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Jaybird x3 vs x4 | Freedom 2 Review | Which Wins? Software UPGRADE?

A Comparison Between The x3 vs x4 jaybird workout headphones:
The Three Prevails Over Time (By Design)

Downside #1: Ear fins on X4

Albeit the ear fins are more secure on th x4, they are rated as less comfortble overall by most users of the three.

Downside #2: Conical Ear Buds

The X3 uses silicone earbuds which are easy to replace, the X4 switched things up for apparently nothing but aesthetics. Sticking with silicone is just more economical.

Downside #3: Cord Cinch

In the end, the fact you need to improvise to work with the excess slack of cable with the X4 hurts it. The newer version of the jaybird pushes the user to spend more time working with the new design. You should be focused more on your sport, less on your gear.


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Headphones are essential accessories when it comes to enjoying the freedom and convenience of listening to music. Most of us are moving from wired toward more comfortable wireless headphones to keep up with the digital and technological development.

Unfortunately, we may end up compromising on the quality of sound that we enjoy. This is because wired headphones may tend to be superior in sound quality than some of the wireless headphone models.

Nonetheless, Jaybird is one company that significant in the making of high-quality sound headphones. In this article, we review and compare jaybird x3s and Freedom F5 wireless headphones and determine why Jaybird X3 is superior to the Freedom F5 earbud models.

Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones
(See Price And More Photos Here)

These are wireless earbuds that are designed to be as compact as possible minus compromising the appearance and performance.

The X3 comes with original silicone ear fins that securely are attached to the top as well as back or lower parts of the ear to ensure a perfect fitting that locks the earbuds throughout your intense physical activities and workouts. Moreover, its multiple sized silicon and comply tips provide optimum noise isolation fit-in and comfort.

The Jaybird X3 is designed and built to be durable with a sleek but rough. It’s sweat-proof with hydrophobic nano-coating, which keeps the moisture away thus making them great for workouts and sport in all weather conditions. The nano-coating keeps the sweat, snow, and rain moisture away.

If you do not want low battery warnings to interrupt your day, then the Jaybird X3 is your best option. It features a long battery life that can last up to 8 hours yet it gives you just 15 minutes of charging it to provide you with an entire hour of playtime.

The MySound App will enable you to personalize and tweak the sound of the X3 to your preference. You can customize every aspect and detail of your sounds with a very easy-to-understand interface and save them directly onto the X3 buds for later listening as a profile. This app is compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+.

The Multipoint function will allow you to concurrently pair and connect the X3 buds with other two different Bluetooth devices. It also allows you to listen to your favorite music through your laptop while you still answer calls on your phone through the help of the bud controller.

Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Headphones
(See Price And More Photos Here)

The Freedom F5 is micro-sized metal buds that are designed by Jaybird to have sandblasted and injection-molded metal components to ensure maximum comfort while keeping up with fashion. Its compact casing doesn’t in any way compromise the performance of its signal and can eliminate sound distortion to give high-quality audio all the time.

The ear fins are designed with patented silicon to ensure a secure attachment to the top and back or lower areas of your ears for a perfect fitting while locking the earbuds even during intense workouts and physical activities.

It features a hydrophobic nano-coating, which makes it sweat proof. This coating ensures the moisture from sweat, rain, and even snow does not interfere with delicate elements of this headphones. This makes them great for workouts and sports in all weather conditions. Moreover, the Freedom F5 headphones are built with a rugged but sleek design that ensures they last longer.

With the help of MySound App, you can be able to personalize and tweak the sound from your Freedom F5 headphones to your personal preference. The app also can allow you to save your customized music for later listening as a profile.

These headphones allow for stress-free charging with only 20 minutes of charging you can get one hour of playtime. Besides, its battery can last up to 8 hours of continuous play so that you never miss your favorite beats. That alone makes the extra cost worth it.

X4 Vs X3 vs Freedom Comparison

Both the Jaybird X3 and the Freedom headphones are popular among users and have not only good reviews but also bad ratings depending on how individual users found their various performances. Let’s now slice up the jaybird reviews and see how they compare on different aspects.


Since both of these models are designed and made by Jaybird, both feature better designs ideal for outdoor and indoor workout activities.

The X3 is designed with sleek and rugged for a secure-fitting thus great for outdoor activities such as athletics and biking. It is also compact than the X2 which is its predecessor thus having a great snug and doesn’t fall off even when doing intense workouts. The inline remote is compact and lighter, which makes it comfortable while doing exercises.

Freedom is designed uniquely, and it’s much compressed than standard headphones on the market. The Freedom headphones don’t stick but rather curve downwards to fit on the lower earlobe perfectly.

Mostly, Freedom models are made of metal even though others come in plastic. The metal elements give it a clean and elegant look. It’s remote hang just below the right earpieces, which is convenient and doesn’t compromise the controls and sound great.

From the aesthetics point of view, both are relatively similar. Both are comfortable and provide a decent overall feel and touch. Equally, both are sweat-proof thus suitable for outdoor use. Nonetheless, they aren’t waterproof.

In design, the Jaybird X3 and Freedom seems to be good among most users due to its lightweight remote that doesn’t also dangle from the neck while the remote on Freedom is a bit heavier and can easily bump into the user’s jaws.

Sound Quality

Although X3 comes with better sound quality than the X2 models, they, however, lack noise-reduction system, which could be a bother in case you are frequently in a noisy environment. Besides, you will have to position the mouthpiece near your mouth for better clarity.

The earbuds of the X3 are angled in a manner allowing sound to shoot directly into the ears, thus generally improving sound quality. The treble bass and midrange tones make X3 models exceptional in sound quality. However, what makes X3 top in sound quality is its sound isolation that obviously contributes to the overall sound quality.

On the other hand, the Freedom F5 also has an excellent sound quality, which is rich and natural since the earbuds comfortably fit. However, due to its occasional signal interference and loss and lack of proper sound isolation puts the X3 modes in a different higher level in sound quality.

Hours of battery life

The X3 models have a better battery life that gives over 8 hours of continuous playtime as some users noted. The charging clip is also quick to charge with a 5 minutes charge giving you a full hour playtime. However, the charging clip uses a micro USB that is not convenient to carry around. Therefore, you have to leave your X3 in your house to fully charge.[1]

The Freedom also features a good battery life as well. According to Jaybird, the Freedom F5 battery will take about four hours to get fully charged. However, in reality, it will require up to 8 hours of charging since the battery clip needs an extra four hours to charge. With the clip, you can continue to listen to your music as you charge. More importantly, whenever the battery drops to around 20 percent, you will get a message alert to get to the charging point sooner without draining all the charge.

With excellent battery life, that even exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications; the X3 is clearly the winner. Although the extra charging for the Freedom model is ideal, the continuous charge ought to play much longer.


Both the X3 and Freedom F5 have Bluetooth 4.1 hence can connect the same device to these two headphone models. Ideally, I can connect to your spouse if we want to listen or watch the same thing and we want better and quality sound effects.

However, some reviews have noted poor connection problems with the Freedom models. If I connect to my phone place within the line of sight to the Bluetooth buds, I will definitely get a stable and reliable connection thus will not experience cutting of music.

Nonetheless, if I set my phone on let’s say a bench a few feet away outside the basketball court and run freely as I play to about 50-foot distance, I am likely to experience cuttings. This happens especially after losing the direct line of sight or having an unstable source, will disrupt the connection substantially.

It can experience poor connectivity even when in the pocket. So depending on the activity expect to experience a disruption in connectivity in a different way.

Despite these, the Jaybird freedom vs x3 (F5 & 2) are virtually rivals on every connectivity aspect such Jaybird App personalization, Bluetooth range, pairing and connection to multiple devices to listen to same music.

As such, the difference between Jaybird X3 and Freedom f5 is very small. However, the X3 model is better with battery life and sound quality, which is what everyone may want when it comes to headphones.

Jaybird X4 Review

(See Price And More Photos Here)

The Jaybird X4 is designed with a comply ultra-foam tips which are thermo-reactive and interchangeable to ensure durability, quality sound while conforming with your ear’s canals for a perfect and comfortable fitting.

It features EQ custom that doesn’t compromise the sound quality while producing a premium sound. It’s also well-matched with Jaybird app that allows you to customize your sound EQ while saving the personal setting to the buds as a profile.

The Jaybird X4 is water and sweat-proof, which makes it suitable for usage in any all weather conditions without compromising the delicate elements of this sound device. With its versatile design, you can run, participate in intense physical activities and workouts while they are comfortably fit in your ears.

Its battery has a longer lifespan of up to 8 hours of non-stop playtime with a single charge. This means you can take your morning runs and never miss any of your favorite beats.

Jaybird X4 Review: Why it is not rated as good as the X3

Ear fins on X4

Most users tend to appreciate the improvements made to the ear fins, which allow the X4 to lock more securely and fit comfortably. The X3 ear fins are a bit point and harsh, most users still feel they are more comfortable and fitting than the X4’s. Even if they are softer and a more rounded edge which makes them appear comfortable than X3’s but they are not indeed as much comfortable.

Conical Ear Buds

Slightly a little change on the earbuds. The X3 feature cylindrical earbuds made from silicone, which work and fit comfortably while the X4 comes with conical ear tips and users tend to say they have no hands-on advantage over the X3 models. [RizKnows]

Exclusive Foam Ear Tips affect sound quality

One of the favorite features of the X3 is the Comply foam ear tips. They are not only more comfortable when compared to silicone tips, but they also fit perfectly as they expand to seal your ear canal completely. As such, they provide better isolation of sound and lock well in place. The X4 also comes with the Comply foam tips that as exclusive to Jaybird brand. In fact, it is hard to tell what really got upgraded here as they are as those of the X3.

Cord Cinch

The Jaybird overhauled the standard cord management clips in the X3 to bring the cord clinch for the X4 as their new upgrade to the X3. However, the cord management clips are very essential in wearing the X3 in the over-the-ear style. However, the cord clinch allows getting the cord all the way to the neck while the cord is up touching your head.

Users find that the cord management format is sportier when wearing headphones and is advantageous to the X3. Though it’s still possible to wear the X4 in the over-ear style, having an extra cord sagging on your back isn’t cool and sportier at all.

The Jaybird X4 are acceptable headphones for workouts and comfortable for athletes. They securely fit ac feel comfortable with amazing sound isolation to bring out the audio quality. Even with their here and their extras, still, the X3 stands out as the Jaybird’s most significant innovation when comparing with X4 headphones. Moreover, this is the reason why they are not rated as good as the Jaybird X3 headphone models.

FAQ for Jaybird X3

Q: Is it good for calls?

A: Yes it can do calls. They are good even for conference calls. However, you have to get the controlled in a better position to have a clear hearing.

Q: Is this worth an upgrade from the X2?

A: Yes. It’s a worthy upgrade from the X2 model in various aspects. For instance, it has a bigger remote yet thin and light. It also charges into the clip first and not directly as the X2 models. The earbuds are also quite smaller without compromised sound. So it is actually a worthy upgrade from the X2.

Q: How’s the performance in sweat proof?

A: The sweat proof performs relatively well with minimum issues. However, don’t charge them after a sweat exercise, let them dry first.

Q: Can you swim with them?

A: These headphones are sweat and water resistant yet not waterproof. Therefore, you won’t go swimming with them.

Q: Can you listen to music while charging?

A: Yes you can.

Q: How far can you go with these from your phone?

A: You can go as far as 50 feet and still get good reception though I straight line. With the Bluetooth, you can go about 30 feet.

Q: I don’t want buds that go deep in the ear and cancel out ambient sounds. Are these a good choice?

A: The Jaybird X3 offers a great fit that is also customizable. The secure fit makes the quality of sound better and more bass. For loud volumes, you can block the ambient you can wear the earplug. However, if get the correct fitting you will be able to hear people around you and most of the ambient noise. You can choose either a deep-ear fit or an external fit.

Q: How well do these sound when running? Lots of noise from cord movement? (No)

A: One thing about these headphones is that they have excellent sound quality and you can personalize them whichever way you want. In order to eliminate cord movement noise, you can wear them over the ear or a much better approach is to use the comply tips.

Q: Is there a battery level alert letting you know you 20%, 10%, etc. left?

A: Once you turn them on, the battery alert voice tells you what percentage the battery is and will let you know the percentage after every 20% of use.

Q: Can you use the remote on iOS and Android devices both or are there separate versions for them?

A: Yes. This model works best with both iOS and Android devices, and the battery level will show in real time on your phone. Besides, they work great with AppleWatch and iPhone.

Jaybird x3 vs Freedom 2 Conclusion

Undoubtedly, the Jaybird brand has come a long way in making excellent headphone products. The X3, Freedom, and X4 are some of the latest versions of its wireless headphones on the market. Just like the Bose Soundsport, they come with a host of high-quality features that are common to these three models, which open them to many possibilities that you may wish to explore.

The versatility you get from these headphones is quite tremendous and significantly enhances user experience. However, the X3 is better in when it comes to sound quality due to its better sound isolation and longer battery life and quicker charging options. However, for Freedom and X4 they certainly need improvements in these areas.

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