How Weightlifting Improves Your Health

Ever wonder, what are the benefits of lifting all these extra weights? There might be a thought troubled you considering it, but somehow you got to agree to engage in those weight lifting activities. Research has also shown that doing Strength Training is a far better and beneficial option than hitting Cardio or any other sort of exercise. This Comparison was observed between the groups in which one was doing only cardio exercises while the other was doing strength training, i.e., weight lifting. 

No offense to any cardio exercises, but when it comes to fast weight loss, especially the fat loss like belly fat, or lean muscles building, strengthening your core and bones, improved flexibility, improved heart health, and whatnot, one must include strength training in their workout regime. It is important to get the equipment accordingly as well, like powerlifting belts. If you want, you can get yours from

How to Start the Journey of Weight Lifting?

First, you must contact the weight lifting trainer or subscribe yourself to any health fitness center’s program so that you can get proper guidance and training in your weight lifting exercises, and you may not face any injury. For your personal safety, you must have your own gloves and fitness belt to support your back while lifting heavyweights.

The trainer will provide a customized workout routine depending on your body type along with a healthy diet chart. Diet plays a crucial role while dealing with physique formation. Though when people generally engage themselves in a weight loss or muscle gain program, then the first step they take is to lower down the calorie count than a regular one. But while dealing with the weights, it must be focused that little calories must be increased because the more you do strength training, the more you need energy and power in your body to deal with the exercise’s fatigue.

Benefits of Weight Lifting on Health

  • When you do strength training, the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases. It’s because while lifting weights, more blood flows through the vessels, and the heart pumps a lot, thereby decreasing the fat in the valves, which definitely reduces or eliminates the risk of a heart attack.
  • While doing Cardio, the focus is on both, i.e., the mass and the fat of the body. But at the time of lifting weights, the main focus is to reduce the fat percentage in the body, thereby giving you more defined lean muscles. If any individual’s main focus is to develop a strong and curvy body, he/she must focus on lifting heavier weights in which it is hard for them to lift up in the final reps.
  • Strange but true, lifting heavy weights will ultimately reduce belly fat. The reason behind this is when you start using weights during a workout, then the pressure in most of the exercises is also on the stomach, so it ultimately affects belly fat and helps in reducing that stubborn subcutaneous fat, which takes away the self – confidence of most of the people.
  • They are lifting heavier weights than your body will give you elevated energy levels and boost moods. Some studies in the past have proved that though all the exercises help individuals to increase their energy levels and keep up the mood, weight lifting has significant benefits in doing so. It releases the endorphins in the brain, which boosts the mood in every situation.
  • Weight lifting can shed off extra weight, and that too in a little less time than doing Cardio. The focus must be on the frequency, power, and consistency of the exercises. There must be some repetitions of exercise in a fixed set and that to be done in frequent intervals. This whole plan will be given by the expert only. As if you are a beginner, then the trainer will first try to build up your core muscles and will start with fewer weights and a small number of repetitions. Gradually the number of repetitions and the weight size also increases and thereby resulting in healthy and speedy weight loss.
  • It has been proved in many studies that regular weight training helps in treating or keeping it all at bay the impacts of clinical depression and anxiety. The regular practice of lifting weights has helped many in overcoming their anxiety attacks and increased the secretion of endorphin in the brain.
  • Weight lifting has very got very health benefits. One of them is that it maintains proper blood sugar levels, and regular weight lifting can reduce the risk of spikes keeping it under control all the time.
  • It has been observed that while lifting weights, its main focus is on the stomach, but it somehow reduces the risk of cancers in those who perform it religiously in their workout routine.


Doing exercises has got positive benefits, but weight lifting has enormous effects on our mind and body, which no one can ignore. Who all are looking for a better version of themselves in terms of their body and healthy mind must include weight lifting in the workout regime.

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