-specific pattern of adaptation to this protocol has previously been reported (12). We therefore also analyzed these data according to sex, but the relationship with age was not different to that of the entire cohort.

In short, theirs no definite time frame you should focus on to keep doing curls until you attain larger arms. You should instead focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and habits like going to the gym consistently. Trust me, and you will see progress over time if you follow a good program and eat enough food — the only reason why you wouldn't if you aren't doing the training.

Cheat Code: How I Look Bigger In A Day

Short on time? Getting ready for a date and you want to look ripped? Look no further!

So one of the tips I always suggest to my friends if they are trying to appear more prominent in a day or before an event is first to dress the part.

Wearing baggy clothing will cover up what muscle mass you do have and make you look smaller overall despite how big you are. I would invest in some stretchy short sleeve shirts that are one size too small. Don't go too extreme, just enough to show off your entire arm.

Apart from clothing, eating carbs and drinking water can actually increase the size of your arms within an hour! You shouldn't go overboard, just a quick snack like a bowl of oatmeal or a candy bar.

In regards to exercise, I would suggest doing an activity that would quickly cause lactic acid buildup. For instance, if you do push-ups until your arms are sore and stiff, you will gain literal inches on your arms temporarily (generally around 1 to 3 hours after exercise).

An alternative to push-ups would be dumbbell curls or dips. Both will also hit your triceps extensions partially and give you a more rounded look.

How To Get Bigger Faster

I have a certification with ISSA, and I am a certified personal trainer. I have been helping others attain muscle for years. Despite that, I hadn't reached out and been coached ever until just this year. That was the most revealing decision I had ever made in my life. My coach built a workout that helped me gain a ton of mass that I did not think would be possible.

What I am trying to say is that it is hugely more beneficial to follow a program built to attain what your goal is. You could hire a coach or develop a proper plan online. I would suggest the online option. Theirs a ton of amazing programs out there, I personally recommend the Thomas Delauer's Adaptive Body Boost (Read More).

Even athletes and bodybuilders follow workout programs, why would you think you can do it yourself with the same efficiency?

What supplements I suggest:

If you are trying to put on the pounds and attain larger arms. It definitely wouldn't hurt to invest in creatine. It retains water and as you exercise will give you the perception that you have bigger muscles from just a few curls. Apart from that, I don't suggest any other supplement if your goal is to merely look bigger.

My favorite creatine is from Bulk Supplements (See Price)

fat vs. muscle both will make you look big

But they are not equal! If someone squeezes with arms and feels jelly, that doesn't look impressive! Muscle definition is much more attractive than just having big fat arms. You want the chisels striation that can only be attained from focusing on workouts that give you curls for the girls.

Sometimes people try to "bulk" to reach to the size they prefer. Bulking doesn't mean you can eat pizza all week and become big and strong, and you'll mostly be big if your goal is to be a bear, congratulations.

What about steroids?

Recently, Instagram and bodybuilding, in general, has been swamped with a fad PED (Performance enhancement drug). That is called SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulator)

Some consider them to be safer alternatives to steroids. Albeit they are still banned in many places. I don't believe you need any performance enhancing drugs to attain your goals. If you do not have intentions of becoming the next Olympia, stick with a good diet & a lot of curls.

I hope this article has helped you understand how you can attain your goals. If you want to learn more about dieting and nutrition stay tuned! We cover a multitude of topics. ASCVS wants you to check out our Adaptive Body guide as well if you're going to push yourself forward overall.

They cover all of the essentials:

Dieting: a comprehensive guide for men and women that focuses on building a consistent habit instead of forcing you to eat dry chicken every meal.

Workout plans: some based on people who want to gain muscle and others that focus on cutting fat. Albeit all programs will help you reduce fat.

Motivation within a community. This is by far the best way to help you stay motivated with your goals of attaining larger arms.

How To Get Bigger Arms In 2 Weeks - My Results!
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How To Get Bigger Arms In 2 Weeks - My Results!
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