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Vegan Diet Example & Tips | @MansaBrice Personal Training Opinion

vegan eating for diet and bodybuilding

TL;DR The following is an example of a full day of eating with a vegan diet.

Read below for more information on my Vegan Diet Example!

brice mansa bodybuilding & Vegan Diet Example

  • Picture for reference, me as a vegan bodybuilder. I did pretty well on the diet.


– Vegan meal replacer (like Vega)

– Vegan protein


Quinoa – 1 cup, cooked

Broccoli – 2 cups, cooked

Carrot – ½ cup, cooked

Nuts – 15 grams

Red kidney beans – ½ cup, cooked

Brown rice – 1 cup, cooked

Banana – 1 med/large

Green Salad – 50 grams


Red kidney beans – ½ cup, cooked

Brown rice – 1 cup, cooked


Processed Alternatives – Lenny and Larry Protein Cookies or equivalent vegan meal replacers.

Vegan Diet Example and bodybuilding

Similar to paleo, Vegan Diets are growing in popularity because of the fact we are in an obesity epidemic worldwide. Many people are setback by the Vegan community online and are lost when they want to take an approach into a plant-based lifestyle. I will go over some of the common criticisms over veganism below.


Criticized for lacking “complete” protein


If you ask any bodybuilder or average joe if it is possible to be a healthy vegan, many of them will say no. Generally, the logic behind claiming that veganism is terrible is that they think most vegans are protein deficient because plants are low in protein. Fortunately for the more educated, research shows that you can actually attain plenty of protein from plant-based sources. The myth that plant proteins aren’t complete is just that, a myth. It is true that meat generally has a higher amount of individual amino acids. But a plant being lower in a particular amino acid doesn’t mean it is an incomplete protein.

You don’t necessarily need 250 grams of protein to gain mass or meet your goals in the gym. Many street savvy bodybuilders will tell you that you need 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight you want to weigh. That’s total broscience, you estimate that value by KG (kilo grams). Jim Stoppani and bodybuilding.com went over a very well done and in-depth article on this topic to further explain this subject.


Dangers of over-supplementation


Even though it may be suggested for vegans to supplement for things such as Iron (for women) or lysine (for amino acid profile). Some people actually run into the issue of consuming too much of a particular vitamin. This is generally caused by absorbing too much of a supplement, many of the supplements on the market contain 100% or more of the daily recommended dosage. The issue is your body generally doesn’t need 100% of daily intake. That fact on top of the fact you may actually consume other foods that contain that vitamin will push that number much higher than 100%. The problem frequently arises when you are over consuming fat-soluble vitamins for they take longer to be processed.


Dangers of too much fiber


Consuming a highly fibrous diet can cause a few issues for most people. You see the human body uses fiber for many things within the digestive system. Most importantly it removes cholesterol from the body and maintains regulation. Unfortunately, that means you will also lose much of your “good” cholesterol as well. Nevertheless, Fiber is an extremely important component in your diet. You literally cannot consume a “dangerous” amount of fiber. Most Americans do not consume enough soluble or insoluble fiber which leads to them becoming prone to prediabetes and obesity.


— bloating


Another side effect of a highly fibrous diet is becoming bloated regularly. This happens because the gases produced in the digestive process tends to be more voluminous with plant-based foods. It doesn’t actually cause any detrimental side effects but may be an inconvenience. My suggestion for fighting against bloating is to find a supplement like MRM Digest all. It works great for me and the clients I’ve suggested too.


— low mineral absorption


The last and one of the most important side effect for women is mineral absorption. Fiber helps the body keep food in the digestive tract longer to absorb more nutrients. When you consume too much fiber, you can cause the opposite, and your body will have trouble absorbing calcium, iron, and zinc.  Therefore, it is suggested to consume foods high in those minerals to counter this side effect.


In Conclusion

I would suggest you take on Veganism with the most information possible. If you are simply trying to cut down on fat or trim down the pounds, you may just need a balanced diet. If you are trying to crush those calories in a timely manner, check out my post on the 3 week diet. Also, check out my Instagram if you want to follow me and my fitness journey. We can grow together @MansaBrice.


Vegan Diet Example & Tips | @MansaBrice Personal Training Opinion
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Vegan Diet Example & Tips | @MansaBrice Personal Training Opinion
Veganism can be a daunting experience. That's why I built a good vegan diet example to reference from. Also tips from a vegan bodybuilder!
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