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I lost 10 pounds in a month without trying! MansaBrice Results

But I did adjust my lifestyle. That starts with a diet!

Listen, their no magic pill or secret magic phrase to lose belly fat or make your booty pop. No matter what, you need to change something you are apparently doing wrong. I went from 193 pounds to 183 and trimmed my figure just by changing my diet.

how I lost 10 lbs in a month by setting realistic goals and using a combination of diet an fitness

Following a diet is by far the easiest way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, no magic needed!

Here’s how I did it

I’ve been following intermittent fasting for years, and I even wrote a book on it. Albeit Intermittent fasting is fantastic, it merely boosts your already healthy diet. You need a little more than that to see significant progress quickly really. I increased my fat loss journey with a three-week diet to push my body into overdrive.

Here are five actionable things you can do now to start your weight loss progress.

Cut out Soda/Juice/Beer

– A can of Coca-Cola contains about as much sugar as a big bowl of oatmeal but no fiber. You are essentially drinking carbonated sugar water. Drinking 2 Cans of soda a day will cause you to gain a pound of fat every 11 days potentially.

Juice sounds healthy, but that is one of the diet industries biggest lies. I used to juice multiple times daily as a vegan. I quickly learned the importance of fiber and changed the type of juicer I used. But here’s the thing, you don’t necessarily need to juice at all, avoid the trouble and just eat healthy whole foods of every color (apples, oranges, carrots, celery, etc…)

But I really enjoy the juice!

If you’re determined to get a juicer that can keep your fiber, I would suggest this one: Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer.

And what about Beer! How does beer affect fitness goals?

Not only does beer cause excess weight gain from carbs but as a man, you will produce more estrogen and suffer from the effects. I do believe you can have a beer in moderation (I do) but that is for an article in the future.

“Importantly for males, when consumed acutely in large doses
(1.5 g alcohol/kg BW), alcohol has an adverse effect on
testosterone production which, together with an increased
the conversion rate of testosterone and androstenedione to their
respective estrogens lead to feminizing effects such as
gynecomastia and testicular atrophy [NBCI].”

Start a diet kickoff like the three-week diet

– I recommend this diet for ALL of my clients and we at ASCVS support this diet wholeheartedly, I have to say this is the most substantial reason why I lost 10 pounds in a month without trying & reached my goal in around 30 days. It’s a natural, intuitive diet that is laid out for anyone to follow.

– Start a fitness regime

Listen to me when I say this; you are only hurting yourself by not hitting the gym. Now, you don’t need to hit the gym to reach your goals; you can contact them in the kitchen. If you want to achieve your goals and make them stick, you will also need to combine a diet with a fitness plan. I would suggest my favorite calisthenics programme for newbies. Combined with a good protein supplement for growth support.

Theirs 3 key reasons why you NEED to exercise while dieting.

  1. Some gym time literally makes you happier.

    Research has shown that exercise raises brain serotonin which in hand will promote a positive mood. Essentially it isn’t too far from the truth to say that getting into the gym is a natural anti-depressant. I know it benefits me greatly, I struggle with PTSD and depression on occasion but I am by far more motivated, happier and energized when I take the time to get some GAINZ.

  2. Most women are afraid of this but believe it or not, weightlifting will NOT instantly make you Arnold Swartzenegger.

    What weightlifting will do is help you burn on average about 230 calories in a basic gym session. When you calculate a 5 day regime with the number of calories in one pound of fat (3500, I know it’s a lot). The calories burned will help you lose 1lb of fat every 15 days. That’s insane! In other words, you don’t need to change anything else in your life apart from grabbing a training program and you can safely lose weight and reach your goals.

  3. My favorite perk in regards to putting on the yoga pants is that I can eat comfort food guilt free!

    Now, that being said multiple studies do show that high-intensity exercise will raise appetite hormones known as ghrelin which is responsible for making you feel hungry. The amount raised is no larger than what it stands naturally. In other words, you may be hungry after the gym but not hungry enough to eat a horse.

A strategy that may raise brain serotonin is exercise. A comprehensive review of the relation between exercise and mood concluded that antidepressant and anxiolytic effects have been clearly demonstrated. [source]

– Stop sitting down, seriously. Stop right now!

What’s wrong with sitting down? Americans do too much of it. In fact theirs a disease called sitting disease that correlates to this bad habit. Following the recommended sitting time of every 30 minutes alternating between sitting and standing for optimum health.

“The term “Sitting Disease” has been coined by the scientific community and is commonly used when referring to metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. However, the medical community does not recognize Sitting Disease as a diagnosable disease at this time.” [JustStand]

“In total, Americans are sitting an average of 13 hours a day and sleeping an average of 8 hours resulting in a sedentary lifestyle of around 21 hours a day. ” [PRnews]

In conclusion, I got shredded with just a little effort and you can do the same.

It doesn’t take a radical life change, but it does indeed take a change in lifestyle. The most unfortunate situation I find people in is that they starve themselves to cut weight. Believe it or not, our bodies know how to defend themselves. When you starve yourself, your body fights back by retaining fat easier once you eat more again. The weight loss yo-yo is a significant factor in the increase in obesity in America. Don’t start that vicious cycle and follow a set guide and fitness programme to reach your goals the right way. I do believe you can lose 10 lbs in a month in a healthy way by just adjusting diet. ASCVS has actually coached people to do this. Follow one of the guides above to get there yourself!


I lost 10 pounds in a month without trying - MansaBrice Tips
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I lost 10 pounds in a month without trying - MansaBrice Tips
How I lost 10 pounds in a month without trying is possible for anyone, all it takes is well... Reading this post for starters, ASCVS is filled with tips!
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