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Which One Is Better?

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair


-Highest Rated
-Ideal for 5′ to 5’11” Users
-Leg Extenders Optional
-300 Pound Weight Capacity
-Available in Nine Colors
-Includes Air Pump

Sitting in the office all day can be a chore in itself. Often, the lousy feeling of being stuck at a desk outweighs even the most comfortable chairs. Many people today are changing from standard office chairs to sit on a yoga ball at work. These have been around for decades as a useful tool in aerobics, and that factor has not changed. There are endless workouts that one can partake in using a balancing ball! What’s more is that they can also function as an ergonomic chair, and actually improve your posture while sitting at a desk.

Here are a few of the top-rated balancing balls to sit on in the office today, each one designed for both exercise and office use.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

This highly reviewed ball chair was created to give you your best work-life balance. Created by a chiropractic doctor, this ball chair is meant to provide you with ergonomic support; during any duration of sitting while reducing the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle, one can experience from continually seated at a desk.

This product is what you’ve been looking for. Gaiam is here to help you achieve a healthier, yoga type of lifestyle that boosts energy and productivity, without interrupting your daily routine.

The best and most notable part about this specific exercise ball is that it doubles as an office chair much more seamlessly than some others, as a supportive backrest and a ball holder with casters are for users (fully removable).

Not only does this make the ball function like an office chair while still retaining the essential qualities of an exercise ball, but it also adds the nice little feature of having something to stretch your back against and get the blood flowing. Many other users admit that having it on a stand makes them feel safer, without taking away from functionality.

Key Features:

Ideal for 5′ to 5’11” Users

Leg Extenders Optional

300 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Nine Colors

Includes Air Pump

Trideer Exercise Ball –

The Trider Exercise Ball is geared towards extensive and versatile use. With its much higher than the average weight limit, a user can subject it to much more movement and even some more rigorous cardio exercises while on it. The ball’s exterior is proven for its anti-burst and slip resistant material makeup.

This product is incredibly well-suited for the office, but can effectively utilize for an exercise of all types, including yoga, pilates, abdominal workouts, and even pregnancy exercises.
The most notable feature this ball has is the thickness and density of its material. Sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair can’t be easier than the trideer!

At 2000 micrometers thick, the material that this product is almost three times as thick as other exercise balls. While it is still perfect for low impact exercises, posture improvement, and office work, it also holds up to more vigorous activities.

Key Features:

Ideal for Users 5′ to 6’4″

2200 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Five Sizes

Available in 17 Colors and Designs

Includes Air Pump

Anti-Burst, Durable Technology

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

Very similar in function to the previous model, the Live Infinitely Exercise ball is both durable to stand up to rigorous exercise, but also balanced enough for any type of use in the home or the office. This exceptionally durable exercise ball can also support up to 2200 pounds, and has anti-burst technology that we test. This model also has the advantage of being able to sustain a cut up to 2cm large, only to deflate slowly rather than bursting explosively.

This exercise ball is a wonderful addition to your work office or your home office, as a daily replacement for your office chair to improve posture and reduce sedentary lifestyle. The addition of even the smallest amount of physical activity to desk-sitting can greatly enhance the quality of life. This particular exercise ball purchase has a most notable feature of the inclusion of digital exercise guides and training workouts online, to help boost its use as an all-around exercise tool.

Key Features:

Excellent for any User Height

2200 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Five Sizes

Available in Six Colors

Anti-Burst Technology

Anti-Slip Ridges

Air Pump Included

Gaiam Classic Backless Balancing Ball Chair

Similar to our first product, the Gaiam Ball offers support for the ball, casters included. It does not, however, include the backrest. Some find this to be a disadvantage; others argue that the lack of a backrest is best for maintaining the best natural human posture. Whichever you prefer, this ball allows desk users to sustain wonderful posture. While helping them keep their energy levels up throughout the workday.

The most notable feature of this ball is its compromise between the above options. The ball is still readily used for all types of exercise, yet still has the possibility to be a safe desk chair on casters, with no risk of accidental rolling. The choice of omitting the backrest from the first product is an excellent call for those seeking to improve their posture.

Best for Users Between 5′ and 5’11”

Leg Extender Available

300 Pound Weight Capacity

Available in Seven Colors

Air Pump Included

Conclusion? Their is numerous benefits of sitting on a yoga ball at work; great way to tone.

At ASCVS we believe this method is by far one of the easiest ways to get fit. The fact you can comfortably adjust your lousy back; you can burn some calories at the office. Just shows how multifunctional a merely inflatable ball can be. We killed any confusion on where to buy a yoga ball by offering you options from Amazon.

how much does a yoga ball cost?

That varies on the brand, location and of course quality. We try to aim for balls less than $200, they can get pretty high.

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