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Fitness fads come and go, but the basics of strength training never change. If you are looking to achieve real and lasting gains in strength and muscles, compound exercises are the single and most effective way to go about it.

Bench presses, squats, and deadlifts, in particular, are the unrivalled kings of exercises, and will allow the effective building of muscles and strengthening your body.

A good power rack is one equipment that will allow you to safely perform all the above exercise at the comfort and convenience of your home.

If you’ve been in search of a quality power rack, it’s highly unlikely to see many racks with the specs of Titan T3 for several hundred bucks.

For a long time, Rogue’s R-3 power rack has been the reigning champion in the power cages, largely because of the Rogue Fitness name that comes with it, and more importantly, it’s pragmatism and quality.

Unfortunately, a majority of the Rogue power racks come attached with a high price tag, and this might be quite the turn off for many fitness enthusiasts.

With the introduction of the Titan T3 power rack, however, the fitness game has taken a new dimension with the T3 offering something similar to the pricey Rogue R3 but at an affordable cost.

 In fact, Titan Fitness makes a bizarre claim that the T3 was a clone of the Rogue R3, with the exception of the price. The titan vs rogue beef goes deep.
Rogue r3 power rack

I have no idea how Titan manufactured this amazing power rack for such a discounted price, but one thing I’m sure about is that the T3 is a performance-oriented power rack.

In the Titan T3 review below, we shall highlight everything you need to know about this power rack, highlight its dominant features, compare it against other popular models such as the R3, Titan T2 and look at its pros and cons.

But before then, given the T3 and R3 are identical and have nearly the same features, it would be prudent that we first pit them against each other.

Titan T3 vs Rogue R3

Rogue R3



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  • Frame, Hardware: 2×3″ 11-gauge steel, 5/8″ hardware
  • Footprint: 53″ x 34″ deep 
  • Hole Spacing: Westside 
  • Weight: 265 lbs.  
  • Weight capacity: 1000lbs
  • Defects: No
  • Height: 90"
  • Pullup Bar: Fat/Skinny
  • J-Cups: UHMW-Lined

What is Titan T3?

Titan T3 is the graduated version of the T2 in half-rack form. Unlike the R3 or T2, the Titan T3 is not a full cage but rather comes with safety arms that jut for support.

While the step-down version of T3, the Titan T2 was a remarkable power rack, it lacked on functionality and was less of heavy duty equipment. T3, on the other hand, is built for the fitness enthusiasts looking for something more heavy duty, solid and sturdy.

For starters, the higher weight capacity of 1,100lb weight limit will keep you busy for years. More importantly, the T3 offers a lot of flexibility as it has more options for hole spacing and adjusting safety bars and will allow you to perform a variety of movements.

titan t3 power rack

Will It Fit? Short On Space?

Before we look at the features, it would be wise to consider the dimensions of the T3 and quickly determine whether it's a suitable option for you or not. If you are very unsure about how much availability you have. You can save money and space with the Titan T-3 Folding Power Rack. It's much smaller and affordable.

The T-3, similar to R-3, both have a modest footprint dimension of 53″ x 32″ deep, with the latter having a depth of 34”.

Nevertheless, T3 is more compact and your best bet, if you’re space conscious and looking for a power rack that will not consume your space.

Footprint aside, you also need to consider the height dimensions, and an 8 feet ceiling (96 inches) is the lowest that you can work with a power rack comfortably. Bear in mind that you’ll also need at least 6-12 inches’ clearance above your pull-up bar if you’re going to use it a lot.

Given the above dimensions, it would be safe to say that the T3, with a height dimension of 91 feet (6 less than the lowest ceiling minimum) is an ideal choice even for the small and compact rooms.

Titan T3 In-depth Review - Features

Built Quality/Design

With the Titan T-3, you get collegiate strength and conditioning hardware at craigslist yard sale pricing.

Sporting a powder coated heavy duty 11” gauge steel, and weighing a hefty 230lbs, the T3 power rack is a tad challenging to assemble.

The good news, however, with weight comes stability and this is what you would want with any home/gym power rack for safety purposes. With the T3, you don't necessarily have to bolt it on the floor as the extra weight will help the rack from tilting forward.

Again, loading the weight plate holders helps to keep the rack stable, but while at it, it essential that you load each holder with the same amount of weight on each side for the right balance.

Better yet, if you are the type that like training outside of the rack, you can rest assured that the T3 will remain stable all-through.

And this pretty a huge deal because unlike the R3, the T3 is a completely bolted together unit. What this means is that the T3 is more portable and easy to adjust depending on your foundation.

However, with the bolts in place, users claim that the T3 requires more maintenance to keep tight and durability, which to me is the price you pay for getting a highly stable power rack.

If you're still sceptical on the T3 stability, the power rack has four corner holes, which you can use for bolting to the floor for added stability. If you can do it, you might see your stability improve by tenfold for out of rack exercises.

Strong 11” Gauge Steel Structure

Each piece on the Titan T3 is constructed from high-quality 11-gauge steel.

Anything less than this has a lower weight capacity and lacks stability, and this makes the 11-gauge on the T3 the gold standard that will ensure your rack withstands heavy use and abuse.

Sure, you might go for a power rack with a thicker steel frame, namely the 7-gauge steel, but that's complete overkill for a home gym and feels like training inside a tank. In any case, the 7-gauge steel is only necessary for high-traffic commercial gyms, high-level sports training facilities and strength-oriented gyms.

The 11-gauge steel, however, is perfect for your home needs and will support 1100lb capacity with ease. This is not to mention it's relatively affordable than the thicker steel.

With the T3, you get hold of a commercial grade rack for an exceptionally low price, and given that the tubes are in many ways comparable to that of the R3, you start to understand how much you are getting for your money.

2” * 3” Steel Tubing

A majority of the power racks with 11-gauge steel tubes come to have a power rack frame measuring 2 inches by 2 inches.

With the T3, you get an extra inch to the tubing dimension, and when combined with the 11-gauge thickness, you get a power rack that is sturdy enough to handle anything you throw at it and equipment that is fit for both personal and commercial use.

Hole Spacing

Hole spacing is one of the power rack features that is often ignored by many fitness enthusiasts.

As an experienced fitness nerd, I can tell you that hole spacing is something everyone aspiring to use a power rack should consider.

Why? Do Power Racks Focus on Spacing?

The distance between the holes plays a crucial role in your overall performance and can affect:

  • Your Reach
  • Level of comfort
  • The range of motion when setting up exercises

For instance, when setting your power rack for workouts such as squats, one inch or two might seem negligible. On the contrary, one or two inches means a lot and can make a massive difference in pressing workouts.

Ideally, perfect racks should not exceed 2 inches spacing on the holes, and the best racks in the market are usually anywhere between 1 to 1.5 inches Westside spacing scheme.

The good news is that Titan T3 has the desired hole spacing of 1 inch for pressing levels.

1100LB Weight Capacity

Titan T3 is strong and durable.

A testimony to this is the 1100lb weight capacity on the spotter bars.

While some cheaper alternatives promise high capabilities, I doubt any of them can take the weight but the T3 is built with attention to detail, plus the improved welds alongside the heavy 2" * 3" 11-gauge steel should take this weight with ease.

Do you plan to lift 1,100 lbs. anytime soon? Probably not. The weight capacity on the T3, plus its durability and a huge array of attachments on offer or this rack should make T3 a lifelong purchase.

Pillar to Pillar Depth

The rack’s depth, or rather the depth between the pillars is essential as it determines the available space you’ll have for both forward and backward bar travel.

Given compound exercises involve the arc movements such as curls and extension, it best that you find a power rack with at least 24 inches between the pillars.

Thankfully, the T3 has just the right depth at 24 inches and this will not only improve on the flexibility of the power rack but will also allow you to engage in a variety of movements without any hindrances.

Dip Bars/Weight Plate Holders

It’s unfortunate that the T3 does not feature dip bars, which is quite a bummer.

I agree, the T3 offers remarkable quality, performance and quality for the price, and so you should fuss a lot, but I always like to have my power racks with dip bars included.

The good news is that T3 is near similar to the Rogue R3, and all the R3 attachments will also fit on the T3. Given the Rogue manufactures relatively affordable attachments, I can now use the Rogue attachments on my Titan T3.

2 Pull Up Bars!

Traditionally, a majority of the power racks usually come with a single pull up bar.

With the Titan T3 however, you get treated to two pull up bars, and again, like an extra inch in the steel tubing, T3 gives you that little extra for your money.

Beyond value, the two pull up bars will improve on the usefulness of this power rack, help at improving your grip as well as get some size into those forearms.

Ultimate Versatility: 24” T3 Parallel Bars and Y Dip Bars

For the ultimate versatility, the T3 comes with both parallel bars and Y Dip bars.

The parallel bars will bolt into your power rack and utilize a quick pin allowing you to adjust the width between the bars easily.

Designed for compatibility with 24 deep Titan T3 power rack, the parallel bars will allow you to perform a myriad of tasks including:

  • Adjusting the width of the power rack to three different settings
  • Adjusting the height along the uprights
  • Allow you to perform dips, push-ups, L-sits, V-sits and a variety of other body exercises with ease and efficiency.

On the other hand, the Y Dip Bar, which is less strenuous to install than the latter, comes with a change pin mounting system and will allow for a variety of grip handling options.

The Y Dip Bar, in combination with the gusset plate, makes the entire T3 as heavy duty and sturdy as you would want.


T3 comes with a whole host of attachments on offer that will make your entire experience more satisfying.

Some of the notable attachments on this power rack include:

  • Plate storage: The T3 comes with standard four bolt-on weight plate holder’s attachments for the back of the rack. Alternatively, if you want to move the plate holders to different holes by hand, you can purchase optionally adjustable plate holders.
  • Band pegs: T3 comes standard with four band pegs. Given that T3 has holes all around the rack, on every tube of the frame, you can easily put these band pegs at any position on the top or bottom of the rack. Fr maximum performance, you can even place the bend pegs on the sides
  • The benefit of having pegs on your rack is that they allow you to perform an array of movements, including;
  • Band bench press and reverse band bench press
  • Band squat and reverse band squat
  • Deadlift and reverse band squat

The band pegs will greatly improve on the number and type of exercise that you can perform on this rack.

However, to use the band pegs, you’ll need to bolt the rack down.

Pulley System

The final attachment on the T3 is a cable pulley system.

Though the pulley system is not an essential feature, it's something worthy of consideration, given that the cable pulleys systems usually provide constant resistance, and this is contrary to what the variable resistance of free weight exercises offers.

Some of the constant resistance exercises such as triceps pushdowns and side lateral raises cannot be duplicated with free weights, and so if this is something that you are considering performing, then it’s always good to know you have the cable pulley system with the T3.

Remember that it's better you choose a power rack, and not need a pulley, that chooses a rack and later, down the line, realizes you need a pulley, but your rack doesn't allow one.

Conclusion - Should I Buy the Titan T3 Power Rack?

Affordability is a major highlight of the T3, and this gives the Titan an edge over the Rogue R3.

However, if you're in search for the absolute best and willing to spend the money, I would suggest you go with the Rogue R-3 power rack.

On the other hand, if you don’t sweat the details and are simply looking for a simple rack that is going to provide you with years of reliable services, the T3 is an awesome choice.

An excellent heavy duty rack, the T3 has every desirable feature you would want in a power rack: From the heavy-duty build, Westside hole spacing, plenty of attachments, versatility and many more, it has everything you need as you grow.

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