The South Beach Diet Review – Pros, Cons and Verdict

South beach diet is one of the most successful weight loss
diet plans in the market today because of its focus on lean protein rather than
other traditional food starvation means. It was
formulated by a medical doctor and promises to help overweight individuals lose
as much a 10% body fat in the first few weeks. However, to get the most out of
this diet plan, be prepared to give up on certain foods to incorporate
healthier alternatives. 

How it

To make you feel less hungry, the South Beach dietas detailed
utilizes meals that inhibit hunger cravings
and reduce the onset of triglycerides, blood glucose, and high blood pressure
amongst others.  The diet plans come in
threephases with varying levels of restrictions:

1 is the most restrictive of all phases and requires that users get rid of
virtually all carbohydrates. Adjusting youreating habits to cope with this can
prove to be challenging at first but the results are impressive.  Getting rid of nearly all carbohydrates from
your diet will help get rid of bloat and reboot your system.

Phase 2:Phase 2 is less restrictive and allows users to slowly incorporate some carbs into the diet. Portion sizes are important at this phase so that you don’t defeat the goal of the weight loss plan. Phase two lasts until your target body weight is achieved.

Phase 3: By phase three you must have meant you target body weight. This stage you work to maintain that weight by only eating healthy meals you learned about although the diet plan.

Pros of the South Beach Diet Plan

With the exception of the hard and overly restrictive phase
one the south beach diet is a healthy and well-rounded approach to eating
healthy. Here are a few merits about this weight loss plan:

1. It’s
Simple to follow

The simplicity of the south beach diet makes it one of the
choicest weight loss plans out there.  There is no calorie counting either is there
any guesswork to make. Just choose foods from a list and eat within that list
to make the most out of the diet plans.

Saturated Fats

The diet plan limits the amount of low saturated fats in the
diet and replaces them with healthier alternatives

3. Encourages
personal experimentation

The way the south beach diet plan is structured in phases
allows users to experiment with the effects of different meals on their body
system and metabolism. After almost eradicating carbohydrates from meals, you
can monitor the effects of systematically adding carbohydrates to the diet
again. People sensitive to carbs can monitor the types of foods that trigger immense
hunger cravings.

4. It
resets the body system

Resetting your body system is particularly useful if you are used to eating junk. A couple of weeks reset on the south beach diet works far better than fasting or restricting certain food groups. The restrictive phase 1 can help you identify food sensitivities you didn’t know you had.

Healthy Eating

Emphasis on healthy eating is one of the major take away of
partaking on the south beach diet. The whole process is geared towards helping
you make the most of your mealtime and once your body has gotten accustomed to
eating healthy, it’s best that you continue on that path. Once you have powered
your way via the first stage the second stage will help you rediscover healthy
eating habits to imbibe.

Cons of
the South Beach Diet

Despite the positive there are a few drawbacks to the south
beach diet. The first and most obvious is the restrictive phase 1. Let’s take
the cons one at a time:

Phase 1

The limitations posed by phase 1 is the hardest to get by
phases of this diet regime. Most people are turned off by the level of carb
restrictions that they don’t bother to start. However, you aren’t expected to
stay at this stage for a long time.


The inclusion of some high glycemic foods in the menu sends
a mixed message whether it’s a true weight loss program.  Another example is the fact that you are
allowed more saturated fats in stage 3 when it was customary to limit saturated
fats in both phases 1 and 2.

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