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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this tool?

This tool utilizes a gigantic database of ingredients and combines them into delicious meals. Additionally, the other option is using an AI-based system to include your body type, age, and diet to calculate a meal plan for the day, week, or month to fit your goals.

If you’re anything like me, you understand how hard it can be to pick a dinner or lunch meal. If you have a partner and you two can’t decide on something new, why not use technology!

If you’re a bodybuilder or something looking for a more regular diet, we suggest using the automatic option to plan for your week. There’s no need to stress about a grocery list either because Eat This Much provides you an exportable list to take with you to the store.

So go ahead, have fun trying out new options! Surprise your partner with a french dessert accompanied by a casserole you’ve never made before!

What should I make for dinner this week?

It would be best if you aimed for a balanced meal consisting mostly of carbohydrates, then protein and fat. We suggest that the average male consumes around 2000-2500 calories, and the average female should consume around 1500-2000 calories. Make sure you include fiber in your diet as well!

If you want a more robust option for choosing dinner for the week, we suggest Eat This Much – The Automatic Meal Planner. They offer a free and paid service that builds a very healthy meal prep guide for a day, week, or even month.

You can also track your meals and macronutrient intake! Instead of worrying about your grocery list price, you can also take advantage of the calculator to understand how much you’ll pay before you enter the store.

What’s the difference between supper and dinner?

In the southern parts of America, the term ‘supper’ is frequently used to describe a meal you eat during the evening. Some other parts of America use the term supper to describe a meal that you eat alone in the evening. Generally, the term ‘Dinner’ is used throughout America, and no form is more appropriate than the other.

What should I make for dinner tonight?

The most common question people have with their family is, “what should we eat tonight?” I wouldn’t be surprised if wars were fought over such a simple question.

I built this generator to help promote more whole food options and help simplify the decision-making process. You also have access to pictures to salivate to and let your eyeballs build your plate. Altogether, making dinner for tonight is simplified with this app.

Brice Mansa - ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Brice Mansa is a certified personal trainer from the ISSA. He took his knowledge from college to provide a more broad education method (blogging) to enhance the lives of thousands of people. Tired of being limited as a personal trainer in a gym with a single client, he stepped up his game. ASCVS.org is proud to host him and the team of 4 other certified personal trainers and kinesiologists. When Brice isn't training or writing he likes long walks on the beach, puppos & motorcycles. We hope you enjoy his content, tips & stories!