How I FIXED My Uneven Abs. In 4 Weeks.

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So you've been killing the gym, hitting your cardio, eating within your diet and knocking out those crunches and you finally see abs. But, there's a problem; your abs are uneven...

Looking for a quick solution to this problem?
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YOU HAVE ABS, let's explain further.

Here are a few reasons why you may have uneven abs:

  • Training imbalances

When you exercise, you naturally exert more strength to one side or another. In some extreme cases, you could end up with an obtuse physique. No one is perfectly symmetrical but for others who perpetually train with improper form or weights may see dramatic asymetrical abs results in their frame.

  • Spinal abnormalities (ex. Scoliosis)


Mild scoliosis has no impact on the symmetry of the thickness of the OE and OI in the supine and standing positions. The direction of curvature had no effect on the symmetry of the abdominal muscles studied.

What does that mean in layman's terms? Albeit many people think that Scoliosis is the culprit to their asymetrical abs, its not. Unless you have a more than mild to severe case, it's not the issue.


Cues of phenotypic condition should be among those used by women in their choice of mates. One marker of better phenotypic condition is thought to be symmetrical bilateral body and facial features. However, it is not clear whether women use symmetry as the primary cue in assessing the phenotypic quality of potential mates or whether symmetry is correlated with other facial markers affecting physical attractiveness.

Human beings are quite simplistic when it comes to physical attractiveness; you aim to find someone who's symmetrical and athletic. If you're struggling with the idea of having abdominal muscles that aren't symmetrical, you're missing a piece of the pie. Luckily for you, it's a small piece, and no one will miss. Science shows that humans focus on facial symmetry:

The Mirror is your worst enemy

Therefore, just the fact that you have abs places you a step above the rest. It can manifest insecurities within yourself to look in the mirror and not have "perfectly" even abs but only for one reason; you need to stop comparing yourself with others. Many athletes and bodybuilders you see on magazines and television have "perfectly" defined bodies with perfect abs; they are the minority. You should be proud that you've attained a physique fit enough even to have abs.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is extremely prevalent in society today. Men and Women obsess over what they see in media and it leaks to many insecurities. I, myself have experienced issues coping with my own body. Without a doubt I am more fit than most men my age but after growing up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robby Robinson with their perfect physiques, it's hard to look in the mirror and smile at times. This is something you will have to overcome eventually, it starts with being satisfied with the results that you have fought for.

I tell many of my clients not to focus on their outside core at all. One of the least exercised part of the body is the internal abdominal, they may not give you that 6 pack but they're extremely important. Throughout every exercise you perform, you will inevitably have to use your core. Certain muscles in your body help you maintain balance and breathing, your core is one of those set of muscles. Maintaining a strong inner core will allow you to perform all other exercises easier. Focus on that, your body is already beach ready if you can see some definition!

Is It Possible To Fix Uneven Abs?

The Rectus Abdominis is a muscle, unless you're a cartoon you cannot simply edit your internal physique. It's basically long flat muscles at the front of the abdomen that allows you to bend forward and backward with force. So if you train this region, and reduce body fat, you can increase the size and distract from any staggered abs.

From my experience, clients tend to be more concerned with upper abs that look distorted and lower ab fat that has a tendency of sticking around even when you're dieting. The only solution is to train and continue a caloric deficit and shoot for the six pack abs.

In short, no, not without cosmetic surgery (which can cost up to 10,000). But what you should focus on is building more muscle mass in the abdominal to show a more in-depth definition. Stronger, more defined abs are much more sought after than "even" abs.

Why Are My Abs Uneven? It’s Simple, Here’s The Fix
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Why Are My Abs Uneven? It’s Simple, Here’s The Fix
We've all been there before. You've finally started to see that 6 pack definition. Unfortunately, not everyone has even abs. Here's what you should do.
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