ON Serious Mass Kicks Ass – My Results & Review

  • High Tier Calorie Weight Gainer: 1,250 kcals per Serving
  • 50 Grams of Protein packed in a shaker
  • With 252 Grams of Carbs, it fits all goals
  • 25 Vitamins & Minerals 
  • Creatine & Glutamine added to maximize GAINZ
  • Ranked #2 on our Best Mass Gainers List
container of protein powder made by optimum nutrition

Our Serious Mass Gainer Review
Didn't Surprise Us -  It Takes the Cake ?(even in flavor)

The desire by many men and women to gain weight is informed by a number of factors, including the need to build more muscles, enhance body function and improve athletic ability. According to most experts, a good combination of diet and exercise can help one gain desired weight. The most popular supplements for weight gain include protein rich formulas; weight gainer’s and exercise boosting supplements. Proteins are a key ingredient of the body muscle when it comes to support, function and regulation.

Research suggests that taking recommended levels of protein daily will lead to steady muscle growth. Weigh gainers are also effective in weight gain because they provide high levels of carbohydrate and protein. The supplement has been shown to work much better compared to eating more real food. For people with busy schedules, weight gainers and proteins are best taken in the form of bars and shakes. Below are two Serious Mass reviews for popular weight gainers in the competitive health and fitness market.

How to (and when) take Optimum Nutrition Weight Gainer

The ingredients contained in this powdery and easy to dissolve weight gainer include: protein blend, maltodextrin, cocoa, vitamins, mineral blend and natural and artificial flavors. The protein blend constitutes: Whey protein concentrate, sweet dairy Whey, egg albumen and calcium caseinate. A new package weighs about 12lbs. The user direction is simple; just add two scoops of Serious Mass to a blender containing 24fl Oz of milk or cold water. Using a high speed electric blender, mix the concentrate for 60 seconds to achieve the desired shake.

The best time to take any protein shake as an athlete is post workout. That time frame is between immediately after training to up to 3 hours post training. 

The Claimed Benefits Of Pro-Gainer Protein from Optimum Nutrition

This high calorie weight gainer packs 1,250 calories per two scoops of serving. The concentrate includes 56g of protein and slightly over 252g of carbohydrates per serving. There are also 25 vitamins and minerals alongside small quantities of Glutamine and Creatine.

Is it safe? - Precautions

Anybody who seriously wants to gain weight needs to add calorie rich supplements in their diet. This weight gainer is marketed as a product for those who aspire to get bigger and improve their active metabolism rate. Serious Mass also helps users develop an all-round physique they’ve always wanted. Serious Mass instatinized powder offers 1,250 calories per serving and 50g protein targeting quick muscle recovery. To achieve optimal results, Serious Mass is best used between the daily meals, post weight training and before going to bed.

Overall Product Review and Indications

The weight gainer is competitive priced compared to similar products selling on sites like Amazon. According to the testimonies from most online users, Serious Mass is a fast acting real mass builder that provides the calories that count to men and women who want to gain weight in the shortest period of time.

For allergy sufferers, it is important to recognize that the supplement contains corn, soy, wheat and dairy ingredients. The product should not in any way be used to diagnose or treat diseases. For safety purposes, people suffering from diabetes and related conditions should consult a physician before taking this product. Any protein should also be kept out of the reach of kids.

We decided to consolidate the
ON Pro Gainer Protein Review

Why did we consolidate these reviews? Simply because we believe the Pro-Gainer is only a slight variation of the more popular sister product. This is common for companies to create a different product to directly advertise to a smaller niche. Let's go over the facts.

The Overview:

the weight gain formula delivers 659 calories, made up of 60g of protein blend, 85g carbohydrates, 7g sugar and a concentration of some 31 vitamins and essential body minerals.

Is it Tasty?:

The formula features double rich chocolate with a strong milky taste. There are also a number of good tasting products offered in vanilla, strawberry, custard, cookies and banana cream flavors.

Texture and level of solubility:

This nutrition gainer weighs about 10.17g and comes in different packaging. The ingredients used in the protein blend include Whey protein concentrate, Whey protein isolate, glutamine peptides, Whey protein, calcium caseinate, egg albumin and hydrolyzed Whey peptides. The other key ingredients include Maltodextrin, lipid blend, folic acid, natural and artificial flavors. The Maltodextrin ingredient absorbs just as fast as sugar. It is important to note that the compound is stored in the form of fat when the glycogen is not in use.

Effectiveness - Does it pack a punch?

This quality nutrition effectively increases mass when combined with a heavy training regimen. The 60g of high quality protein will help you kick-start the recovery process while the 85g of carbohydrates helps restore the lost energy. To build muscle and restore lost energy, the manufacturer recommends taking the weight gain formula post workout and between meals. The supplement can be prepared easily by adding a scoop of Pro-complex gainer in a glass containing 16 Oz of water. You can also use skim milk or a favorite beverage to make your favorite blend. Stir the mixture for about 20 seconds until it is fully dissolved. Mixing can be done effortlessly using an assortment of items such as blender, spoon or shaker.

Overall Outlook & Indications:

 Pro gainer is marketed as a high protein meal and post workout shake that promises quick recovery. The product is ideal for people who experience difficulty building bulk muscles or those prone to losing muscle mass. However, the end results may be tied to dietary intake, the type of workout or exercise regimen and level of metabolism among other underlying factors. The weight gainer retails at about an average price on amazon.

The pricing is within the competitive range, which makes it a better supplement for weight gainers looking for alternatives to expensive protein shakes. The protein gainer should not be used as a complete nutritional replacement, but as supplement for obtaining additional protein and vitamin calories. If you are hypoglycemic or diabetic, you need to follow the guidance and directions provided by a qualified dietician or physician before using the product.

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